No Flux Capacitor! 3,221 Mile DeLorean


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This is a really nice low-mileage DeLorean, but unusually, it’s in the UK! The car has been listed with numerous pictures, even including the underside, and is still on it’s original tires. There are a few cosmetic flaws, but not many of them. It’s located in Nottingham, England.


I’m sure most visitors to this site know the story of the DeLorean, and I’ll even bet a lot of you know it was originally manufactured in Northern Ireland. Of course, the main things most folks know about the DeLorean is that it can time travel at 88 miles per hour and has a brushed stainless steel skin. The seller of this one notes that the original paint on the polymer end caps could probably stand to be repainted, but smartly left that for the next owner in case they prefer it kept completely original. Thanks to Josh for turning this find up!


You can see a slight dimple in the fender here that the seller calls our attention to. However, I’m wondering if a “paintless dent removal” shop could fix that? Anyone have experience with stainless steel dent repair? In any case, this is a really nice looking car. I would find another set of wheels, mount some new tires and keep these original tires and wheels for show use only. I was curious about the level of enthusiasm for DeLoreans in the UK, and found this club site and this other club site. Both seem to sell selling parts as well as offering owner forums.


When was the last time you looked under a car and it looked this clean? I know even my “show” cars don’t generally look this nice. Despite the clean appearance and low mileage, the seller does explain that it does not have a flux capacitor installed!


The seller even pulled off a wheel to show how the suspension of the car looks almost new as well. It must have been someone’s toy!


I remember there were some complaints about the blandness of the DeLorean interior when they were new, and this picture reminds me of those comments. The seller does mention that there is a small split in the dashboard, and some in the instrument binnacle as well. Luckily, even if you can’t find anything on that side of the ocean, the folks that bought up most of the spares have a website here that you can even order a new car from. Yes, you will shortly be able to buy a “new” DeLorean from those same people–which makes me wonder what that would do to the value of this low mileage used one? If you’re interest in acquiring this one, look for it here on eBay, where as I write this, it’s received 46 bids already but has not yet met its reserve. What are your feelings about the stainless steel wonder?



Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Van

    I’m sorry, I understand the benefits of stainless steel, but it needs PAINT.
    I know you guys will “boo” me off the stage, but if every corvette ever made was red you’d grab a rattle can of black paint and go nuts.
    Red, white, blue, oh my.

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    • Van

      Oh and I hate black wheels, looks like your hub caps fell off.

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  2. Rancho Bella

    These were piles o’ crap when new………I reckon nothing has changed

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  3. erikj

    never liked these since they where even new. The Volvo drivetrain is a good thing though. The john delorean story is more interesting. I did not know they are going to build new ones! That makes no sense to me.

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  4. Capt Doug

    I still have a full page ad from the NY Times advertising a 24K gold electroplated Delorean touted as the American Express special edition – at $85,000.
    I wonder if they ever made and sold any in this color??

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  5. Ed P

    I would be all over this car if it had a flux capacitor. As flux capacitors contain a large amount of unobtainium, it would be near impossible to add one now.

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  6. motoring mo

    Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need roads.

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    Where ever these cars go they draw a crowd. Cool as long as you don’t try to make a monster truck out of it

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  8. john C

    Nottingham…Home of Robin Hood: …That makes this car a steal !!!!

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    • HoosMember

      Might you be known as……..Little John?

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  9. kman

    I wondered at your opening line of why is it in the UK since they were built there. The parts have all been moved to a new plant in Texas where they will use them to build the last 300 and then the parts will be gone and too bad for those who need a new quarter panel or whatever, Yes, dings can be fixed if you’re really good as is the body man who works for Mario and Bernie. The trick is not in the fixing but in the finishing of the brushed steel, Starts with straight strokes using coarse paper then buffing with steel wool etc, I have couple of marks on my stove, Gawd I hate stainless steel.

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