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Neighbor’s Muscle Car: 1987 Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z

For the last few months, I’ve spotted a clean IROC-Z Camaro sticking out of a garage about a mile away from me, and have wanted to swing by and get some details on it. Well, my fact finding mission got a lot easier as the very car popped up for sale on craigslist this week. It’s a nice looking driver, white over black, with the later OEM wheels swapped on. The seller reports there’s just under 49,000 original miles on the clock, so it’s a low mileage specimen as well. The Camaro is largely stock with some minor paint blemishes noted. Find it here on craigslist in Rhode Island for $7,000.

It’s always mildly jarring to realize a familiar car on craigslist is one parked just a few doors down from your own, given the volume of cars we look at that are rarely anywhere convenient. The third generation Camaro is undoubtedly my favorite, and while my preference would be to find a yellow one with a stick shift, white with red graphics, a black interior, and T-tops is a good look, too. Personally, I’d like to see the 85-87 wheels thrown back on that the seller mentions having in his possession, but most potential buyers will likely prefer to see the updated rollers on the car. Despite living in the northeast, there’s no signs of rust.

Mileage is lower than I was expecting to see, but then again, I’ve never seen this Camaro anywhere other than parked in the garage. The gauge cluster looks clean, with clear faces and black plastic trim that still presents well. These were hardly opulent interiors when new, and they’re even more of a penalty box now; however, so was the Fox body, so it’s not like there’s greener pastures for cabin comfort over at FoMoCo. The seller notes that in addition to some external cosmetic blemishes, the upholstery and interior lights need some attention, and the listing also notes the driver’s side window motor needs replacement.

Other details worth noting are the aftermarket steering wheel, non-OEM floormats, and modern radio head unit. The dash sports no cracks, and the Z28 badges remain in place. The steering wheel is made by Grant, and the seller is also including a set of period-correct rear window louvers. Overall, the Camaro looks like an honest driver with minimal needs at the moment, most of which could be sorted out in a couple of weekends. The asking price seems fair, too, especially if the Camaro looks as good underneath as it does up top. What’s your ideal third generation Camaro configuration?


  1. Troy s

    It was the only way you could get the 350 (5.7) in these….automatic trans, in the third gen Camaros. Nobody liked that back then.
    It’s a decent looking car but I dont bond these very well since they first came out,,, make my Z machine a ’69, or 70-73.
    If you like it, here’s your chance.

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  2. Tracy

    These were good looking Camaro’s I always thought the dash configuration was weird. It should have had a glove box.

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    • Vin_in_NJ

      I had the same year Firebird Formula. Dash had a map pocket where the Z28 logo is.

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      • Autoworker

        Likewise I had a 87 Formula 350. Stolen recovery with 50,000 miles on it. When my wife first saw the car, it was missing the interior and wheels. “You want to buy this?” Turned out to be one of the best cars I’ve owned. Sub frame connectors and shock tower brace made it handle like a go cart. Better looking car than the IROC. imo

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  3. Dusty Stalz

    Muscle car? Hahahahaha

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    • DN

      Yes Dusty, MUSCLE CAR.

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      • Dusty Stalz

        Dude if you’ve never driven anything with more horsepower than a Camaro, I truly feel sorry for you.

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  4. markp

    good deal for 7k

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  5. sshayss

    Blast to drive. 700R4 on mine with Mr Gasket chip would chirp 3rd gear. Closest thing to a big wheel I ever had. Could steer thru parking lot with throttle. Chicks loved it. Great memories.

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  6. John Oliveri

    I’ve always considered these junk, cause I’m almost 60, when these were out I had a Lincoln LSC, my current wife however, whom is 13 yrs my junior had a 89, and supposedly it was worked, I’d like to buy her one and take her back to her big hair days, see what’s faster, the car or her

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  7. Clement Feldman

    These were nice cars for the time and represented the slow return to muscle car era performance. It was nice to see it happen.
    I had an ‘84 with the 5.0 “H.O.” which was carbureted as opposed to the base 5.0 that had the twin throttle body injection. (They had to back to the carb to get more power.)
    Certainly not the fastest car I’ve owned before or after, but it ran fairly strong, looked great and was a blast to drive.
    Great memories! 👍

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  8. K Gun Offense

    I had a 87 Iroc camaro with the 5.7 liter 350 motor new. I also had a friend who owned one. They were very nice looking at that time but they weren’t known for power at all. One of the slowest dogs I ever earned. Was debating between the Iroc and Buick Regal Grand National attbe time. I definitely made the wrong choice!!

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  9. Troy s

    Fast at the time, not quite as quick as the Buick GN but what was…honestly fourteen second quarter mile rides were it for that decade. Fifteen seconds for less skilled drivers,really. Same with the 5.0 HO Mustangs. It took a bit to find a 13 second pass out of any 80’s car, with the exception being the ultra rare GNX, maybe a ‘Vette. I lived that era, always paying attention, it was nothing like the sixties as far as “muscle cars” or whatever they were calling them in the moment. I judge these cars in that context…
    As good as it got for the time period.

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  10. David McGinn

    I bought this car.

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