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Never Titled: 1984 Ford Mustang GT350

1984 Mustang GT350

The Fox Body Mustangs represent one of the most popular muscle car platforms ever made. The production run was nothing short of generous, which means finding a good candidate for a project car isn’t hard to do. Unlike the Corvette, however, examples that are still new in the wrapper are far more difficult to track down. This 1984 Mustang 2oth Anniversary Edition here on eBay has only 99 original miles and is still wrapped in factory plastic – and it’s a manual transmission car. 

1984 Mustang GT350 Interior

I hope you’re a fan of red interiors, because this Mustang is covered in Canyon Red from dashboard to floorboard. As you can see, the seats are still protected by the factory plastic coverings. The seller says it has been stored its entire life, meaning the next owner will likely be tasked with preserving it in exactly the same manner in order to protect their investment.

1984 Mustang

The Fox Body ‘Stangs may have been built in strong numbers, but so many of them have been used up and chewed out over the years that a good one can be hard to find. This 20th Anniversary Mustang is said to be one of only 282 convertible models with the desirable manual transmission. In addition, the manual cars were carbeurated instead of fuel injected, which the seller says is the preferred set-up for the HO V8 engine.

1984 Mustang GT350 Engine

I’m impressed – this car already has two bids, bringing it over $16,000 with the reserve unmet. Clearly, someone else wants this rare Anniversary Model to sit in their garage under lock and key! Of course, the chance to own a never-titled Fox Body Mustang doesn’t happen every day, especially one that is equipped like this example. What would you pay?


  1. Avatar photo jim s

    i would want to drive, not store, this. i wonder why it has sat all these years and was never been titled. great find.

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  2. Avatar photo JW454

    Here’s another one that’s value is in it’s low miles. If you drive it, the value plummets. Too bad…. it would be a fun ride.

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  3. Avatar photo Woodie Man

    At least its not a slushbox. I could never understand why the Fox platform Mustang was ever popular. Its practically a Pinto compared to a real 60’s Mustang much less a real GT350

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    • Avatar photo Jeff DeWitt

      It’s nothing at all like a Pinto, a Fairmont yes,but not a Pinto. You are thinking of the Mustang II.

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  4. Avatar photo Chris in Nashville

    Worthless to me… Would rather find a nice daily driver for 1/5 th the cost.

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  5. Avatar photo Jason Houston

    OK, here’s another seller who doesn’t want to disclose obvious, critical details. Where was it stored? How did it come that no title was ever issued? How many owners has it had? Where was it sold new? How long has he owned it? This is mandatory information for a 30-year old car with only 99 miles on it.

    This seller isn’t saying, and apparently nobody’s interested enough to ask him any questions.

    And the seller has posted only small pictures and has disabled the photo magnifier, so we can’t see details or read the dealer’s info.

    I’d trust this guy about as far as I could throw a Greyhound bus in a hurricane. And watch to see if his reserve gets met; I’ll bet it doesn’t.

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    • Avatar photo Jack

      It’s also has rock chips and dings, a nick on the convt. top, a bad window switch… Sounds like it was driven a very hard 99 miles and put away wet!

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  6. Avatar photo Luke Fitzgerald

    Nothing looking car – who does these things? – but great it happened

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  7. Avatar photo Leon

    It’s got those TRX metric rims 390s ?? I think

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  8. Avatar photo randy

    The original dealer prob stills owns it, as he could not have sold it without the transfer. If he did, there are a lot of “back taxes” owed on it.
    Just because this model sold more than any other “muscle car” does not make it the most popular. It just made it the most popular at the time, what other choices were there? A K car convertible? I’d like to see an icon on listings that show whether or not they are a paid ad, or just a “barn find”. This seller should pay for the great write up he got here.

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  9. Avatar photo Cassidy

    I love Mustangs, I have owned a ’66, a 78 and now a ’00, oh darn, I skipped right over the Fox body era. How did I do that? Oh yeah, because its ugly as hell! None of these Fox’s will never grace my driveway and if I had a friend with one, I’d make him park it around the corner so I wouldn’t have to look at it!

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  10. Avatar photo Keith

    I’ve owned four of the Fox bodied 5.0 cars over the years and they are a fun drive for what they were (back in the day). However these fox bodied cars have been way over shadowed with what’s offered today. Looks like this guy is looking to get 20k or more out of this car but I’m not sure if he’ll get it. Too many better choices out there to choose from for that kind of money. Here’s a picture of my 1990 Mustang convertible I sold back in 2007.

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    • Avatar photo Howard A Member

      Hi Keith, looks sharp. I had an ’88 5.0 notchback, and I tell you what, that car scared the HECK out me. Gobs of hp, poor handling, ( just way too front heavy), meager brakes, 4 bolt wheels, ( I’ve seen guys shear wheels off on a holeshot), but it was a comfortable, fun cruiser. (Just love a V-8). Who knows what the story is on this car. I’m sure cars are kept by dealers families, and for whatever reason, get stuffed away. Hope one doesn’t need to change a heater core on these. What a nightmare. Whole dash has to come out.( although, I said, nuts to that, and cut a hole in the heater box) And yes, it looks like those god-awful metric wheels.

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    • Avatar photo C DELANEY

      keith i totally agree people are forever greedy and will get smart with you if you question the price ,,,,,, i’ve seen cars with no power options and a v6 with a asking price of $30 grand ,,,,, lol

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  11. Avatar photo Jeff Staff

    There are a few Saleens and McLarens on craigslist right now that I’d much rather own for the same or less $, personally. Still a fairly unrepeatable car.

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  12. Avatar photo pontiactivist

    I know of a hatchback one of these. Didn’t know they were made in convertible.

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  13. Avatar photo piper62j

    Looks ok, but I’d want a closer (very close) inspection of this one.. Why no pic of the odometer and it’s odd that all the pics seem to be 10 footers..

    Still looks great, but does the “new car” smell still linger??

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  14. Avatar photo Mark E

    Woo-hoo! TRX (aka C-R-A-P) radials!!

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  15. Avatar photo Darren

    The fox body platform is extremely versatile. You can make great power on a tight budget although they can’t match the looks of the 60 Mustangs they are more fun to drive when driven hard that is . Just don’t think I could shell out 16 k for a non EFI car with those horrible metric rims . With that said this one is in really great shape and would make a nice cruiser , just don’t pull up to a light next to a IROC Z.

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  16. Avatar photo Jim Marshall

    I was a sales manager at a Ford store in the early 80’s when Ford reintroduced the Mustang GT. A 302 with 164 horsepower and the starved performance Mustang crowd jumped all over them. We sold them before they were unloaded off the carriers and for sticker with no questions asked. I remember an older couple came in and traded their Beetle for a black stick shift fastback and drove off happy as a lark. The Fox Mustangs were introduced in 1979, but when Ford came out with this GT in 81 I knew we had a winner and we sure did.

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  17. Avatar photo Jamie

    Yeah… I want to see the obvious things like the convertible top tag on the outside and the odometer. Under the hood pic would have convinced me to see all factory markings. Anyone can put plastic on seats and photograph from a distance.

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