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Never This Nice: 1973 Dodge Apollo Motorhome

One class of vehicle with huge price swings between forgotten projects and nicely preserved and/or restored examples is the vintage motorhome. People are either praying you’ll come haul this thing away (they might even pay you to do it) or they’re asking near $40,000, such as this nicely presented 1973 Dodge Apollo motorhome. The seller of this example shares numerous photos demonstrating just how well maintained it is, with a very nice interior and the sort of cabin that has furnishings you won’t mind sitting on or sleeping in. The bodywork looks decent too, even if the paint is a little tired. With a 1973 production year, I’m inclined to believe this is a model known as a “Neptune,” but I’m not positive. It’s listed here on Facebook Marketplace for $35,000 in Spokane, Washington.

Thanks to Barn Finds reader Lee S. for the find. The Apollo was part of what seemed like a booming industry in the 1970s, which is that of the motorhome segment. The open road was calling and people were either looking for an easier way to see the country or to drastically simplify their lives in the era of peace and love. The Apollo brand actually soldiered on quite successfully for many years, and was even occasionally mentioned in the same breath as Winnebago, a testament to the build quality on display in models like this. The manufacturer built motorhomes atop an International Harvester chassis with the likes of a 392 V8 up front, giving first-time RV owners a break when it came time to diagnosing potential mechanical faults on the side of the road miles away from civilization.

The interior really is a treat on this vintage motorhome, as it retains many of the period-correct details that tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was constructed in the 1970s. The acres of brown, light green, and yellows are perfectly suited to a 1970s cruising machine, and this is a lot of the reason why the price is so high. It’s shockingly hard to find a vintage RV with its original interior intact, as many of them have been previously gutted of all interior accommodations for modernization projects that never materialized, or the material is simply trashed and made quite funky courtesy of an unresolved water leak from the roof or indoor plumbing sources. This one doesn’t appear to have any of those issues, and must have been well loved since new to still remain in such fine shape inside.

The seller notes that the Apollo will come with several upgrades and some recent maintenance work performed. The upgrades include a 400W solar panel with two 100 amp lithium ion batteries, and a 3000 watt smart inverter charger. Recent mechanical work includes brand new tires, front end components, a starter, windshield, shocks, shift linkage, and more, along with a carburetor rebuild. The tricky thing with RVs is that when people refurbish them, you tend to have to go all the way with it in order to justify the expense. Repairing what’s immediately broken but nor refreshing the interior (if needed) almost guarantees a small pool of buyers, none of whom want to pony up. But if you’ve got a minty interior like this one AND documented maintenance, the pool of buyers willing to part with the kind of money being asked here begins to grow. Thanks to Barn Finds reader Lee S. for the find.


  1. Jim

    $35k? They’re kidding, right? This unit might not be “trashed”, but it sure is far from pristine. Check out that nasty shag carpet. That tacky wallpaper. That dented trunk lid. And after looking at the picture of the cat in the vehicle, I can almost imagine what it smells like. Ugh.

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    • Mike

      Where have you been Jim? The market for Avocado Green has skyrocketed in the last 40 years. I was looking into Harvest Gold, but even that has gone through the roof. I might have to take my chances with some 80’s pastels or maybe an early 90’s teal.

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      • Terrry

        OMG don’t get me started! Coppertone!

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      • Car Nut Tacoma

        I agree. I’d buy one like this if I had the money to purchase it, and a place to park it when not driven, and enjoy it for a few years. Jim doesn’t know what he’s talking about. This would be a perfect RV for those who love upscale living whilst on the road.

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  2. Dan

    All of the nicest Appollos remaining on Earth together could not possibly be worth $35k.

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  3. Engident

    My dad bought a 35ft Airstream motorhome with a Triton V10 and 83k miles last year for $15k. Far nicer than this and with a generator, dual AC, and 2 slides. Keep on dreaming, seller.

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  4. Jcs

    That is one seriously ugly animal in the driver’s seat.

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    • Steve RM

      Yeah, I like cats but they should have hair.

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  5. Gerard Frederick

    Quality built? The interior fittings and furnishings look like the possibly lowest quality components the manufacturer could find. Coupled to the shag carpets, which were repulsive when new and the puke green, this is truly vomit inducing. I think the seller meant to ask $3.500.00 and even then he´s being optimistic.

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  6. Guggie 13

    I know of a guy who was an Apollo dealer in the 70s ,they advertised it as having a ring of steel for saftey , also the spokesman for Apollo was none other than John Wayne ! nice units at that time , high end !

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  7. Gary Rhodes

    $3500.00 would be a acceptable price but $35k, no.

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  8. Kman

    My son and I just bought a 1985 Tioga for 500 bucks have already been offered ten grand for it and we haven’t even fixed the roof on it yet.

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    • Gary Rhodes

      You stole that one!

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  9. Gary Rhodes

    Motorhomes are like boats, you are happy when you buy it and happier when you sell it. We have owned several and after awhile a hotel room and a rental car look awfully good. With the cost of plane tickets it’s cheaper to just get a hotel and not mess with insuring, licensing, fueling and maintaining a motorhome.

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    • DavidL Member

      To say nothing about having to carry your housekeeping around w/ you, such as dishwashing, cooking, cleaning, making the bed, etc.,etc. Rather just fly to wherever, rent a car, hotel room, eat good food, whatever. Also if you’re doing any sightseeing you’re severely limited unless you’re dragging a car behind you.

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