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No Reserve: 1995 Chevrolet Caprice Station Wagon

Few things in the automotive world are an iron-clad certainty, but if there were one, I’d be willing to stick out my neck and say that we will never again see manufacturers producing new full-size station wagons. There is no longer a demand for these versatile vehicles as crossovers and SUVs have taken their place. However, there remains a hardy band of souls who desire these classics, allowing some models to perform well in the classic market. This 1995 Chevrolet Caprice Station Wagon shows promise for potential buyers seeking a bit of hands-on work. It has no significant issues beyond the seller’s admission that it needs a good clean. The healthy V8 under the hood should provide impressive performance for a vehicle of this type and size, and there is the potential for it to prove an affordable buy. Located in Lynbrook, New York, you will find the Caprice listed for sale here on eBay. The seller has set their auction to open at $4,800, but there have been no bids. It is worth noting that this is a No Reserve listing, opening the intriguing possibility that someone could drive away in this wagon by dropping a single bid.

This Caprice is a two-owner classic, with the seller finding it impossible to resist at an estate sale. He intended to retain the wagon but changed circumstances motivated him to part with it. While it is difficult to be sure, I believe its paint color might be Medium Adriatic Blue. The seller is candid about its overall condition. He says that the original owner kept the vehicle garaged when not in use, but it recently spent an extended period exposed to the elements as that owner spent his final years in a nursing home. It doesn’t seem to have suffered unduly from the experience, although the exterior is no longer in showroom condition. The paint holds a good shine, with the seller indicating that there are no significant chips or scratches. I initially thought there was a large spot of peeling paint on the hood, but I’m pretty sure that it is nothing but a wet leaf that has attached itself to the wagon. The best news is this Caprice’s lack of rust. The owner claims that it is a solid classic, which is not surprising for a vehicle of this type and age. The most significant challenge the buyer will face is deterioration in some of the lower body moldings. These seem particularly bad near the back bumper on the driver’s side, and only an in-person inspection will determine whether they can be saved.

The interior shots supplied by the seller are of poor quality, making it difficult to determine the overall condition. However, by piecing together those he supplies, the news seems relatively positive. The seats wear Grey cloth upholstery, and while there is some wrinkling on the outer edge of the driver’s seat, there are no rips or tears. The back seat is in a similar state, as is the rear cargo area. My overall impression is that the seller’s claim that it needs a deep clean is probably on the mark. Before spending any money, it would be worth investing the time and effort in that activity. I believe that it would produce positive results. While it is difficult to determine equipment levels, it appears that the Caprice scores air conditioning, power windows, power locks, power mirrors, and some form of stereo.

Describing a full-size station wagon as a muscle car may be stretching credibility, but this Caprice should still offer its next owner respectable performance. Its engine bay features the 5.7-liter Chevrolet LT-1 V8 producing 260hp. The power finds its way to the rear wheels via a four-speed 4L60-E automatic transmission, while the driver receives power steering and power brakes. Wagons of this caliber are generally heavy bests, and at 4,473lbs, this Caprice is no exception. That makes its ability to storm the ¼ mile in 16.1 seconds before winding its way to 136mph look impressive. After several years of inactivity, the wagon has gone through the revival process. The dual exhaust and tires are relatively new, and it seems that the rest of the car is in sound mechanical health. The seller indicates that the motor starts and runs well, although I would probably treat the vehicle to thorough inspection before committing to any long journeys. A summer adventure might be right around the corner if everything comes up trumps. The odometer shows a genuine 79,000 miles, and the seller holds the original Owner’s Manual and Service History that would appear to support the claim.

I’m not going to pretend that this 1995 Caprice Station Wagon will appeal to everyone, but there will be buyers who find it tempting. It would be interesting to treat the entire car to a deep clean because while I don’t believe that this course of action would return it to showroom condition, it should lift its overall presentation. Its greatest strengths rest in its unmolested status and low odometer reading. With those thoughts in mind, it does have the potential to climb to $5,500 before the hammer falls. However, it has been listed for more than four days with no action. That’s why I raised the possibility of someone scoring this classic with a single bid. If a station wagon is what you seek, it might be worth monitoring this auction. Today could be your lucky day.


  1. Pat Housel

    The only thing I’d do is a new opti spark
    distributor and water pump and also new plug wires. And you’ll have miles of trouble free driving

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  2. Car Nut Tacoma Washington

    Lovely car. I remember when this generation Caprice was introduce. I remember thinking “It’s about time Chevy updated the Caprice. An appearance upgrade was long overdue.

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  3. Joe Haska

    One of the ten commandments of Car Flipping 101. Always Sell in the rain, never buy in the rain.

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  4. Bakyrdhero Bakyrdhero Member

    In the late 90’s a friend had a 95 Caprice sedan in this color, it’s a very nice color in person, these pictures don’t do it any justice.

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  5. George Mattar

    I just happen to have an NOS GM water pump, Delco plug wires and Opti Spark NOS in my stash. I bought it all years ago. No longer available. I hate eBay but would send this seller the money right now.

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  6. Mike Pesotski Member

    Nice car. Love the hood ornament. Unlikely to see this type of car again with SUV’s and minvans taking their place.

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  7. Tom Farabee

    I would love to have this thing!! I am going to replace my Suburban after close to 300k miles, and would seriously consider this instead of another Burb. However, the wife does not think the way I do!

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  8. Car Nut Tacoma Washington

    IMHO, this was the best looking station wagon in the GM stable at the time. I would’ve preferred this and the sedan any day over the Buick Roadmaster and the Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser of the same vintage.

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  9. Bamapoppy

    I love it. I simply love it. I’m not in the market for a wagon but this one is really hard to pass. And a deep clean? Heck, the rain is beading up on the surface so someone’s put some wax on it more recently than my Odyssey!

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  10. Car Nut Tacoma Washington

    I find this car way more attractive than most cars offered today.

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  11. 4501 Safari

    It is a tow package car as evidenced by the mechanical fan. IL will have a G80 limited slip differential with 2.93 gears and may have the load leveling rear suspension with the on board compressor. The ’95 LT1 can have the AIR injection disabled/removed per TSB and still meet emissions standards of the time. I have a ’95 BUick Limited wagon with every option including the block heater. The engine transmission suspension combination of a tow package car is rivaled only by the Fleetwood commercial chassis models with a tow package. Properly cared for they are good for a minimum of 300K miles and can be modified with ease. A good source of information is the impalassforum and GMLongroof forums. We need to keep how good these a secret as they are becoming much more rare.

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