Never Painted, Always Raced: 1969 Camaro Z/28

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The term “survivor” gets thrown around an awful lot, and for the most part, the description is hard to fake. But there are some cars that deserve the term more so than others, and this 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 is one such example. Said to have been drag raced for much of its life and still wearing all of its original paint, the Camaro seen here on eBay is one of best actual survivors we’ve seen in quite a while. Bidding is over $22K and the Buy-It-Now is $39K. 

Discovered in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, the seller claims it still holds a track record at the Hub City Dragway for running the quarter mile in 11 seconds flat. There’s got to be a photo of this exact car tearing up the 1/4 mile somewhere in the Hattiesburg archives, and I hope the next owner finds it. The seller is the third owner of the Camaro, and they acquired it from the widow of the second caretaker. I dig the staggered wheel setup and that wonderful, tired paint.

There’s 66,000 claimed miles on the chassis, and far less on the date-coded 302 currently under the hood. The interior looks quite honest, with nicely preserved black bucket seats. The seller notes some work has been done to preserve – but not disturb – the Camaro’s current condition, with new floors welded in, a replacement trunk floor installed, and the wiring freshened up. The transmission is a date coded Muncie 4-speed with a hydraulic clutch.

The original motor was lost when a previous owner swapped in a 454 motor in the 1980s. No word on what happened to that engine, but at least the engine bay looks quite clean despite not being a numbers-matching mill. The original 12-bolt rear end remains in place, and while the cowl hood isn’t original, a correct GM hood will be included. These are the kinds of cars that don’t turn up often, and with that perfectly weathered appearance and drag racing past, it’s no surprise to see bidders out in force.

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  1. Patrick S Newport PagnellMember

    55 paint is Azure Turquoise/Black stripes,X77 (Rally Sport) D80 (Spoilers). Very beautiful color when new. Would love to have this!

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    • Patrick S newport pagnellMember

      Correction: X77 was for Z/28 not Rally Sport.

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  2. Andre

    Really cool car. It’s a crying shame the screamer 302 is gone.

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  3. John D

    “The term “survivor” gets thrown around an awful lot . . . .” Sometimes it even gets applied to cars with the wrong engine, replaced floors, replaced trunk floor, replaced body panel(s), probably patched quarters, etc. Love the color combo, but bad original paint and interior does not, to me, a survivor make. . . .

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    • Johnny Cuda

      Well said, John D! See my 68 Barracuda survivor. All numbers matching, all original body panels and paint. 55,000 miles. No bodywork. a little rot in the quarters.

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    • Dave at OldSchool Restorations

      @JohnD …….
      . You are right-on
      Along with any use of the word “Survivor” belongs the phrase ” It’s only original ONCE ”
      That said, this Camaro is a significant example of American Automotive History, and the use of ‘survivor ‘ with a small “s” is not totally inappropriate here … but when the writer says it is ” is one of best actual survivors we’ve seen in quite a while ” then the writer’s credibility evaporates.

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  4. redwagon

    one of the most unmolested cowl tags i’ve seen in quite a while. to me that is one reassuring point.

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  5. Woody

    Bin is $39grand? I guess Mopar Freaks like me aren’t crazy for wanting to pay top dollar for classics! But I do like the RS-Z2/8…..

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  6. Tooyoung4heyday Tooyoung4heydayMember

    Love the look of this camaro but doesn’t do the Z/28 part of it justice. I know a lot of them were drag raced but this car was meant for straightening out the curves. Survivor paint? Ok, but not a survivor. When its had panels replaced, different engine and trans, tubular a-arms etc. that’s partially restored to me. I assume if it truly does have a date code 302 that the aftermarket valve covers are to clear some roller rockers?!? Maybe they came with the aftermarket heads as mentioned. D80 nice option however with the X77 code this is not an RS option car. Would be X33, although it looks better this way, would need the correct grille back. At least the ebay ad doesn’t call it a survivor. What would you do? Drive it it as is lookin all B/A? Or return it to its roots? I think I would maybe leave it as is…. Curious to see what it’ll go for.

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  7. brian

    Having previously owned a 302 Chevy, I can attest the 12-bolt must house some very low gears to get the 302 down the track in 11s. I’m guessing the time was actually accomplished with a big block.

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    • RandyS

      I was just going to say the same thing. Not buying a 302 in the 11’s, I’ve seen stock 302 Camaro’s on street tires run in the 14’s so even with slicks and a good tailwind it’s not making up 3 seconds.

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    • Patrick S Newport PagnellMember

      10.83 @ 125mph- DZ 302, AirFlow Research heads, big roller cam,4 speed G-Force trans. 12 bolt, 4:88 gears

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  8. Steve

    X77 RS…hmmm. I guess there are exceptions to the “rule” that only X33 cars were RS, but I would need something to go on…

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  9. UK Paul 🇬🇧

    Yes please!

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  10. PRA4SNW

    When I think of drag racing Camaros, I don’t think of 302 Z/28s.
    If it was drag raced, it happened after it git that 454 in the 80’s, then it was put away in 1986. That doesn’t sound like it was drag raced most of it’s life.

    Still a nice car, but if I was selling it I’m not sure that I would be making a big deal about the short-lived drag history.

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  11. JoeNYWF64

    Where are those heater hoses going? lol

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  12. Camaro guy

    My question is why would it have a hydraulic clutch when the Z28’s came with a perfectly good mechanical linkage, hydraulic clutches even modern one’s are not well suited to power shifting a 4 speed transmission and that’s what needs to be done for drag racing hydraulic reacts to slowly. That’s why when you see a modern Camaro, Mustang, or Challenger with manual transmission making a pass at the strip drop the nose of the car on every shift they can’t be powershifted . That’s why mine’s an automatic ( not my preference)

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  13. Wisemanz28

    X33 means chrome around wheel wells , gills, and drip rails, has nothing to do with the RS option

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  14. JERRY G

    who finds these cars in barnfiends?….and how do they do it?…..some of the finds can’t be even donor cars because of the condition…..a lot of us don’t have the money to take it to another level usually 50k plus price of the car…anything out there at a resionable price???????

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  15. Alan

    Good looking car but with a hydraulic clutch, not survivor material.

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