No Reserve: 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle SS396

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Always a favorite is Chevrolet’s 1969 Chevells SS396 such as this Daytona Yellow example. Popular in ’69? You bet, 86K saw the light of day. Popular today? You bet again, just cruise the current asking prices on any old car website. Our find has an interesting backstory, so let’s review it and see what’s here. Located in Lincoln, Nebraska, this Chevy hot rod project is available, here on Barn Finds Classifieds, or here on eBay for a current bid of $16,000, with six bids tendered so far.

For the 1969 model year, the A-body SS396 was no longer a separate model with its own unique numerical designation. Instead, it became an option (RPO Z25) on the Malibu two-door hardtop and convertible. Additionally, and in 1969 only, it was also available as an option on the Chevelle 300 two-door post sedan – these are pretty rare, however.

This example belonged to the seller’s father and it was used as a “chase” car for a funny car team at drag meets. He tells us that the majority of this Chevelle’s 80K mileage accumulation occurred while driving from track to track. Rust loves this vintage Chevelle, and unfortunately, this car has not been able to escape its invasive effects. Fortunately, however, the problem appears to be limited to the typical places in the lower quarters and fender legs and does not appear to be too extensive. The Daytona Yellow lacquer finish, one of supposedly 3,000 finished as such, is worn and marred by surface rust. The black vinyl top, however, shows surprisingly well. For additional views, please review this video.

Originally powered by a 350 gross HP, 396 CI V8 engine, this Chevy is currently in possession of a 1971 vintage replacement motor, that based on its “CE” alpha code, sounds like a warranty replacement for the original. Upgrades to this motor include an aluminum intake manifold and a Holley carburetor. We’re told that this car has been sitting for 44 years so the engine’s status is unknown and the seller has not tried to start it. Gear changes are courtesy of an automatic transmission.

The bucket seat interior is stated to be, “In great shape are the interior components right down to the original carpeting and floor mats“. The black vinyl upholstery shows as sound, as do the door panels (with the exception of the driver’s side armrest – a cheap and easy replacement) and the dash and instrument panel. This Chevelle is sporting an RPO N34 wood-grained style steering wheel, though it’s missing its center cap – a minor matter.  This is an A/C-equipped car but I imagine that the old R12 system is going to need some work.

OK, this one’s a project, but it’s a no-reserve project and a car that basically appears to be a sound and complete candidate for full restoration. No getting around it, these ’69 SS396 Chevelles are a hot commodity right now and many of the pristinely restored examples that you find on auction sites started out in much worse condition than this car – it could prove to be a good buy, right?

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  1. Big_FunMember

    Interesting options! I see a ‘yellow light’ AM/FM Stereo – confirmed by the two rear speakers, and the front one in the driver’s side kick panel (second picture). Is that a dash controller for a set of rear air shocks? (The term ‘Jac Pac’ comes to mind whenever I see one). I believe it just might be…
    Nice findthat I am excited about.

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    • Derrick

      You are correct on the Jac Pac (175). He still has the manual ;) Regards.

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  2. John g pflaum

    my friend owns one, the market is soft on these his fully restored one at most 29,000 in excellent cond. So someone even bidding 16 for this is just absurd! Go check prices before bidding on this the owner of this is laughing and planning his retirement. This needs a ton of work from the looks of it.

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  3. Randall

    Now this is what a barn find is all about!

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  4. Sam H

    It sports a vinyl top so beware of lots of rust under it. I would assume it would be bad considering the rust visible all over the body. Buyer make have to swap the whole roof.

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  5. Honcho49er

    Beware of copious amounts of rust under the vinyl top. There’s lots of rust on the rest of the car.

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  6. Burke

    Likely a costly and difficult restoration. However, John is incorrect about the value of a fully restored Chevelle in excellent condition!

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  7. bull

    Certainly a REAL Super Sport as Daytona Yellow on a 1969 Chevelle could only be had when combined with the Super Sport option.

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    • ACZ

      My main concern would be rust due to its location. Could be worse if in Illinois or Michigan. Wish list would be a third pedal, tilt wheel and power windows.

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      • Gray Wolf

        If wishes were horses, beggars would ride!

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  8. PRA4SNW

    Up to over 21K with 6 days left.

    I just don’t understand the value of these. Like the article says, they made a whole lot of these. This one is going to need a lot of $$ invested in it over and above what it is bought for.

    Desirable? I guess so, if you want what everyone else has.

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    • bull

      Very few in Daytona Yellow which was a Camaro color and not an available as a standard color on the Chevelle. All were 1969 Daytona Yellow Chevelles produced were Super Sports.

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    • Gray Wolf

      How many do you see on the road? Car show? Not many. I live on the west coast where the survival rate is tremendous and I don’t see very many. I had one, so I am always looking for one. By the way, to the person that stated wood style steering wheels weren’t available in’69, read description of this ad! Also had one in my new ‘69 SS.

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      • PRA4SNW

        SS Chevelles are quite common around here at the car shows (New England).
        Real ones and fake ones.

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  9. Lon kearl

    I had one 69 as 396 4sd paid 1500 for back in the 70s been sitting 30years in the neb winters bid seems hi to me I would have it b blasted drive train should be rebuilt what else needs to be done you maybe in it all it’s worth yellow not my choice of color if you have to do interior brakes tires shocks other misc could get pricey if you take to a shop may just buy a turn key

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  10. Michael clark

    My 69 SS had an in dash tach built into the speedo??Although”break pedal correct “dics break logo /also front turn signals correct ones for the SS model. But “oh my god “it needs a whole lot of new metal to make it right and a rotisserie /along with a frame off .New paint ,A/C work,new chrome bumpers, fuel tank, tranny work sure, upholstery. You hire “half” that out properly done add another $20,000 on top of the auction price. Honestly guys its going to take a year and a lot more money then I mentioned here. If its not done right your wasting your time and money.

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  11. danny

    These cars are not all that common, nor is the market soft. Just the name Chevelle will cost you 10k alone. I hate it when people come on here and actually do not complete the research before making a non reality statement!

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  12. Rex B Schaefer

    Rot bucket!

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  13. Danny

    Lol…need I say more. I guess Rex would not take the car, if it was bought or gave to him..what a joke!

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  14. bull

    That Daytona Yellow brings BIG MONEY every time when it’s the original color to a 1969 Chevelle SS

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