Not You Too! Corvair 4×4

First they came for the Camaros, and I thought, Enh—who cares? Then they came for the Challengers, and I thought, It couldn’t handle much worse than it already did! Then they came for the Corvettes and I thought, Oh, boo hoo, one less C2 on the road. Then they came for the Corvairs and—ohhhhhhh, I get it now!

Actually, I can’t really get too mad about this gonzo ‘Vair—it’d probably be a hoot to bomb around in. No telling what’s powering it—or where said powerplant is—but it is said to run “good.” Plus, it’s a convertible! Nothing like top-down muddin’. And the top might as well be down since it looks pretty shot. Find it here on craigslist out of Reno, Nevada for $2,250, and let’s try to keep the comment section garment rending to a minimum! (Archived ad here—and thanks to Wayne A. for the tip!)


WANTED 1973 Pontiac Firebird Formula 400 my wife’s first car, red with red interior would be ideal, any locale Contact

WANTED 1965 Oldsmobile Cutlass Convertible Looking for the rear seats or bare frames. Must be from a convertible which are smaller. Contact

WANTED 1936- 49 diamond t any models and parts any diamond t’s , prewar , etc any parts Contact

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  1. Derek

    Best damn Corvair I ever saw.

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  2. Alan

    Yes even doing this to a Corvair is criminal!

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  3. RoKo

    Another perfectly good car ruined by rednecks.

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  4. Nrg8

    Looks like it was pretty rotten. Top shredded, seems like a no brainer to me. Rotten K10 or tired covair on a K10 frame. Dare to be different.

  5. DWB

    This is depressing. Especially as an owner of a Corvair (my 7th).

  6. Ken Nelson Member

    And of course it’s in a trailer park! Maybe the tow vehicle…..? And dang, the body doesn’t even look rusted – a real shame when it looks like it could’ve been kept on real roads instead of ruts.

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  7. grant

    Can it be fixed?

  8. Coventrycat

    Where are all these things coming from? Is there a part of the country with a tainted water supply?

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  9. Joseph Wayne Haddock

    I’d love to have out for the body. It would go along way to restore my 65 convertible

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  10. Mark

    Hey Bob, look what I did with my torch and welder this weekend!

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    • Nrg8

      Betcha there is alot untrimmed ready rod with hockey puck body mounts under there

  11. 8banger dave Member

    My bet is the body’s full of mud, the interior is shot, as the top, so why not toss it on a GM 2500 chassis and go puddle-jumpin.

  12. Chebby Staff

    That ad is super sketchy, doubt it’s real.

    • grant

      I would agree but you literally can’t make this $h!t up.

      • Chebby Staff

        Oh the car is real, somewhere, but I’m betting the ad is a phishing scam. One picture, zero information.

  13. JW

    I must say even the seller is at a loss for words and pictures.

  14. FordGuy1972 Fordguy1972 Member

    Another potentially decent classic ruined by Roscoe and Cletus. This poor Corvair has now been reduced to a redneck lawn ornament. What a waste.

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  15. angliagt angliagt Member

    And why Washington plates in Nevada?

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  16. Mark S.

    Ralph Nader has been vindicated.

    • Andrew

      Why stop at slightly unsafe?

  17. Classic Steel

    Oh boy a pos conversion by another red neck wannabe cool kid way off base as usual 🤦‍♂️

    Hey put racing stripe on your double wide and wait for your mail order bride in the mail 😜. Just add air and you and your sweetie can cruise your jacked Corv(air) in style !

    • John

      What a bigot. Stay home!

  18. jdjonesdr

    If it wasn’t so darn high I’d jump on it. It would be a cool way to cruise on weekends.

  19. Andrew

    Thanks for the laughs guys…. I guess he did it for the lolz.

  20. John

    That was the fate of my first (running) Corvair. It was having some engine issues and I had just bought a ’66 Dodge Charger, so when a friend made me a decent offer for it, away it went. He rolled a Scout frame under it and had a decent looking and good running hybrid. He had done a few customs before that (that was the only 4×4, though) and quite a few after.

    Of course, that was in 1973 or ’74, so the Corvair was just an old car with a solid body.

  21. john

    whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. daggers

    Would an early Scout 4×4 frame under it make it a tad less Red Neck’ish looking & preclude the use of a step ladder ?

  23. Gay Car Nut

    That’s crazy! While I’m all for the idea of an AWD Corvair, this is wrong, raising the ground clearance to the point where it’s difficult to enter and exit the car.

    • grant

      Not to mention the illegal bumper height and the safety issues that presents to other vehicles.

  24. Little_Cars Alexander Member

    YEE HAW! Most rust free late model Corvair convertible I’ve ever come across on CL for $2250 asking price! Too bad it is (was) a powerglide car. The dealer (or owner) installed side molding gives the shell a period-correct patina. At that price, a true ‘vair buff could arrange to extract the frame and install the engine and suspension they probably already have set aside in their garage. I know I always did when I worked on them. Watch out for the unithread and hockey puck body mounts as someone else has written…..

  25. NMCarNut

    By the looks of what you can see of the frame it appears someone yanked the body off a later 80s Blazer (wheelbase 106.5″) and plopped a Corvair body (wheelbase 108″) on top doing little more than cutting out the trunk area to clear the engine and radiator.
    Hey, hold my beer!! An easy weekend job . . .

  26. Whippeteer

    Definitely unsafe at any speed…

  27. the one

    I guess it just too hot one August night.

  28. AMCFAN

    In defense to the poor rednecks comment. Making a custom vehicle isn’t going to appeal to everyone. None rarely do. The Barris brothers for one have made a lot of forgettable custom cars in their lifetime and made millions for it.

    This build looks to be that of necessity. It is no secret that mid 1970 Chevy trucks rusted away no matter were you lived. So taking a rusted unsafe hulk of a body and removing it and adding an available inexpensive GM car body (Corvairs are just that) to a good frame and drive train shouldn’t be the end of the world.

    But at the end of the day you are still going to hurt those purists no matter what body or condition of it installed on the frame. This person for what ever reason put the two together instead of scrapping everything. Not for me at all but not going to beat the guy up for being both creative and resourceful. It is still America.

  29. Whippeteer

    Into the air, junior birdmen
    Into the air, upside down…

  30. STKrj

    This passed me on I80 yesterday, on a trailer of course, on its way to California( I assume).
    It’s a pretty clean lookin drop top.
    Looked like a Blazer frame.
    Didn’t look like hack job attachment. From what I could see cruising next to it.
    I’d drive it.

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