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No Reserve Classic: 1965 Chevrolet C-10 Pickup

Would you fancy owning a classic Chevy Pickup that is being offered for sale in a No Reserve auction? Well, this 1965 Chevrolet C-10 might be the right vehicle for you at the right time. This is a solid old truck with bags of character, and the owner has decided that the time has come to part with it. Located in Grove City, Pennsylvania, you will find it listed for sale here on eBay. Bidding is currently sitting at $4,450, and with No Reserve, the Chevy is set to head to a new home.

Okay, so let’s talk about rust. The C-10 has its fair share of surface corrosion, but it really is pretty solid. The frame and floors look really good, while the only rust that will require any attention is in the usual spot in the floor near the kick panel. There is also a crack in the windshield, and that should probably be replaced at some point. One thing that I would probably change would be the bed floor. It wasn’t uncommon for owners to weld steel plate into the bed when the timber had rotted, and that has been done on this one. I would be inclined to remove the plate and install fresh timber because it would create a really nice look. Otherwise, there’s no reason why you couldn’t use it as is.

The owner currently uses the Pickup as it is, so the interior is definitely serviceable. Apart from the hole in the dash for the radio, it is complete, and I really like that aftermarket seat cover. I would expect that the original cover is probably looking a bit sad, and that explains the new cover. Otherwise, it’s incredible to consider that the rubber floor-mat is original to the vehicle. It looks like the Chevy has had some pretty careful owners in the past for that to have lasted 54-years.

The C-10 presents quite nicely under the hood, and I’m personally not disappointed to find a straight-six in residence. This is the 250ci engine, which is hooked to a manual transmission. The owner says that the C-10 runs and drives well, and as part of the ongoing work to make it solid and reliable, the fuel tank has been given a good clean, while all of the hydraulic components in the braking system have been replaced. In addition, the C-10 also rolls on a new set of tires.

These old Pickups have a character all of their own, and I like this one because it has a look and character that shows that it has been used for its intended purpose. There are a few little items to attend to, but there is no obvious reason why someone couldn’t buy it, and then just enjoy the experience of owning a truly classic American Pickup immediately. That makes it a pretty tempting proposition.


  1. Steve

    These were good ol’ trucks. Pretty well any truck made by any of the Big 3, or even others such as International, Studebaker, etc. made before the 80’s were good TRUCKS. These new “plastic fantastics” as I call them are a joke. Granted the automakers are forced into making trucks lighter and lighter in order to meet fuel economy regulations, but with so many people buying pickup trucks instead of cars, they are being watered down to sell. My “new” truck is an 01 2500HD with an LB7 Dmax, Allison auto, roll up windows, manual locks, but I did add cruise control. No collision alert, lane keep assist, back up monitor or other nonsense. My “old” collection consists of a 1989 S10 Blazer 4×4, 1985 K10 GMC Jimmy, 1970 C20 Longhorn 1955 Second Series 3100 Big Window, 1955 First Series 3100 Five Window and a 1948 GMC LoadMaster 1-1/2 ton. All trucks that are TRUCKS

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  2. Steve

    I had an Uncle, Frank who had a swb fleet side version of this, dark green that he bought new. He passed away a few years ago, but my cousin still owns the land. It is still sitting in his pasture but the south texas climate ravaged it beyond repair years ago. He wanted a step side so he could feed cows out of it. My dad said that previous to that truck, he had a GMC and loved the V6, as he would put it in first, let out on the clutch and step out onto the step side step and feed hay to the cows (imagine that today!) so I’m not sure why he went with a fleetside Chevy instead. Maybe he was looking for something more “car like” as he was a farmer/ rancher and only had one vehicle, other than a big 1-1/2 or 2 ton truck. In the mid 70’s, my brother traded for a 50’s something 3100 Chevy with enclosed drive line. His intent was to swap the trans, driveshaft and axle from Uncle Frank’s rusty 65 into the 3100, but after they got it home and got it running, he and my other brother started joyriding in it, with no tags, etc and my dad made him take it back.We jokingly referred to the episode about “Uncle Frank’s rear end”. It’s too bad it wasn’t put in the barns with the Farmall H and M that he bought after he got back from WWII. They are still there, under the care of my cousin.

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    • bobk

      The comment about putting the truck into granny low, then stepping out onto step side (or sometimes even into the bed) to feed cattle certainly brought back memories of my youth. Thanks.

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  3. Howard A Member

    Nice find, and with 52 bids and still at $4450 ( that $50 usually means bidding is slowing down) this is far more representative of what a pickup like this should go for. You California folks might want to make note of this, this is the real world. At least PA. folks got their head on straight.

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    • Mountainwoodie

      Now, now HoA………whatever happened to the market rules? :)

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    • VAR2018

      Looks like it sold for $5600. Is that still in the “should go for” range? Good thing the seller didn’t have a buy it now price of $4500. They would have lost out on a little under 20% of the final selling price. Someone got a really cool truck. Love the look.

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  4. Ted

    As a full fledged dinosaur it still amazes me that in the early 80’s you could find these for less than $500 and they were clean drivers. I got my hands on a 63 longbox fleetside with a transplanted 327, 3 on the tree, blue and white on blue, and did that thing romp. Learned just how much fun driving could be when you were behind the wheel of something with a bad, and I mean real bad, steering box. Mud/fence/crash is what a mechanic friend called those boxes, we adjusted it to the absolute max but it was had, lock to lock just to keep it in a straight line but when you’re 20 years old, who cares?

    Friend of mine Darcy had a clean black 3/4 ton 6 cyl/stump puller box around the same time and swapped in a built small block and when he got it going the performance was phenomenal but the thing revved to the moon even at 30 mph. He had someone check the rear end and it was packing I believe 6.00 gears…….those were the days…………

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  5. Josh_T

    I’m a fan…

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  6. Josh_T

    66 on the left has a blower and a 9″, 4 wheel disc to boot!

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  7. Josh_T

    Last one…

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    • Gary O

      I’m a fan too.

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  8. Gary

    My dad had a 65 C10 Custom when I was a kid. I would love to have one just like it.

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  9. Jerry Kenney

    Great trucks! I sold this 61′ Apache 20 I cleaned up a few years ago. 283 with Powerglide, DeLux Heater and an AM radio! Top speed about 50 mph but fun to drive.

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