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No Reserve: 1993 Ford Mustang Cobra

It’s not often we see cars as desirable as the Fox body Mustang Cobra go up for auction with no reserve, especially lately as these cars continue to gain value. But this example – a 1993 model wearing Vibrant Red paint with a sharp gray leather interior – is offered up in a no reserve listing, representing the opportunity to potentially snag one of these cars for less than the going rate. The condition appears to be quite nice, too, with just under 60,000 original miles with no modifications. The Cobra is listed here on eBay in Staten Island with bidding to just over $22,000.

The Fox body Cobra is an interesting car as of late, with some examples going for fairly crazy money and others seemingly taking far longer to sell. There’s been a glut of these on the market as of late, which certainly isn’t helping anyone who wants to sell a muscle car, but could represent a chance for buyers to own a muscle car with great performance and sound right out of the box, on perhaps one of the most supported platforms in the history of car tuning and modification. However, buying a stock Cobra is a treat in and of itself, and I wouldn’t touch a thing on this example given it’s managed to survive without a ton of go-fast parts being thrown at it.

For the mileage, the gray leather interior is in outstanding condition. It looks like the Cobra was primarily used by one driver, with little seat wear noted on the passenger side. The driver’s seat doesn’t look terrible, especially with almost 60K on the clock. There does appear to be an aftermarket radio, which challenges the notion that this is a completely stock example, but most owners don’t even put the radio in the realm of modifications that could potentially detract from the car’s value. The seller notes the Mustang will come with all factory stickers in place along with the original window sticker and “…authenticity paperwork.”

The plug wires appear to be aftermarket as well, but there’s no cold air intake to report and the exhaust looks to be factory – so at least the big ticket items remain as they did when the Cobra left the factory. The seller does note some previous paintwork that was performed to a high level, which shouldn’t spook potential buyers too much, but is a possible reason for the no reserve auction as collectors/investors tend to prefer examples with zero stories. Still, this is the one I’d buy if I were shopping as the miles are high enough that I wouldn’t feel bad adding a few hundred every year, and the previous paintwork means I can leave it in a parking lot without panicking about a 100% original paint car needing paintwork from a careless door ding.


  1. Avatar photo RayT

    For me, the only thing better would be a Cobra “R.”

    I drove both when they were new, and only my banker kept me from taking the plunge. Even with an “in” at the time, either would have cost me more than this one.

    No aftermarket mods are required. These were plenty fast, handled well (and predictably); even if many modern cars could blow either one into the weeds, I doubt they are really as much fun. They certainly don’t engage with the driver — or make the driver put out as much effort — like these ‘Stangs did.

    I really preferred the Teal paint, perhaps because it wasn’t as common as Arrest-Me Red. Neither that nor the “previous paintwork” would give me a moment’s pause.

    Old guy wants old car. What a concept!

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  2. Avatar photo Bob_in_TN Member

    This car fits the sweet spot for lots of people, Mustang fans or not. Reasonably fast, and as Ray T says, engaging. Sporty-looking, eye-catching with the red paint. In nice shape, inside and out; the good condition of the interior suggests a caring owner(s). Has had some paint work, so no angst if at some point it needs more. With not-low but not-high mileage one isn’t afraid to drive it. You could use it as a “performance” car, cruiser, or show car. When something breaks, parts availability is great. Not cheap, but not ridiculously expensive.

    Maybe Ray T will get his old car….

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  3. Avatar photo Billy1

    If the ashtray door spring is not broken-then this a must buy. Yeah, yeah an old Fox Mustang owner joke, but it is still a good one!

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  4. Avatar photo K. Adam

    What do you mean no “mods”????
    Wheels are not stock as well as the taillights in a Gucci look at the pics.

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    • Avatar photo Jost

      looks like stock Cobra wheels to me?

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  5. Avatar photo Mark T Rosendahl

    I bought a an ’89 5.0 new (ordered it from the factory) and was just delighted with it until the engine died at 155,000 miles and the tranny had to be rebuilt twice. It had its problems, yes the spring on the ash tray door always broke, the electric locks crapped out and the throttle position switch had a mind of its own.

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  6. Avatar photo robj Member

    The wheels are stock as are the taillights. I’m pretty sure as I’m looking at mine as I type this. [original owner]
    I’m not so sure about the antenna though. Mine came with a fixed antenna and I don’t think an electric antenna was an option. In fact there weren’t many options as I recall. Sunroof or no, leather or cloth. I think that was about it. I ordered a CD player with mine but it came with a cassette with the explanation that “they ran out”. Whatever, when I first started it the last thing I was worried about was music. It made it’s own music.

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  7. Avatar photo robj Member

    It went for $26,600. Maybe a little low in todays market. Oh, the plug wires were “baby” blue on mine as are the Ford Racing replacements. I always thought the darker blue like in the Ford oval would look a little better.
    My only concern is how uneven the odometer numbers are. I think I remember that being a sign things have been “fiddled with”, if you know what I mean. That being said the condition is really nice even with the stated miles.
    Can anyone confirm that?

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