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No Reserve: 1964.5 Ford Mustang Convertible


An early Mustang convertible with a V8 and manual transmission pushes the buttons for a lot of pony car fans. Add only minor rust and a no-reserve auction and there will be a lot of interest for sure! It’s located in Little Rock, Arkansas and is listed for sale here on eBay where bidding is still below $1,400 as I write this.


The “260” emblem is visible here on the fender, and I decoded the VIN here to find that it really was a 260 car from the Dearborn, Michigan factory. The seller states that it has a four-speed, which would make it that much more desirable to me, anyway. Unfortunately, Marti reports aren’t available for these early cars, although there are many sources of information on the internet that might help determine what the car had to begin with.


The seller has included a lot of pictures of the underside of the car, and with good reason; it looks really solid under there. The minor holes in the rear trunk opening don’t alarm me, especially compared with some Mustangs I’ve seen. I wonder how the water pooled enough right there to form the hole, though.


Do you think this quarter panel is solid metal? I’m not sure. I also wonder whether or not those old (are they bias-ply?) tires have actually been on the car all this time; if so, it’s a clue that the car has been off the road for a good while. Unfortunately, the seller doesn’t give any history, and may not know it. While the car doesn’t have a clear title yet, the seller has begun the process and it will only take an extra $160 to get the title after the auction–I highly recommend getting it!


A Mustang expert will be able to tell us how much of this interior is original, but I’m pretty sure whatever “soft” items are there will have to be replaced. I’m amazed that with that much water and debris on the floors that they are solid; I think I’d be asking the seller to pull up some carpet and take some pictures from the upper side before bidding.


The seller states that the engine is an early 260 with a four-barrel carburetor, but does not make any originality claims. I’m sure a lot of work would be necessary under here. Like most no-reserve cars, the desirability will determine the final price, and while I see some auctions that go for ridiculous amounts, there are some bargains still to be had as well. Let’s see which one this car is!


  1. Avatar photo ydnar

    More images and occupants from the “heartbreak hotel”!!


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  2. Avatar photo Jim

    It won’t stay at that price for long. Great car to restore.

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  3. Avatar photo TLouisJ

    As far as I recall, Ford did not make any 260s with a 4 barrel carb. Circa 1975 I traded a dead ’59 Cushman Super Eagle for a 289 to put in my CJ5. My mechanic brother Dale had a shop in Walla Walla (Wash.) and was assisting. Turned out to be an early 289. All 260s & early 289s had a smaller 5 bolt bell housing. YIKES! Where am I ever gonna find an adapter for the Jeep tranny? Just so happened that Dale had one! SAVED! Those little 5 bolt engines were popular to use in swaps where room was limited like in sports cars, etc, because that small bell housing really helped in tight confines. :-) Terry J

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    • Avatar photo ydnar

      Terry, I thought you were talking about Walla Walla Wisconsin!! Just kidding, I don’t think there is another Walla Walla anywhere on this continent.

      “With a little help from an “A”dapter kit”. As JC would say.

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  4. Avatar photo Healeydays

    If I was looking for another project, I would make a bid or two on this one.

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  5. Avatar photo Howard A Member

    Apparently, the generator was 64.5 exclusive and went with an alternator for ’65. They did not have a 260 4 barrel, and the 260 had a cast iron water pump pulley, this being a stamped metal one. I think this may be a replacement 289 that someone used the generator off the stock motor. Plenty of Mustangs still out there, so better get it cheap. Here’s a great site to tell the difference. http://www.mustangandfords.com/news/mustang-1964/

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    • Avatar photo Joe

      Thanks Howard for the link. Informative.

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  6. Avatar photo piper62j

    This one is a do-er… Gonna take some work, but all the parts are available including the upper drip rail along the trunk… A complete new body already assembled is also available for these model years.. Just swap everything over during the restoration..

    Have to say it.. These cars (for some reason) are in big demand… Big $$$ when completed..

    Just sayin..

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  7. Avatar photo JW

    Yes the early Mustang convertibles are bringing big $$$ when restored correctly to stock condition.

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  8. Avatar photo jeff

    I would rather have the 70/71 green Cuda/Challenger in the background :)

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  9. Avatar photo James

    I think I’m more interested in the green 70-74 challenger/cuda in the background of the first photo!

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  10. Avatar photo Joe

    For those who are interested: A couple of additional photos not included in the ebay ad.


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  11. Avatar photo Warren

    I had a 260 convert. Had 13″ 5 lug wheels on it with the Falcon sourced (Ford crest in center) wire wheel caps. Had many a “expert” tell me those were not factory. I just brought out the 1964 “Shop Tips” showing a early production Mustang on the alignment rack with 13s and those very wire wheel caps. Hmmm, those might be the caps in the trunk shot….

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    • Avatar photo Joe

      Warren. I am not 100% sure but I think the 65 V8’s had 13 inch 5 lug and 6 cyl had 13 inch 4 lug. But I could be wrong. Speaking of wire wheel covers and early Mustangs…here is a circa 1979 photo of my 66. If you look real close you will see Chevy spinners on the back and Ford up front. I wanted spinner hubs so badly and only found 2 Ford spinners when this photo was taken. I eventually found 2 more. I owned this puppy as my first real car through my senior year in HS to 13 years later. Then had to give it up. Will never forget all I learned working on it, the fun driving it, and will never get over the trauma of giving it up.

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  12. Avatar photo MikeW

    I would definitely check it out in person. Don’t buy site unseen. I have never seen those 13 in 5 lugs, but they did make a optional 4 lug 14in.
    I’ve had several early models v8’s and they all had 14 in.


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  13. Avatar photo Joe

    MikeW did a little more searching and this reference suggests that in early 65 the 13 inch rims were standard and V8’s could have 13 inch 5 lug and 6 cyl’s 13 inch 4 lug. So the mystery continues…


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    • Avatar photo MikeW

      I bought a new one in ’64 and it was a six with 14 in wheels and 4 lugs.

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  14. Avatar photo racer99

    $5800 with 4 days remaining. Solid body, convertible, V8 with a manual transmission is a pretty rare combo. As mentioned above, the 260 was a 2 bbl carb motor originally and the “D” code motor was the 289 4 bbl offered in 64-1/2 (if my memory is correct). Enough original stuff there to go back to factory or resto-mod it. I’m betting it breaks $10k pretty easily.

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  15. Avatar photo joeinthousandoaks

    Yes racer99,you are correct. I currently have an early 1964 1/2 D code convertible (built in April ’64). It is a factory 289 4 barrel 4 speed car with 14″ wheels. I keep it in the garage until I need to cash in for my son’s college education.

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  16. Avatar photo joeinthousandoaks

    There are enough non original features shown on this car that the engine could be out of anything. The valve covers are not 260. Also, all 64 1/2 cars are registered as 1965’s

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  17. Avatar photo MikeW

    @ joeinthousandoaks, I have the same car as you in rangoon red. Mine currently has a 302 and 4 speed. I wouldn’t put to much value in it being a 260, especially if gone. They were blue and black.

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  18. Avatar photo MikeW

    260 2v engine

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  19. Avatar photo racer99

    I think the D code (289 4BBL) motors in 64-1/2 had gold valve covers and air cleaner.

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  20. Avatar photo MikeW

    the seller ended the auction early, so he must have taken an offer.

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