Nice Driver For Cheap: 1967 Ford Fairlane 500


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For the money, this seems like a heck of a lot of classic car! This 1967 Ford Fairlane 500 is located in Henderson, Maryland and is listed for sale here on eBay, with a buy it now of $4,500 but lower offers will be considered. And for all you four door haters out there, this one only has two doors!


A couple of high school friends of mine had similar cars, and I remember them both fondly. Plenty of power and decent handling combined with enough room for a carful of kids. And someone has done the same thing one of my friends did by installing a pair of Thrush mufflers for a burbly sound.


The seller mentions some rust bubbling at the bottom of doors, and you can see the worst of it in this picture–it’s not that bad, is it? And with the trim strip being where it is, you could repair it and not have to repaint the whole car as long as you could match the paint well enough.


The seller also mentions that they have put in new floors that just have to be seam sealed. Personally, I’d like to see some more welding first, but it does look like correct panels were used and they seem to fit pretty well. If you overlap new over old like this, though, you have to be very careful to rustproof where they overlap; sometimes it’s worth the effort to butt weld the panels.


The seller calls the interior “presentable”, and I’d have to agree, it looks pretty nice apart from the  lack of carpet! I don’t think it’s original, but it looks just fine to me.


This is the original 289 engine and it’s still connected to the original automatic transmission. Again, although it’s not perfect, we are talking a running, driving classic car that is nothing at all to be ashamed of and could be improved over time for less than $5,000. I think that sounds pretty good to me, how about you?

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Scotty GilbertsonStaff

    That’s a heck of a deal, what a beauty! Nice find, Jamie!
    Is this real? It seems much too cheap; less than $4,500 for a 2-door, stacked-headlight, 289 V8 Fairlane in great shape? And, why did I forget to buy a Powerball ticket today?! I wish I wouldn’t have seen this one now…

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    • Jamie Palmer Jamie PalmerAuthor

      I’m with you, Scotty, I was amazed to find this one at the price. I’d love to own it!

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  2. kman

    This cars twin 4door is on ebay for 1500 out of west liberty ky.

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  3. Luke Fitzgerald

    Seems cheap – that Windsor will disappear tho’

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    • Don

      why do you say that a 289 can be made to have plenty of power

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  4. HoA Howard AMember

    Bill Gannon’s ( of Dragnet fame) personal car. He drove a ’67 4 door in the series. While I never really cared for the “stacked head light” era, the rest of the lines of this car are really nice. Personally, if I was to buy this car, and I know it’s a bit out of character for me, but I’d ditch the small block, and go the “R” code route and leave the rest stock. Hey, an old fart has to have some fun.

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  5. JW

    I personally love the stacked headlight cars and this is one of my favorites. Wish it was closer to me. Nice find at a reasonable price.

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  6. Fred W.

    I guess it’s cheap because it’s a sedan, not a hardtop. Always liked Ford’s upper level 2 door sedans because they made an effort to make them look like the HT’s with the thin window trim.

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  7. JCW Jr.

    like the sedan love the hardtop would not put either of them out of the garage. 6cyl to 390 stick Auto I don’t care they are a nicely designed car. A real buy at this price.

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  8. Scotty GilbertsonStaff

    D’oh, sold! Dang it, a huge missed opportunity there.

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    • Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskeyMember

      Henderson, MD is not very far from me, I was going to go over & see it before I leave for Hershey PA tomorrow {I’m a vendor there at the AACA fall meet [spaces RSA 7 thru 13 come by & say Hi!]

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  9. scottymac

    The Fairlane and Falcon were closely related in 1966 and 1967. The ’66 Ranchero used a Falcon front clip, the ’67 Ranchero used a Fairlane. If a person doesn’t like the stacked headlights, could he install a Falcon front clip? Could a person install a Fox body Mustang front clip on a Fairmont wagon? I lay awake at night wondering about these things. I’m getting ready to put ’65 front fenders on my ’66 Galaxie so I can put on the 427 glass headlight covers. The ex was probably right – sick, sick, sick!

    By the way, do you get any kickback from e-Bay for directing traffic to their site?

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    • Rocco

      My friend here in FL has a ’65 Galaxie 2 door sedan 289ci., 3 on the tree with the factory 427 clear head light covers that was ordered from the factory. He puts it in car shows now and again.

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  10. chad

    Liked (still do) the nice straight lines of the earl;y/mid 60s (B4 the bump over the wheels of muscle cars and after the bulgemobiles of the 50s), & a yes to the stacked hdlghts from me too.
    To the 289 Q, there wuz no grunt down low on em.

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