Not Built That Way: 1960 Ford Anglia/Thames “Pickup”

Featuring some heavy modifications from stock, this 1960 Ford Anglia/Thames was submitted by reader Craig B.–thanks for turning us on to this rather unusual British Ford find! It is advertised here on eBay with bidding starting at $500 and there’s not a reserve. Wilmington, Delaware is where you’ll have to go to pick it up if you are the high bidder.

Let’s start with what this is, and what it isn’t. As far as I can discern, Ford UK never made an Anglia or Thames pickup. The VIN plate shows this is a 307E, which means it started out life as a Thames panel van, like this one. However, the greenhouse area more resembles a 105E Anglia sedan, like this one, especially in the rear. Then there’s the fender flares, and grille area modifications–I admit, I’m not seeing what the creator was going for, but it could be interesting, especially if you share the vision!

The bed area certainly needs more finishing, as I’m pretty sure that’s the seat showing at the top of this shot. I would also either want to located a fuel tank under the bed or at least wall off the one on the left so that things I was hauling didn’t slide into it. Then there’s the matter of a tailgate, but that may be trivial compared to replacing what looks like a plywood bed. However, you have the vision, right? Right??

Patching holes in the floor and sourcing a steering wheel will be fairly simple, especially since originality shouldn’t be a concern. There is, however, that little matter of a transmission–and what it connects to.

That’s right, there’s nothing doing up here either, apart from the VIN tag on the left which did help identify the vehicle. So what would you put in there? Me, I’d go with as late a Ford Ranger drive train as possible, the V6 if it would fit, and if not the twin-plug version of the venerable 2.3 4-cylinder. Let’s adapt dual-circuit brakes, might as well use the Ranger items, while we’re at it. Fabricate a tail gate, add some metal to the bed and floor, and I would also go back to the stock configuration in the front grille area. Now add some stock steel wheels from the Ranger and I think you’d have a pretty cool little pickup. Do you share the vision, or do you have one of your own? Or does your vision include a metal recycling depot? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Coventrycat

    Clearly this vision came after much solvent fumes inhalation, intentional or not.

  2. 68 custom

    inspired by the cartoon “CARS” me thinks…

  3. Don

    Not much room under the hood could try a ftw drive 4 banger

  4. Derek

    I like the way that the roof’s been done. Just stick a 1.6 crossflow in it and it’ll be plenty fun.

  5. Tara

    Ford Thames van, with Ford Anglia 105E saloon roof, with what looks like a Hillman Super Minx estate rear half judging by the rear lights, looks like a weld together to me of about 3 or more British cars.

  6. junkman Member

    I tend to go for orphans and oddballs “but” this thing looks like it fell out of a tall cow’s arse. Homer Simpson top designer on this one.

  7. Kurt

    Some ideas just don’t pan out. I’ve had some goofy ideas, but stopped short of actually putting them together.
    Hope someone out there shares the vision.

  8. Bill McCoskey

    $500 starting bid? There does not appear to be $50 in usable spare parts on this cobbled together vehicle. Anyone want to challenge my bet that at the end of the auction it still has no bid?

  9. Jay M

    Exactly how many beers did it take to make this seem like a good idea?

  10. julian gould

    There’s an Anglia in Suffolk with a rover (Buick) V8 fitted, so a Cologne Capri V6 should fit OK. The V6 would be better for locating more Ford bits and pieces.

  11. Nevis Beeman

    Curious that this old van, complete with right hand drive, could make it across the pond at some expense no doubt….(I assume it’s in North America now?)
    The shape/ design of the doors confirm it (probably) started out as a panel van.

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