No Reserve Short Box: 1979 Chevy C10

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Short-box trucks are a wonderful thing, as they respond incredibly well to just a few modifications and look all kinds of tough when lowered like this example listed at no reserve. This 1979 Chevrolet C10 features 2WD and the short bed, along with a lowering kit suspended above some wheels sourced from a Corvette. The seller notes some minor rust issues but otherwise describes the Chevy as a reliable runner with a clean interior. Find it here on eBay with bidding above $3K at the moment.

I absolutely love how good this looks over the Corvette wheels, and the seller says despite the lowering kit, the Chevy still rides incredibly smooth. No major mechanical needs are identified, noting that the truck shifts well through the gears, brakes stop nicely enough, and the temperature gauge stays right where it should, keeping the 305 V8 nice and cool. Rust is located primarily at the leading edges of the doors, rear quarters, and fender edges, none of it major.

The red cloth interior is a great look for a black truck, and appears to be in excellent shape. The carpet, too, looks unscathed, and the dash pad is said to have just one small crack. The headliner has been replaced, and the door panels are described as being “beautiful.” Overall, there appears to be very little to fault inside the car, and mileage is reported to be a tick over 42K – no word on whether that’s been verified.

If you’re looking for a vintage truck project to restore on your own, check out this Barn Finds Exclusive featuring trucks from the large Georgia collection we’re helping to sell. I haven’t listed this Ford yet and there’s a few others yet to come out of the woodwork, including a Chevy Apache pickup and a 1955A five-window Chevy. Pickup trucks are always in style, and no reserve auctions like the one for this Chevy short box look like a deal in the making.

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  1. Vegaman Dan

    I know short box lowered are the rage, but I am silly and like trucks to do what they were designed for- work. If I can’t toss some sheets of plywood in the back or drop a cubic yard of gravel back, then it is not for me. I really want a 1 ton crew cab hauler, not a car.

    But the truck sure does look mean and that has value to the right person. Nice interior too.

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    • bry

      I prefer stock height as well. In fact, my ’80 Big 10 short wide, sits on new 5/8 ton springs. Works great as a truck!

      Those wheels are not from a Corvette, unless GM made a mystery Vette with 5 on 5.

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      • Karl

        I just can’t run a 305 I don’t care how many great reasons there are to keep it, not going to happen!

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  2. HoA Howard AMember

    Wow, be great if mine looked this nice. $5g’s with 16 bids, is more what a truck like this should go for, proof, these yahoos asking twice or 3 times as much are full of hot air. I don’t think this truck is lowered, mine sits about the same, and we’ve been over this and over this, short boxes are in high demand today. I happen to like the short box, I’m never going to haul a sheet of plywood, or fill it with gravel, and neither will 90% of new pickup buyers. They all have short boxes today. Nice truck, nicest to come through here in a while, too bad it’s blaaaaack.

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    • George Duran

      What’s the asking price for the red Ford p/u in Georgia?

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      • HoA Howard AMember

        I know I’m out of the loop, but before I bought my ’77 Jimmy last year, I looked at a Ford just like that,’65, I think, 6 cylinder, 3 speed, and the guy couldn’t get a grand for it, and I could have driven it home.

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  3. 123pugsy

    Interior is in nice shape, but that interior color is sinful.

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  4. amature

    Seller says not molested. Lowered suspension, no air cleaner heat riser, no spark plug heat shields, vapor filter to booster installed wrong, missing cruise rod, all vacuum lines to evap canister gone, replacement valve cover bolts, aftermarket intake manifold. I would suspect a different engine.

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  5. local_sheriff

    Been watching this since it appeared on BF, and I’m surprised(read: relieved) bidding isn’t crazy. It has all the pros; SWB,driveline combo,nice colors etc.

    However there’s a lot to adress and that may be the reason bidding is mediocre (read: sensible). Seems like a very doable project truck that can be driven in the process. With an LMC or Classic Industries catalog and some dedicated work it can be a very nice DRIVER; to be a show truck EVERYTHING must be redone.

    Let it stay an old usable truck; there are enough high $ show cars already!

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