Nondescript: 1969 Plymouth GTX 440/4-speed

Wow! This one is really hard to pass up! The 1969 Plymouth GTX is known as the gentlemen’s muscle car and this one has the 440 V8 engine and a 4-speed which is desirable for reliability, well at least as opposed to the Hemi. But what is really intriguing about this car is the ad! While we could just email the seller a zillion questions, let’s dig into the ad and see what we can deduce! Let’s start with the description which says only “Project car”.  Want to see for yourself? Find it here on eBay in central Florida starting at $8,500.

So the ad shows that this car has 76,000 miles with a 440 V8 and a 4-speed manual. But it also shows that this car is right-hand drive and is disability equipped so take that info with a grain of salt. From this view, it looks like the bumper and trim are in good condition. Why would the seller list such a potentially great muscle car with no description and only a few pictures? Let’s look at some more of those pictures.

This is a hood vent with a second black hood sitting on top.  This paint has definitely seen better days. And is that white paint underneath it?

Where do we go from here?  It looks like this car is sitting in a dry garage which is totally possible in south-central Florida. The hood has some rot on the front edge but another hood is included.  The paint needs to be stripped but the body looks like it has pretty good potential. It would be helpful to see a picture of the engine, interior and drivetrain. This could be a high priced auction but with no description, we have to assume that it needs everything. Just knowing that the engine turns over freely (or that it has an engine) would help! What do you think about this GTX?


WANTED 1968-1970 Dodge Charger Project car with papers for export to South Africa $20K Contact

WANTED 66 or 67 Chevrolet chevelle would like a strong big block and 4 speed Contact

WANTED 1969 Ford Mustang Wanted 1969 Big block mustang, any condition considered Contact

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  1. Billy Bob

    Have never heard the term “gentleman’s muscle car” used to describe a Plymouth GTX .

    • David

      So called because of the higher end trim package for the interior: fake wood, leather, etc.

      • mike D

        actually moreso TODAY than back when … or maybe I wasn’t paying attention! LOVED the 68, but was too young to be a car buyer then IDK, looks like it needs a lot of work to me , it would have behooved him to pull it out and get pics of the sides , and, maybe hosed it off

      • JT

        not even fake leather, just vinyl seats in these

    • Tom Justice

      It was supposed to be the upscale version of the Roadrunner which was advertised as the “poor man’s muscle car”.

    • Oscarphone

      Yeah, I remember that being the term back in the day. Was used more for the 67 models than the later cars. The later cars were all part of the “Rapid Transit System.”

      Beyond that. Looking at the pictures I see the steering wheel is on the car’s left, so the right-hand drive thing mystifies me. And the floor looks real fresh, even under the car. I think that the cars was in much sorrier storage than the photos show. No detail sometimes means a lot to hide. Depending on the condition of the floors and the engine (and numbers), this could be the steal of
      the year or . . . not.

    • Rick A. Loera Member

      The term was Gentleman’s Hot Rod, or Bankers Hot Rod. It was affixed to Letter Series Chrysler 300, not Plymouth GTX as far as I can remember. But, maybe because the GTX was at the upper end of the mid sized muscle cars price wise vs an entry level Plymouth Road Runner which was geared towards those of us who couldn’t afford a GTX.

    • Jesse Wayne

      well it really was considered the gentleman’s muscle car cause it not only came with the GO but it was also came with the chrome , the roadrunner was the same exact car but was able to be bought with lesser options , the GTX came with the 440 as standard equipment there wasn’t an option for any lesser of an engine like the 383 which was standard equipment for the roadrunner , if you thought a HEMI roadrunner was rare well a HEMI GTX from 68,69,70,71 was far and few between !,! I’ve seen first hand and original complete from aircleaner to oil pan including all the front pieces like poer steering pump , alternator,water pump, all pulleys ,belts ,fan and plug wires original to motors and date coded !!!! now yes some guy could found a 70 HEMI GTX block and found ever part per outside appearance to mimick what I’ve detailed explain above but really but down to the spark plugs anyways it was sold for $85k just the complete motors , I find it very hard to even think someone even doing a concourse restoration could have gotten so specifically close for all the part numbers and assembly dates to match the VIN code stamp on the pad which told you exactly what when and how many were built up to that car and or engine !!! sorry for the book but I really like to share that day I exspierence in my life !!!! your brother MOPAR FANATIC 81

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  2. gbvette62

    That may be the worse ad I’ve ever seen. If they didn’t want to put a lot of information in, they could have at least used some decent pictures.

  3. TriPowerVette

    The offeror of this once-magnificent tarmac terror is a man of few words… and apparently fewer brain cells… and less still respect for his would-be buyers.

  4. Steve R


    A fool and his money are soon parted.

    Steve R

  5. David

    This listing is more useless than some of the stuff you see in Craigslist! I’ve been looking for a 4 speed GTX for a while, but this, sadly ain’t it. I don’t intend to drive in the UK, and I’m not handicapped, so ‘never mind’.

    • Steve R

      You are in luck, it’s in Florida.

      Steve R

  6. gaspumpchas

    says its in fla? Might have rot in roof if its a fla car. Lousy incomplete pics and only 8 feeback I smell Scammer….

    • Paul Cook

      Fresh gravel on the ground? Looks staged?

  7. Richard Ochoa

    Another one to put back in the barn….Lock it up…..Throw the Key away!

    • newfieldscarnut

      He can keep it . What a bunch of BS … take what isn’t shown as useless junk and too scary to show . Very deceptive advertising .

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    • newfieldscarnut

      Shady ad from sunny Florida …

  8. Brad

    If it’s right hand drive, why is there a steering wheel on the driver’s (left) side of the car, and none on the right? Zoom in on the ebay photos, and you’ll see for yourself….

    • glen

      Exactly! It’s clearly a left hand drive.

    • Mike B

      I’m guessing this add was posted by a spouse who meant to say right hand command.

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    • Jim Kirkland

      Photo negative flipped somehow,
      or interpreted incorrectly.

      • DB

        If the negative was flipped, everything else would be backwards. Posters, banners? Dayton?

  9. joe

    youve never heard that? how old r u that,s what it is a decked out road runner 4 the older generation

  10. Anthony Richard

    @Brad.. I saw that too.. very confusing unless we are dealing with a scammer that does not realize that in the USA.. cars have the steering on the left.
    Also.. in the ad he forgot to leave the address in Nigeria to send the money to.

  11. LAB3

    Not sure where the right hand drive handicapped thing came from but I’m sure there’s a rural letter delivery contractor salivating over the prospect of being able to write off a muscle car as a work expense!

    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      Outstanding comment Lab3 !

    • JT

      7 Miles per gallon would eat up all the allowable expense reimbursement and part of his wages, but it would be fun while it lasted.

  12. Mark Soderberg

    I’d have to flip a coin on taking a chance here! Unless your close and could look at it first hand.

  13. Curt

    It is right hand drive when your lookingvat the for handicap equiped i just dont see it with a 4 speed so buyer beware and goodluck..

  14. Bryce

    Seems fishy like a 1971 n96 e74 v6x d32 a34 cuda for sale for under $185,000

  15. GP Member

    The steering wheel that’s laying on the hood is on the right side, so there you have it.

  16. Grumpy old man

    Last time, I am going with welding all things skull, 3 lights, 7 old but tastefully rusted “cute” tools, several sharp things, and.. Something so silly only I get it. A mouse rod. Good day to you sir. Not even a rat.

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  17. Chebby Staff

    It’s sitting on kitty litter, because it’s a giant piece of sh*t.

    I do like the trailer wheels and the house address on the air scoop. Classy.

  18. 8banger dave Member

    So yeah, a spare steering wheel on the hood. OK, so maybe it IS a right-hand drive conversion, but left the original…like the Marcia Brady driver’s ed class, two wheel version. Snap!

  19. Ken

    If it’s mechanical I can fix it, this car is way out of my league with the body work.

  20. Del

    No fender tag ?

    No VIN ?

    Looks like a 318 Satelite to me.

    Back into barn. Burn both. Collect insurance.

  21. Scott Member

    Maybe the reference to disability equipped was referring to the person who posted the ad? Plus guys, it’s obviously right hand drive from where he/she took the front view picture.

  22. Jim Clark

    Looks like the red paint is from Sherwin Williams. I’ve never seen car paint bubble like that.

  23. Pete in PA

    That’s a pathetic ebay ad.

  24. John

    Honey I tried to sell it and got no offers! Honest!!

  26. Fogline

    I have it! This was a drivers ed car that had a steering wheel on both sides, but the seller pulled the one on the right and put it on the hood. Perfect car for drivers ed in central Florida in the mid-70’s?

    I think one would be much better off buying this:

    I suspect you couldn’t even get close to getting to this level of finish for the 22k difference.

  27. RoughDiamond

    The rats sure had a good time with the rear seat that’s up against the back bumper. That is probably the worst paint job I have ever seen. If the scooped hood is not screened somehow, there is no telling what might have crawled or flown into there.

  28. John C Cargill

    I’ve seen worse turn out well.

  29. stillrunners LAWRENCE Member

    What John said….from the reads….most don’t know…..GTX’s….or gentleman’s….

  30. Clay Bryant

    So much input…………While everyone is so concerned about the steering wheel, disability, etc. I know I won’t be able to sleep tonight because of the perceived difference in the size of the front to back boards under the wheels. (And I think I wasted all that time to get to the Leave A Comment point)(But I really did stop for a couple comments that were informing) There’s surely a nay-sayer that is close in that could take a afternoon drive to go look at it in person and while there say what he thought in person to the owner’s face………..It might add a whole new meaning to the word “disabled”. lol.

  31. Dt1

    For every seat there’s an ass for every ass there’s a seat Thank God it’s not my ass lol

  32. Rich Elbon

    You can clearly see the car is left side steer.Why the debate? If you folks can’t see that and the extra steering wheel laying on the hood you need to go find a nova or chevelle

  33. Bobby

    Since the car is only an hour south of me, I decided to go take a look. The guy has never used eBay to sell stuff and didn’t care to put the effort into it. The paint job is junk. There is rust around the edge of the wheel wells, leading the both rear quarters probably needing to be replaced. One door had a hole rusted in the bottom. Dash looked decent and there was a lot of so are parts around. The 440 is from a road runner and he claims to have the 6 pack for it. It is sitting out of the car. I can tell you that is was not staged in any way. That gravel is what that neighborhood does. I have family a few miles away to vouch for that. It is in an enclosed pole barn/house? The guy is into buying all kinds of unique stuff and was a real nice dude. He would be willing to take $5500. His number is 352-835-2104. Tell him I sent you his way. I can send you a lot more pics if you want

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