New Yorker, New Yorker: 1963 Chrysler New Yorker

In 1963 Chrysler introduced an updated New Yorker to the waiting motoring world. This car marked the virtually complete disappearance of the “Forward Look” design which had proven to be so popular only six years earlier. The update was purely cosmetic, but the New Yorker proved to be a popular seller. This particular New Yorker is for sale here on Craigslist. Located in Pahrump, Nevada, and listed with a clear title and a price of $1,200, this may well be a really good buy. Our thanks goes out to Barn Finds reader Curt K who brought this one to our attention.

For the 1963 model year it wasn’t merely the restyling that attracted potential buyers. Chrysler made the then brave business decision to introduce a 5-year/50,000 mile warranty which was unheard of in the automotive world. Having said that, the restyling did not hurt sales of the New Yorker at all. The car became a much more cohesive design in 1963. The owner of this particular Chrysler drove it for many years before taking it off the road. He intended to restore it as a retirement project, but has since passed away. His son has now decided to part with it. Overall the body appears to be quite straight. There is damage to the leading edge of the right front wing, but otherwise things look promising. It’s much the same story with rust and corrosion which seems to be conspicuous by its absence. Of course, it’s not the stuff that you can see that can be the drama, but the stuff that is lurking just waiting for you to make that horrible discovery.

Under the hood is that mighty 413ci engine that pumped out 340hp when it was nice and shiny and new.¬† The seller does use that line that sends pangs of dread into my heart: It ran when it was parked. We don’t know how long ago that was, or whether the seller has made any attempt to see if the engine will turn. I will say though that it actually looks a bit better under here than I expected. Apart from the missing air cleaner there is really only the sort of build up of dust and dirt that you would expect on any car of this age that has been left to sit for a while, so maybe things are okay in there.

I have to say that the dash has really surprised me. It looks complete and the pad appears to be intact. The rest of the interior is going to require a fair amount of TLC. The seats definitely require recovering, the door cards look like they need help, and the carpet is just scrap. Potentially the hardest item to replace though would be that steering wheel. You would have to hope that you could located someone who could refurbish it because it looks pretty second-hand. Of course this also came with a fair number of electrical accessories, and we don’t know the state of any of those, so appearance may only be the beginning.

Personally I quite like this car, and I really like the potential that is locked up inside it. At the price it would almost be worth the risk of buying it sight unseen. The external sheet-metal appears to be in reasonable condition and all of the external trim appears to be okay as well. In all honesty, if you were to buy it and part it out you could nearly guarantee yourself a profit. I hope that no-one does that. I hope someone buys this and returns it to its former glory. Could that be you?

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  1. Jose Delgadillo

    For some unknown reason I just love the way these cars look. It did take a long time for the styling to grow on me. Almost forty years!

  2. Alan (Michigan) Member

    Neighbor two doors down had one where I grew up. White, with a light metallic blue interior. That 413 would lay it down! I remember the push-button gearshift, and I think the pillow-shaped steering wheel was at least partly clear? It had AC vents on the package shelf, that would freeze the back of a little kid’s head!

  3. Nick

    Cool car, but needs everything. At least it’s not overpriced. I’d never heard of the Salon package before, thanks to those above who explained it. Hope this one finds a good home. Maybe he should make a posting on a Mopar forum, or try ebay.

  4. Pete Phillips

    I think it is the “Salon” package. I have seen those from 1964 but did not know it was offered in ’63. I have a black 1963 New Yorker, but its dashboard and door panels lack the wood graining this one has. These are very good cars. I have owned my New Yorker for 26 years, and took care of it for the little old lady 10 years before that. Now has 75,000 miles. Quiet, smooth, and a wonderful highway cruiser–it is just loafing at 60 mph.

  5. Mountainwoodie

    Present day pocket change for an old car. I had a ’63 Imperial…I love these boats. Somebody grab it before it rots from the sun!

  6. Rusty

    Call me odd (even I if you haven’t yet), but the ’63 New Yorker Sedan is one of my all time favorites. My grandfather bought one new, and passed it along to my father during my childhood. He was mostly a GM man (I don’t know that he ever had another Mopar), but Grandpa was really sold on this one. It was old and used up by the time I was old enough to remember it, but I thought it was pretty amazing with its rectangular steering wheel, push button transmission, comfortable ride, ample power and crisp, trim lines. I think Dad drive it to the junkyard in 1970 or so when reverse gear went out, and we didn’t normally keep cars that long. I hope to drive one, or at least ride in one again some day. This one looks like a neat project, but I might be a bit biased here!

    • Steve in Charlotte

      My Grandparents had one as well in light blue. When I was 10 they traded it in 1968 for a four-door New Yorker. Yellow with a black vinyl roof. It was and still is the only car I ever puked in. :)

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