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Needs Carburetor And Tires: 1969 Cadillac Limousine

Don’t have time to read the full ad? That’s okay, you already did! The complete listing is also the title of this write-up. To quote the entire ad, “needs carburator and tires.” To be fair, from the seller’s standpoint, he’s not wrong! While I would suspect it needs more than just that, from the looks of it it could clean up quite nicely. However, it is located in Maine, so under-body rust could be a hidden issue. Limos are cool vehicles, especially older examples like this 1969 Cadillac! Imagine taking the gang out for a road trip in this! Knowing our readership here, I suspect a few of you have taken a road trip in a limousine. Find this one here on Craigslist for $2,500. Thanks to AMXBrian for sending this one in. 

The more I look at this car, the more I think the seller’s concise description of necessary repairs speaks for the car. While a little dirty, the interior looks like it is in salvageable condition. I’m really digging the pattern on the rear seats! The front seat is also pictured in the listing, and looks usable. This is a car that a good cleaning could really go a long way for. It won’t be a show car without some cosmetic work, but it may easily serve as a presentable driver with some cleaning.

This shot showcases the clean lines of this car. It also highlights the faded and purpled window tint, which is a necessity in any used limo! On the trunk lid is what looks like the remnants of a “boomerang” style antenna, which may or may have been a functional addition. It is clear that once upon a time, this was a stately automobile!

From this side, the body lines can also be seen very clearly. They have been appropriately maintained, even with the extra length of the car! It also looks like there may be some rust on the driver’s door, but I’m unable to tell from the pictures if it is a dent or rust damage. Anyone else notice the cool half-van dually in the background? If this Cadillac isn’t too rusty, and the interior is as intact as it appears, this could be a fun project for someone looking for a goofy or unique weekend cruiser. What would you do with it?


  1. Miguel

    You absolutely do not tow a limo from the front like that.

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  2. Dusty Stalz

    Was gonna say it looks like the one Hoffa got disappeared in in the movie but a quick checks says that car was a 76. And yeah this car should be decked not dragged lol.

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  3. Derek

    Ah-yup. That’s how they are in Maine. Brief and to the point. They don’t waste words.

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  4. howard maryles

    Omg! I want this car! Great for taking out shopping carts an mail boxes!

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  5. Paul Bellefeuille

    needs to add to description: Snow covahed..These heeyah photahs were taken in the late spring of last yeauh or the summah.

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    • Davey


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      • Mike H. Mike H.

        He’s speaking Maine-er. I can hear The voice in my head as I read it.

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    • Andrew Tanner Member

      Ya can’t get to Ellsworth from here!

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      • Paul Bellefeuille

        No suh by Godfrey ya cahn’t.. Millinocket eyetha..

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  6. Del

    Car is not worth a restoration.

    It may be worth this asking price just to buy and part out. Rare chrome bumpers, lights and fenders.

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    • Miguel

      Why do you think this car is not worth it?

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    • Dovi65

      One of the MAJOR issues I have with the collector car community is the obsession with money. Not every restoration has to be about resale/return on investment. Not every restoration has to be to bank-breaking. This car doesn’t seem to be a bad buy for $2500 [likely the seller will take reasonable cash offer]
      Restoring a old/classic vehicle should be more of a labor of love than concern for ‘how much will I get for it’ If you’re wanting a decent return on investment, look to Wall Street; cars make for lousy investments.

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  7. Ken Carney

    Looks like the car Warner Bros. used in the movie Magnum Force. It’s sad
    to know that particular car gave it’s life for 15 minutes of fame. As for this
    car, sure, it’ll clean up okay but how much rust is really hiding in that long,
    beautiful body? Probably too much for my liking, but someone will buy this
    beauty and restore her to at least driver status. Very sad indeed.

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  8. Michael Gregory Member

    There was a time when I would have snagged this car in no time. My first project was a 1963 Fleetwood that still had wheat stuck in the chassis from its former life sitting in a field. I drove it through four years of college and it might as well have been made of cast iron. I had a 1969 DeVille and sitting in the driver’s seat while looking over that hood was daunting. Hope someone gets this back on the road. It’s worth the money even if you just sit in the back seat and drink martinis. Not that I ever did that in a junker.

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  9. The One


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  10. That Guy

    I would name it Earl.

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  11. David Miraglia

    If fixed and cleaned up, this would be a great vintage limo for any bus or limo company.

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  12. Whippeteer

    The center of the bumper was pushed in. But hey, if it could get running cheaply, and everyone chipped in on gas, ROAD TRIP! It looks like it has a spare windshield in the back too!

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