No Reserve 1967 Mustang V8!

1967 Mustang Coupe

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I know most people want the Fastback, but I’m a big fan of the Mustang coupe. As a matter of fact, whenever I picture a Mustang it’s a Wimbledon White coupe with a black interior. Well this one isn’t white, but it is a coupe with a black interior. It also has a 289 V8 with air conditioning and power steering! The seller says it’s original, but then admits it was repainted in the ’80s and quite a few parts have been rebuilt. I’m not sure I’d call an original survivor at this point, but it looks to be a very solid car that’s fresh out of storage. This is the kind of car you buy to enjoy and fun in, so if you’ve been looking for an affordable and fun Mustang you can find this one here on eBay in Fresno, California with a current bid of $4k and no reserve!

1967 Mustang 289 V8

While I would rather have a 4 speed, this C-Code pony would be enjoyable to cruise in. The power steering will make it easy to maneuver and if the A/C can be made to work, would be extremely comfortable to travel long distances in. The only problem I can see if I bought it would be that I’d have to fight my wife to drive it!

1967 Mustang

I’m not a huge fan of the newer paint job, especially the gold strip. It’s definitely showing it’s age and has been worn off in several spots. With some careful detail work, I think the strip could be removed and the paint shined up a bit, but I’d probably just leave it alone and drive it. So are you a fan of the coupe or would you only buy a Fastback?

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  1. Rock OnMember

    Stripe would have to go.

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  2. grant

    I don’t care for the stripe, but I can see where it probably looked fresh in the 90’s. Minor quibble, this is a nice car.

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  3. JW

    Stripe or no stripe this looks to be a nice daily driver. I must have my power steering hoses turned wrong as they hang a little lower than the ones on this car.

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  4. Fred w.

    Wow, the OEM type compressor absolutely fills up the engine compartment.

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  5. Alan

    Love this car. Being from the midwest, I just don’t see these near rustfree examples locally.

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  6. Bill

    I think in person, we’d be shocked at what a bad paint job it has. Heaven only knows the sins that have been painted over.

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    • RayT

      Paint doesn’t bother me all that much. Do some prep work yourself and slip a few bucks to the dude with the spray gun at MAACO, and you could make this a pretty nifty ride.

      I too am a fan of the ’64-’67 Mustang coupes. If this one had a four-speed, it would suit me just fine! Looks like a driver, not a hangar queen!

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  7. Bobsmyuncle

    As someone that bought a car with pinstripes on it, don’t be surprised if after removing them a ‘shadow’ remains.

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  8. JW454

    The first car I ever wrecked was a green one just like this. It belonged to my sister. She was not happy.

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  9. Doc

    I can’t believe how ignorant some people can be. This guy is lighting this thing up? (you tube video) OK so here is the problem. Ring ridge. If you RPM an engine that, #1 it it is not used to that type of thrashing, or #2 if it has sat for a long period of time there may be some decay in the rod bearings allowing the piston to come up a little more than it was used to thereby contacting the top compression ring with the ridge and cracking the ring.
    I have seen this before. Especially with older engines

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  10. BillB

    At $5200 with two days left. It’s even a great buy if it stays below $10K. I love what Ford did to the 1967 redesign, no matter what model you’re talking about.

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  11. Stang1968

    I like that it was pebble beige when new. Unusual color.

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  12. Red'sResto

    This could be a great deal if the price doesn’t get too high. You can also swap in a used T5 pretty easily (and cheaply) of you want to keep your left foot employed. Stripe or no stripe I think this would make a solid driver or weekend cruiser.

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  13. Doc

    That is my favorite stripe. To me that says fast.
    Obvious child of ’60s go fast.

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  14. Rando

    My g/f loves the 65-66 coupe. I like the later ones, esp the Sportsroof (guy thing? probably). Wonder if she’d go for the 67 coupe? I likethe taillights and nose just a bit better…. wonder if I could buy a barn find instead of a ring??? Better not ask her that…

    She might accept one this nice though…

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  15. Doc

    What ever you do, don’t give her a vacuum cleaner for her birthday..

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    • Rando

      We already have 2 vacuums and she owns a steam cleaner, so no chance of a new vacuum cleaner… unlike my ex, this lady actually would like us to have a project car to play with.

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  16. Doc

    A new ironing board? Maybe? OK so this is meant to be funny. Ya see You don’t give home appliances to your significant other as a gift. Ha ha?
    I know it’s Monday..

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  17. Rando

    I took it as such. I’ve been around long enough to know if you give a lady an appliance as a gift, you better be ready to be hit with said appliance…

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  18. Doc


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