No Reserve Package: 1973/74 Porsche 914 Pair

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This seems like a fair deal if you’re in the market for a Porsche 914 project: two cars, a 1973 and 1974 model, listed in a no-reserve auction with only two bids at the moment to $520. The yellow car gets my vote as a potential winner, as the color combo is a desirable one and the Porsche script on the doors always makes me justify potentially bad purchases. Find the pair of cars here on eBay, which the seller claims retain their original engines. 

I can’t quite tell if this 914 is black, brown, or maybe purple, and the seller doesn’t provide any additional details. Regardless, there’s easily more than $520 in parts here, and the cars themselves look solid enough to warrant restoration. Even if you have to pillage from one to build the other (and I don’t think you do, in this case), it seems near impossible to go wrong on this no-reserve duo.

The interiors aren’t great, which is surprising considering the seats in 914s seem to be made of hard-wearing materials. Not here, as the buckets in both cars will need reupholstering, but I’m guessing kits are widely available on eBay. The seller claims these were barn-stored for over 15 years, and both cars are sold on bill of sale only. If you live in a no title state for older cars, (and want a pair of 914s), this is a matter of zero consequence to you.

The seller claims both 914s were running when parked and will run again – once you flush the old fuel out and install new pumps. I’m not sure how much detective work was done to determine that’s the root cause of the no-running situation, but again, for the price – are we going to sweat the details too much here? If the floors aren’t swiss cheese, this looks like a bargain if a mid-engined Porsche is on your list of wants.

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  1. motoring mo

    At current bid you’d break even at the scrap yard. Which is where these should be headed. You’d be upside down fast doing a resto. Makes no sense financially. I guess if you don’t value your own time go for it?

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    • mark

      If you restore cars or flip cars for a living or use it to supplement your income then your time has value. If not, you are doing this as a hobby and your time means nothing.

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  2. DolphinMember

    The upside:
    The name on the cars is a magic word for some
    The parts are worth a lot more than the current bid
    No reserve
    In Nevada, so probably have not have seen salt
    They’re cheap so far, and it’s a 3 day auction
    The SCM Guide says they are worth $12 – $14K in exc. condition

    The downside:
    In Europe these were called “VW-Porsche”
    They were built by WV, not Porsche
    They look like they need everything
    “Ran when parked” + $5 will get you a nice designer coffee
    No titles
    Not likely to have been in a barn for the last 15 years
    Likely to need most of the sunbaked plastic & vinyl replaced
    Unless it’s been repro-ed good plastic & vinyl will be hard to find
    There’s a lot of plastic & vinyl in the cars

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  3. Graham Line

    1.7 engine. Not too exciting. Probably $500 in parts.

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  4. Dave Rudziensky

    Super fun to drive, ad a flat 6 and wow, built a few many years ago. unfortunately resto cost far exceeds value. By the way I love cars, gearhead to the core and I value my time, every minute of it and so should everyone else. I just gave this advice to one of my customers, Buy a 914-6 now and enjoy now, if you can’t afford the big buy-in then buy one of these and build it up, same fun, just way higher cost on the build and 3 years later…trickling money into a car is long and costly, better off to get the loan for the nice one, you’d be investing in an appreciating asset that you can drive now.

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  5. DMember

    The gas tank in the front makes for a nasty front end collision.

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  6. Mike

    The dark one is a ’75 based on the big bumpers and serial number. I think people would be interested in them for a stripped down autocrosser (or parts).

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  7. Little_Cars Little Cars

    Already close to $1200 bid. So, not likely to be scrapped. To paraphrase: “an a** for every (torn vinyl) seat,” as the saying goes. Hope the new owner enjoys their scrap VW….ahem…Porsche.

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  8. leiniedude leiniedudeMember

    Ended: Jan 15, 2019 , 6:00PM
    Winning bid:US $3,550.00
    [ 29 bids ]

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