No Reserve: 1968 Shelby GT500 Fuel Injected Prototype

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Historically significant Shelbys have come into the spotlight recently including a 1966 GT350 prototype which sold for over $600,000 and two others that recently sold for over $3 million each. If you missed any of those, another Shelby prototype is up for sale at this month’s Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale, Arizona. It can be found here on and the sky is the limit for the value of this car. Will it break the all-time record for a Shelby Mustang of $3.5 million? Take a closer look at this ultra-rare Mustang and thanks to our Barn Finds colleague Adam for the tip on this beautiful car.

So what makes this car so rare and valuable? It is one of only two cars made that feature a Conelec fuel injection system that feeds air and fuel into the massive 428 cubic inch Cobra Jet engine. While fuel injection in some form had been used before, it still wasn’t very common in 1968. In fact, fuel-injected Mustangs wouldn’t be mass-produced until almost two decades later. Power for this Mustang is transferred to a C6 automatic transmission with a “special torque-sensitive, locking rear axle.”

At first glance, the interior looks like a standard Shelby Mustang, however, there are a few special parts in this one. It features factory hand-made fiberglass parts along with a pre-production console and special sound-deadener.

The car has undergone a “fully documented concours restoration” by a “noted Shelby historian.” As mentioned before, this is one of only two cars featuring the Conelec fuel injection and the only fastback that was made. The exterior features Sunlit Gold paint and pre-production taillights. Overall, this is another significant Shelby that will no doubt command strong bidding. How much do you think it will hammer for?

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  1. Nevada1/2rack NevadahalfrackMember

    My best guess would be closer to the price of THE 1967 Super Snake and Eleanor than that of Steve McQueen’s Bullitt with the NASDAQ and economy being soft like it is..
    Incredible, and incredibly unique, beautiful machine.

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  2. gaspumpchas

    woo doggies, never heard of this. Amazing, fast? And surely expensive. Good luck and stay safe.

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  3. Superdessucke

    Oh my goodness.

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  4. Jeff

    Would need to win the lottery

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  5. Autoworker

    Craig Jackson owns 2 Shelby prototypes Little Red and the Green Hornet (with Conelec fuel injection) There was an hour show on each of those cars on TV the other night. Wonder if he owns this one?

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    • stillrunners

      Yes….by the picture markings on the interior shot – maybe ?

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    • Vince H

      Was on again today on the History Channel.

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    • MBorst

      So, what you are saying there is 3 with this injection system ?? Cause your saying there’s a red and a green he has… The article just said there is only 2 with this system.

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  6. Nick

    Sounds like a typical Shelby story, mostly made up or off the cuff but they’re saying it’s legit. I think. “fuel injection in some form had been used before, it still wasn’t very common in 1968.” More than uncommon, fuel injection (especially port FI) was basically non existent except on diesels and very few mechanical systems on some imports and top fuel stuff.

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    • Pauld

      My 1969 Alfa GTV 1750 had port fuel injection by Spica. It gave 33 MPG on the road and was fast. Paid 2k for a cherry car and sold it for 4K. There is one on Bring a Trailer auctions now for 85k top bid so far.

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  7. Henry

    What a nice car i can only dream of driving a car like this. It takes me back to life less stressful good ol times

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  8. 433jeff

    Wow what a great car! Now does the Conelec fuel injection catapult the horsepower somewhere between the side Oiler and the Cammer? Oh wait , I’m putting on my glasses, what da? Is that a TBI ? SPFI? Is this the only Shelby with a check engine light and a coolant sensor. Glasses off ( with a stern look) I’m afraid before I get out my checkbook I’m going to need to see the Full Marti Report

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  9. douglas hunt

    nice, never seen this one before, and i missed those tv specials i guess

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  10. John L

    I’ve always had trouble believing the stories on these one of, engineering prototypes, and other unheard of cars that keep popping up at Barrett/Jackson. In my opinion they have ruined to collector hobby for the average enthusiast. Perhaps I’m just cynical, and out of touch.

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  11. Robert Eddins

    Love the car, hate these rotten auctions.They,ve just made it where the average guy is out in the cold.

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  12. Steveo


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  13. John L.

    Who is this “noted Shelby historian”, that performed this “restoration”? How many more Shelby “prototype, engineering, personal” Mustangs is Craig Jackson going to pull out of thin air? Enquiring minds want know!

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    • Dwcisme

      Shelby was the keynote speaker at a convention I attended. He said that of the 1900 65/66 Shelby Mustangs produced, only about 10,000 were then known to exist.

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  14. Dwcisme

    I don’t think that what is really a development mule for a few specific parts should be marketed as a prototype. It is a really nice car and I’m sure people will pay through the nose because Jackson laid his hands on it but should it be going for much more than any other high quality 68?

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  15. JoeNYWF64

    One would think they would have swapped out dad’s luxury galaxy steering wheel(that doesn’t even look at home in a ’68 six cyl stang!) for something sportier. Imagine if the ’68 Bullitt mustang had this steering wheel. lol
    Is this fuel injection as(or even more) finicky as the rochester one in a ’57 & later chevies?
    Also surprised this isn’t a 4 speed.

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  16. Mat Boonen

    And here’s at 58 years old learning something new, thinking that all gt350s were small block and gt500 the big block

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