No Stains: 1974 Dodge Tradesman Custom

This is it. The pinnacle of the 1970s. If anyone ever asks what the 1970s were like, simply show them a picture of this van, play some Steve Miller Band, and let them figure out the rest! Everything about this 1974 Dodge is not only quintessentially 1970s but it is done correctly and well. This custom van looks like it was built in the 1970s because it was! Though it is majestic as it sits, I can’t help but think it is missing a mural of some kind. Evidently, I’m not the only person who thinks this van is a masterpiece because bidding has reached $10,700! Find it here on eBay in Illinois. 

Oh. Yes. It’s loud, it doesn’t match, everything clashes, and I’m strangely reminded of Burger King. The interior of this Dodge exemplifies the groovy van interiors of the time. The seller made sure to point out that “The original 70’s purple shag carpet on the floor and ceiling is in great shape with no stains or smells.” With the exception of a faulty turn signal switch, the instruments in this van are functional, or “Confunkshunal” if you will. The upholstery and drapes have been replaced due to age, but it seems pretty likely that the original upholstery has been replicated.

Here we have a shot of the most important area of any van: the back. Though there is a sunroof in the front, there are drapes in the back and unfortunately no sign of a bed or couch. The table and seats make this a functional camping or road trip vehicle, though the refrigerator and sink are not hooked up. If not the purple shag carpet, then it is the magnificent wood paneling that ties this van together and really slaps you in the face with 1970s nostalgia. There is a picture of the Chrysler 318 engine in the ad, but because it is a van you can’t see much and looking at this groovy seating area is far more exciting!

This Dodge looks just as good going as it did coming, if not better! The fender flares, side pipes, mag wheels, and rear window louvers all work together in glorious funky harmony. If I were in the market, I would be all over this van. It runs, drives, and is oozing with style. It doesn’t have A/C, but it sure does have shag! This van was in storage since 1991 and has since been brought back to life and put on the road. Though it isn’t perfect, and not everything is original to the period, this van is one heck of a time capsule that is sure to check most of the boxes on any van-lover’s shopping list!


  1. Phil

    YES please !!!!

  2. Studeaggie

    I was in high school when the conversion was done. Remember the wild things that were done.
    I lived near Elkhart, IN where it seemed like there was a van conversion company in every other industrial building.
    I remember that there was a van magazine as well.

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  3. Cattoo Cattoo Member

    “Hard” to beat what Phil just said.

  4. Thomas

    Those seats! My eyes!

  5. Mark S

    Again what Phil said. These days if you want a mural it can be computer generated and put on a rap, and this van has lots of realistate on the sides for a mural rap. As Danny Coker would say this van is sick……!!!

  6. grant

    But no bed or couch? Perhaps the dinette converts? It’s a van, it’s gotta have a place to get horizontal…

  7. Alfie

    If they are selling for that much, maybe it’s a good time to unload my ’77 mopar van.

  8. Garfon

    A Radio Shack 8 track would complete the setup

  9. Mark N

    Probably not hard for Charlie Brown to beat😨 I’m wondering wear the mural and port holes are.

  10. JW

    The 70’s were some great times for used musclecars and tricked out vans.

  11. Davey

    If you turn the table sideways it appears there are ledges all around the lower seating and the table could rest on those ledges. I’ve seen this many times.
    Presto……….a bed

  12. Mike B

    At least the side the public sees, the outside, is the good side. Nice color, condition for it’s age. I was a Chevy kid, but always thought these were the better looking vans.

  13. Larry K

    Dad had a 77 with plywood benches/storage and the table would drop down to form a bed. My parents would smuggle us into the drive-in, inside those benches and then we’d get on the roof to watch.


    All 70’s van posts are righteous…and welcome.

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