1976 Chevrolet Corvette…4×4?

Four wheel drive cars are a guilty pleasure of mine, especially when built in this sort of configuration! Say what you will, but this Corvette looks like it is equipped with everything needed for a whole lotta fun! The seller (and presumably builder) of this Corvette has mounted a 1976 Corvette body on the chassis of a 1987 Chevrolet Blazer to get the 4×4 running gear. While the seller states that this is a work in progress, it looks pretty close to being finished. Find it here on eBay in New Jersey with an asking price of $5,000.

Despite being partially disassembled, the interior remains as mostly original Corvette items. The beauty of mating an old car to a 4×4 chassis is that it gets all of the feel of a car on the inside, with all of the functionality of a lifted truck on the outside! It looks like whoever built this was going for a Mad Max-type look for the inside. If it were me, I would try to make everything look like it was supposed to be the way it is just for the confusion factor. Besides, a custom like this could really shine if it almost looked factory.

According to the seller, “Strong running 350 4 bolt main engine with a Holley 600 4 barrel with electric choke, Edlebrock Performer intake, Headers, Side Pipes, and GM overdrive transmission. NEW Aluminum radiator with electric fan.” The seller also states that this Blazer frame has a “V8 Conversion kit,” which makes me think that this is an S10 Blazer chassis and not a full-size Blazer chassis. This is a running and driving vehicle with functional four wheel drive! Needless to say, you’d be turning heads whether at the mud hole or the mall.

One touch that has been added to this Corvette is something missing from many of the 4×4 cars I’ve seen: a bed and tailgate! Someone took the time to make a bed and actually attached the tail lights and tail light panel to some kind of tailgate mechanism. These two functional items coupled with the tailgate might make this a useful vehicle! Imagine being seen putting in a boat with this thing! What would you do with it?


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  1. jw454

    Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. To me, this is a $500.00 parts car.

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    Go directly to jail, do not pass go, do not collect $200

  3. Michael

    Blasphemy! Put the crack pipe down and slowly step away.

  4. Suttree

    I think I’ve spotted a few non original parts on this one.

  5. 86 Vette Convertible

    someone was sniffing too much white-out for my taste. Typewriters and whiteout went out of style 30 years ago, and so has this red-haired-stepchild project.

  6. Qwill

    Oh Good Grief! Why?!?!?!?!?!?

  7. slickb

    You know I kinda like this. 76 isn’t a highly rare car so I don’t think there is anything is wrong with this. I love the tire and wheel combination. I would take it get some nice paint and interior and just love the thing
    But I love most corvettes

  8. sir mike

    WHY?? NJ is flat,can’t drive on the beaches,not much snow,some flooding???

  9. Mark

    Once again, I seek the answer to any such vehicle mutilated in this manner: “WHY?”

  10. MFerrell

    High speed dirt!

    • Tim S. Member

      Do it if you dare.

  11. JOHN

    not impressed ….. there are much better vehicles to be shown on this website…

  12. TCOPPS Tyler Member

    Finally, a useful 76 vette!

  13. J Paul Member

    I drove something suspiciously close to this in the Mad Max video game.

    • Andrew Tanner Member

      Same here!

  14. Dixiedawgmi


  15. LAB3

    Love it! I’d be inclined to go with a smaller tire and a bit less lift personally but anyone willing to do their own build is A-OK in my book, and if it gets somebodies panties in a wad that suits me just fine.

  16. Derek

    “Hold my beer and watch this………”

  17. Vin_in_NJ

    Nice car!…said no one

    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      Nice car! And the Rally wheels are a great touch! I like it and it would be fun to kick it around here in Wisconsin.

  18. mikethetractorguy

    It’s good thing I live near Spokane or it might be in my driveway!

  19. MIkeG

    Looks like they tried to wire in the speedo / tach from a digital 80’s Vette. They had great expectations, but fell short. Like, Evil Knievil over the Grand Canyon short….

  20. Claus Graf

    I would drive it every day!!!!

  21. Bill

    And this is a ‘barn find’? C’mon guys….


    Another example of your bran on drugs.

    • John

      Bran on drugs sounds like mean cereal.

  23. Kevin Lee

    ’32 Ford: most hot rodded car in history.
    C2 Corvette: most body style brought to ruination by ugly body kits,and we all knew it would eventually happen, offroad wannabes!

    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      Yes, if it was a C2 I would be disapointed. This a a C3. With a total production of 46,558 units I do not think one going astray is going to make much of a differance. Man Andrew, you really have the fur flying! Excellent! Not a wrestling fan, but cage match comes to mind. Going to kick back and watch the action. Thanks Andrew, Mike.

  24. Alan

    DISGUSTING! coming from someone who likes his vintage cars All Original !

  25. Classic Steel

    There’s a special place for those red necks who must bring down civilization making cars into jacked trucks! They live in doublewides stating often “hey dude watch this as I juggle a chain saw” or Vern look I made a Corvette into a jacked 4×4 😡

    Okay your lead on selling your pos is find who bought the truckpala recently.

    If you need to jack up a vehicle use vans. Trucks and late model station wagon yank tanks or big stretch cars as big as a 🚣😔

    • LAB3

      Say what you will but it’s going to be one of them there brain dead rednecks that fixes your car because you’re too good to get your hands dirty.

      • Classic Steel

        Funny 😄
        To bad this guy can weld. Rebuild engines and restore real cars not inbred ones like this abused Corvette!
        If this car somehow landed in my driveway it would immediately loose the
        engine and any real Corvette parts left donated! I would then send to a crusher
        To be observed during it put down to make sure it was put out if it’s misery.

        Most mechanics I know would go WTF seeing this redneck barfmobile .

    • John

      Love the commentary. Can’t it be removed?

  26. Jerry

    For some of us that only get to dream of owning any corvette, this is blasphemy.

  27. Frank

    Some say Why…I say Why Not. Rock on crazy 4WD Corvette builder.

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  28. JW

    I love modifieds but this looks ridiculous. Ruined a Corvette and a 4×4.

  29. Crazyhawk

    He’s not hurting anybody by building this. Who cares, if it makes him/her happy….so what. It’s not like there is a shortage of Vettes, or 4×4’s for that matter.

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      Valid point Crazy

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    • duaney Member

      If it made him happy, he should keep it

    • Desperado


  30. Alex

    Why so much hate on this car its amazing. I want to do this to a car so badly but I don’t have the money to do it. If I money I would pay it in a heartbeat.

    • Alex

      I found them on eBay and they said it was unsold and I can’t believe it didn’t sale


    Take 2 pieces of junk put them together and voila you have one piece of junk!

  32. John

    It’s cool as heck. Sorry the park on the grass and sip ensure crowd has forgotten what fun is. Took a bloated underpowered disco machine and made me smile.

  33. Henry Drake

    This is a good project car.

  34. DonC

    Where’s TriPowerVette with his commentary when ya need him?

  35. Dean

    I like it but theres nowhere to mount the luggage rack.

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff

      Good one, Dean! You knew I’d be looking for that…

    • Andrew Tanner Member

      Hmm, now that’s a reasonable grievance!

  36. Mark J. Soderberg

    Imagination, extra cash, spare time & and an idea. What is the harm in building whatever you want.

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