No Reserve 1968 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 396 4-Speed

The term “blue chip muscle car” is thrown around pretty frequently in the classic car hobby, however, this one might be the real deal. It is a 1968 Chevelle SS 396 that can be found here on eBay with a current bid of over $28,000. The ad doesn’t say that there is a reserve price, but I would guess the seller is hoping for high five-figures. As they say “they’re only original once” and this one appears to be a very desirable original car. Currently located in Galion, Ohio, the ownership history can be traced back to when it was purchased new in Wichita Kansas. Have a closer look at this one, you might not see one nicer!

The interior is really nice. The seller says the car features the factory 8-track stereo with 5 speakers! All the interior features work including the horn, heater, blinkers, and even the door buzzer!

The SS 396 4-speed package was one of the best options a buyer could select back in 1968. While it increased the price of the car by a significant percentage, the performance was worth the extra dough if you could afford it. While these cars weren’t great in the corners, they were hard to beat in a straight line! This one is very clean under the hood as you would expect. The seller doesn’t go into too many details, but they do say the engine is numbers matching and it runs great.

Here you can see some of the original documentation that comes with the car including the Protecto plate. Other original documentation includes the factory window sticker, build sheet, registrations going back to 1968, brochure, and the original owner’s manual!

Of course, there are a few minor issues with the overall car. The seller points out a little bit of bubbling under the front fenders, but other than that, this car appears to be a solid original. What do you think? Is this a real-deal survivor SS 396?


  1. Classic Steel

    I love Chevelle car and this one with a 396 4 speed has bow tie on it ….
    it’s ready for Christmas!

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  2. 86_Vette_Convertible

    It’s a good looking car, can’t see any blatant issues with it.

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  3. JoeBob

    Beautiful Chevelle. 1968 is one of my favorite years. No surprise it’s already bid over $32k. A lucky bidder will end up with a really nice Chevelle time capsule.

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  4. Steve Clinton

    Is there no ceiling when it comes to ’60s and early ’70s Chevys?

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    • robert semrad

      Yes…..whatever the market will bear. Can you imagine a rule that states, “we’re starting out at $10K, but no one can bid over $15K”? Now wouldn’t that be kinda……stupid?

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      • Steve R

        Unfortunately, there are some people that would agree with that idea.

        I’ve worked with people that think that way, until the shoe is in the other foot. They tend to be ruthless and won’t give a second thought of screwing someone over, if the money is headed for their pocket.

        Steve R

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    • Rex B Schaefer

      The same goes for poorly built Chrysler products and AMC cars!

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  5. Morley Member

    Way too pricey for the BF crowd

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    • Steve Clinton

      Way too pricey for just about everyone!

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    • robert semrad

      Not for me, and I’d bet several others on BF, too. What’s wrong with you guys? Do you think just because you don’t know there’s moneyed people on BF that there isn’t? We don’t go around bragging about how much expendable cash we have…..

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  6. Dewey Gill

    Bought an identical one (except it was blue) in the mid 70’s. Beat the crap out of it for a night, got it stuck sideways in a ditch and left it. Went to the tow lot two days later (after sleeping it off the next day) to bail it out. They wanted 200 bucks to release it. I left it, didn’t have the 200 and storage was increasing daily. Besides that, the whole left side was creased and scraped from laying on its side in the ditch. Good thing I hadn’t sold my other car yet.

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  7. Dewey Gill

    Oh yeah, I paid $600.00 for it

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    • robert semrad

      Yeah… the mid 70’s and it was probably a beater, not like this one….sheesh

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      • Dewey Gill

        Actually, it was a pretty decent original. Miles were higher, 80,000 + and was using some oil. Very savable car by today’s standards

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    • robert semrad

      Price of gas was 57 cents, too. Everything seemed cheaper back then, but it wasn’t…..we’re getting paid a lot more today…..come on, guys…..think!

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  8. Dr. Earl Chrysler

    Regarding the SS-396 “the performance was worth the extra dough if you could afford it,” my ’66 Malibu with 327 with Power Pak, dual exhaust and 4 on the floor kept pace with one off the line to ‘time-to-quit’ for both of us.

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  9. gaspumpchas

    69 Grille??? Sure is sweet. Good luck and stay safe.

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  10. Dave Rhodes

    where’s the flippin video !

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  11. Bobby Member

    Seller should be happy with the high bid, being a white, no a/c 1968 model.

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  12. Frank

    Nice car but don’t go to fast with manual drum brakes 😆

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  13. DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

    Going to sell, if the bids are legit.
    Up to $38,480 now, with 3 days left.

    Apparently enough people are satisfied with the originality/value.

    Frank has a point about stopping… This is a “Go Fast, Stop Once, then Rest” car. My ’69 had power discs in the front, never a worry. There are much better options for shoe/linings materials than when the car was built, but still, if it is to be driven much, I’d want a power disc conversion. No need to make the modifications irreversible, so value isn’t diminished one iota.

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  14. Kevin Kendall

    Friend of mine has a black 68SS with just a tick over 27,000 actual miles,amazing L78 car

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  15. Mark

    I had a 1968. Wish I still had it. Sold (gave it away) for 1,200$ when I was going overseas.

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