Never Assembled: Brand New Bradley GT Kit

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This is a listing for what I interpret to be a brand-new, never-assembled Bradley GT kit car. If you have spent any time looking for a decent kit car project, you’ll likely realize pretty quickly they are few and far between. Finding one that is – at the very least – in fair condition is a pretty big win, so having a shot at building one that has never been messed with is a real opportunity if you’ve had a Bradley build on the brain. This one is located in East Hamton, Connecticut and listed here on Facebook Marketplace for $4,500. Thanks to Barn Finds reader Mark for the find. 

I’m a little surprised to see this still for sale as I don’t find the price out of line for the chance to build a Bradley GT without having to also undo all the mistakes of a previous build attempt. Sure, they’re not exactly collector’s items, but the opportunity to buy a brand-new Bradley for under $5,000 doesn’t happen every day. We all know how often these appear for sale as someone’s failed attempt at kit car construction, with a swamped-out interior and gouges all over the fiberglass. Throw in some bad or flaking paint and you have a pretty unpleasant job of re-doing a project that isn’t worth all that much, even when it’s close to perfect. If you’ve ever wanted to build a Bradley with a chance in heck at recovering your investment, this seems like the best way to do it.

Details like this original brochure/instruction manual strike me as one of the best reasons to buy a car that’s never been messed with; it’s like a historical artifact at this point that adds to what is already a great story. Any time I’ve found a car that’s an unrestored “survivor”, the treasure trove of documents and factory manuals is almost as enjoyable to dig through as it is finding the car itself. The seller claims he has everything needed to complete this Bradley, including the necessary Volkswagen running gear. If you can bag this kit car build for under the current asking price with a fair offer, I don’t see how you can go wrong building one of these as a winter project.

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Grant

    Include a VW Bug pan?

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  2. George

    Bradley GT II. The Bradley GT was the original version, much more primitive.

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  3. rustylink

    a great project to start ,then stop at the 50% mark and relist for sale using such tag lines as “hard work is done”, “won’t take much for a $15K car” for the same price that it was purchased for…..

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  4. Troy

    Yes it was designed for a VW conversation but with today availability of frames and engines there is so much more you can do with it and have a fast car, and its cheaper than a factory 5 kit

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  5. Al

    I had an Avenger. Good looking car. The Bradley’s are just plain ugly.

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  6. Edselbill

    I have one – Built with my dad on a BRAND NEW VW pan in 1977. Less than 10,000 miles. Always garaged. Rarely used. Quality build. I would be lucky to get $5k for it. I’ve considered advertising is simply as a “brand new 77 VW Engine and Chassis” to the VW restorer community for twice that much.

    But, best GTII build ever is this legendary beast:

    (If link doesn’t work, google Bradley GT II Offroad Video)

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  7. Howie

    Only 3 photos, posted 7 weeks ago.

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  8. douglas hunt

    I answered an ad once for a cobra kit still in the crate……..the guy who answered the phone said it was sold in the first hour the listing went up.

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  9. chrlsful

    ck da uTube guy made this an off rd-er. See his amphibians, etc

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    • angliagt angliagtMember

      Give me your address,& I’ll send you an ENGLISH Dictionary.

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      • Gregg

        Now… don’t be mean! I was (just yesterday) thinking how I hadn’t seen a post from chrisful in a long time…. I was actually worried that he was no longer watching BF, and I was missing the challenge of trying to decipher his interesting version of English! I am glad to see that he’s still around!

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  10. mrfeez

    Nice video Edselbill

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  11. Louis Q Chen

    It would be a great project if you had the time and additional resources and a large enough space to do the work. I’ve done a kit car before, it was the original Meyers Manx dune buggy. This was a pretty easy project since it doesn’t have doors… and straight forward project. If I was 20 years younger I’d probably think about this BF.

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  12. Robert Levins

    Volkswagen. Stop. If I wanted a Volkswagen I’d buy one. Stop. OK- nothing wrong with Volkswagens I like them. But not trying to make you think I’m driving something else. Kit cars for me don’t work. Dune buggies are great because everyone knows it’s a Volkswagen, no problem. As soon as you start a Volkswagen engine (air-cooled), we all know what it is. Oh well, I guess you can fool some of the people some of the time.

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