No Reserve: 1970 Dodge Charger R/T

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If there’s one thing I love more than barn find muscle cars, it would have to be barn find muscle cars painted in some awesome shade of 70’s colors. This 1970 Dodge Charger R/T wears its weather-beaten colors with pride, and the trademark R/T stripes are still visible despite years of hard-use and poor storage. You can find it here on eBay where the seller is offering it up at no reserve and the highest bid takes it home – no questions asked. 

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As you can see from the photos, the seller has quite a few vehicles lounging about at his property in Arkansas. He says this sale is part of a collection wind-down, which is always good to see when it means a rough project car has a chance at surviving. This Charger sports its original numbers-matching 440, but the transmission hasn’t been verified as the one it left the factory with. The body is beaten up and there’s plenty of rust, and the interior has essentially been gutted.

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While the engine may be original, don’t think that means it’s an easy restoration. It’s clear this Charger has been off the road for a while, but it is comforting to see the original Sublime Green paint still in the engine bay. Perhaps this example, despite the rust and rough panels, still wears original paint on the outside. If you’re not of the inclination to restore it yourself, the seller does offer that he has the means and equipment to restore this groovy Charger back to whatever condition you deem acceptable. Either that means he knows this one is too far gone, or he legitimately has too many cars. You decide.

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As per that last comment, it’s clear he does have more than a few vintage Mopars kicking around. Which one do you like best in this collection? For me, the paint color and original engine would make this example compelling, and certainly a no-reserve auction sweetens the deal all the more. However, at this point you would have to ask if the costs to restore would make sense against the cost of buying one that’s either preserved or already rejuvenated. Currently, bidding is just shy of $5,000 with plenty of time left in the auction. What do you think this Charger R/T will sell for when the auction closes?

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Peter RMember

    Rode hard and put away wet…

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  2. Roy Crader

    Hey Jeff, On the junk yard Studebaker yard on Georgia hwy 19

    I was interested in speaking to the owner. Would you send me the phone number for that place. roy

    ps love your finds and bio’s on the vehicles.

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  3. Chebby

    This car was beaten, left for dead, then the corpse picked over. “Collection” eh. All I see is a hillbilly junk pile.

    The offer to perform a restoration is amusing; if he could do such a thing, why wouldn’t it already be done. What possible evidence is there to give a buyer confidence in requesting that service?

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    • St. Ramone de V8

      Exactly, Chebby. The corpse was picked over. I always get leery about sellers who have several cars as the one offered. Why wouldn’t they pick and/or swap out better parts, leaving the hulk with very little of value? This, and the fact that it is so rough keeps me away, but I’m sure that someone will bring it back, and I hope so. Just not with my wallet.

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    • Mark S

      Chebby you have nailed it. This one will eat your wallet and ask for more. I wouldn’t want it if it was for sale for $100.00.

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    Had me till the question asked, it’s an automatic

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  5. Jeff V.

    Owned by a non-enthusiast judged by the Ebay description. 440hp lol. Unfortunately the way crazy-prices r these days this might go for 10K$, ridiculous!

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    • Roy Crader

      yeah Jeff, that is if the buyer is on hard prozac, been on 5 day drunk , and is trying to feel so guilty about it he wants to punish his wallet too.

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  6. piper62j

    Parts car… Or what’s left of one..
    Good find.. Bad car..

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  7. Chris

    Cool car. I always wonder who is buying these for 10k. An amazing one is about 70 and this one could never get there even after 80k in restoration costs.

    If you want a 70 charger open a Hemings and go buy one. No need to deal with this.

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  8. Joe Nose

    Fold along the rocker panel rust and dispose of in an appropriate six gallon sublime container.

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  9. The Chucker

    ….because they fixed up one just like it on Graveyard Cars last week! :-/

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  10. Jim Marshall

    Time to call Graveyard Carz. He’s the only one who could bring this hulk back for at least 6 figures.

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  11. Tom Stewart

    Car shaped pile of rust. Too bad.

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  12. ccrvtt

    But it’s a Charger!!! One of the prettiest cars ever made, in a class with the ’66 Riviera and the original E-type. Better to let this one live in misty memory. What a shame…

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