Needs Everything! 1967 Mustang Fastback


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This “field find” 1967 Ford Mustang fastback needs just about everything. When the seller brings up the possibility of a needing a complete new body, you know it’s bad. Of course, there aren’t that many 1967 cars that you can get an entirely new body shell for, either! It’s located in Jacksonville, Florida and is being offered here on eBay, where bidding is below $500 as I write and there’s no reserve!


As you can see from this under car photo, there’s not a lot of metal left under there. I have to wonder if this particular shell is restorable or not. I suppose any Mustang is at this point, but I would give a re-shell a lot of thought if I ended up owning this car.


The trunk, as you can see, isn’t any better, in fact it might even be worse! Interestingly enough, the exterior of the car seems relatively complete, unlike the interior. Of course, that gas cap isn’t going to be cheap! After looking at this rust, I’m somewhat surprised the seller could drag it from the field without it breaking in half!


Things aren’t getting any better inside, either, although those air conditioning vents tell you that the car originally had it! Given the availability of higher quality modern air for these cars, though, and it’s condition, I’m not sure it would be worth the trouble to try to save.


As the seller explains, this was originally a 289 four barrel car, although they are unsure of the transmission, but that engine is long gone. This is a 302 that looks like it has seen much better days. There’s also no title, but the seller says they can help with getting one. Ultimately, I’m not really sure what you are getting here. Is it restorable? Yes, but does it makes sense to? If what you want is an original spec car, I’d look for a better one. But if you want to build your own Eleanor or similar creation, it will help you with components to bolt to that new body shell. What do you folks think?


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  1. Cattoo Cattoo

    Wouldn’t touch it. Even if it was free.

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  2. Art Fink

    Unfortunately, not much to salvage. Take the Serial Number Plate and build a new car!!!!!

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  3. rdc

    Have a soft spot for the 67 Mustang. Wanted a GT fastback. Bought a notchback automatic with 2-barrel small V8. all I could afford. :) Would not touch this one unless free for the serial number.

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  4. Jumping g

    . To little to late. I would have to pass.

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  5. JW454

    The roof and other fastback related parts could be used to convert a coupe into a fastback. That is most likely going to be where this one ends up.

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  6. jaymes

    wow, crazy bids, must be for the vin number

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  7. Stephen

    I’d say this was a parts car, if it had any usable parts on it….

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  8. 56Chevyguy

    Over $3,000.00 now!!!

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  9. Mark P

    What a wreck, seller states it needs the underside replaced like it’s as easy as changing a light bulb. I can’t imaging how the thing still has a decent looking sitting stance considering the spring shackles in the rear just about touch the bottom of the trunk lid when closed. I guess that’s the car not giving up…..sad.

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  10. Mike

    What is scrap price in Florida these days?

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  11. Joe Btfsplk

    “Hello…is this Dynacorn?”

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  12. sir mike

    Easy to replace the leaf spring bushings…..from the trunk….where was it parked?? the Atlantic ocean??

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  13. JW

    Has to be free or I would pass !!!

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  14. David

    Ford tough? It is amazing it’s still standing. Porsche rust rings go for a lot more and those are usually collected in bits around a field. Rust in piece!

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  15. Doc

    This puppy was under water, period. How else would you see such complete rust, the entire engine? Fugetabadit!

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  16. gregg

    I agree, wouldn’t take it even if it was free. Wait, take that back, if the rear glass is ok, you could get at least $100.00 for it.

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