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Not So Pretty In Pink: 1957 Chevrolet Nomad

right front

This Nomad is a time capsule from the seventies, but many people would be inclined to just rebury it. For some the Nomad is the holy grail of the tri-fives and they will see hope and no doubt think $19,500 is a reasonable place to start on their journey to create a six figure show car. This Nomad listed on craigslist in Chicago looks complete and, except for the fuzzies inside, looks pretty much stock – besides the engine and wheels. It even includes an eight track tape player and runs and drives. There’s a youtube video that shows off other fine features like the rusty roof and diamond pleated back seat.

It’s not often you see an interior that makes your eyes hurt. I would have been embarrassed by this even in the seventies! At least the interior of my hippy van wasn’t easily visible to casual observers.

Are those the early version of ghost flames? Even from 40 feet you can see the rust poking through the bondo.

The hood is missing it’s rockets, of course, and that back bumper is rusted beyond redemption, but a lot of the other trim parts are still there. Usually I might fantasize that there would be enough left of this Nomad to restore to driver condition, but there’s probably not much there after you remove the rust and bondo. Do you think anything short of a full restoration could get this Nomad back on the road? What would you do if your dad has passed this Nomad down to you? Perhaps the new owner will display it at Concours d’Lemons next year.


  1. Avatar photo Greg

    What’s even sadder is they did a decent job with that fuzzy pink material.

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  2. Avatar photo Donnie

    if your a wonten to gets into the trailer park pimppin bis this could be the car for ya

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  3. Avatar photo Glen

    That interior is SCARY!, I just want to burn it, but overall Nomads are an awesome looking car.

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  4. Avatar photo JW

    Well IF I was to purchase this car I would have the exterior redone as is but lose the spotlights, but most importantly I would lose the loose ladies interior and go with black vinyl, then use it as a daily grocery getter. Heck I would fit right in with the “People Of Walmart” crowd.

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  5. Avatar photo ed

    I had an asthma attack just looking at that interior…maybe for 3K you could drive it til it broke and then part it out ..that’s about the only way i would own that …

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    • Avatar photo Woodie Man

      now THATS funny!

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  6. Avatar photo Rs

    If rock that as is. I mean, tasteless is in fashion! You’d have to fix the rust, but…yeah.

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  7. Avatar photo St.Ramone de V8

    It looks to be a solid start for an original restoration. We have seen these things come up crustier than this that find someone with the wallet and resolve to bring them back. Why wouldn’t this be a better candidate? BTW, that center console with 8-track surely takes me back…

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  8. Avatar photo RON

    Wow talk a Pig in Lipstick!! Should be a crime punishable by never being allowed to ride in an automobile again!!!! Hope someone can save it from it’s day of shame. Looks solid , sounds good

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  9. Avatar photo Mike

    You guys are being mean to the old girl. Everybody has different tastes! 8 tracks and those Keystone wheels were the s**t back in the day! Paint and interior choice are only colors. I’m betting someone will jump on it!

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  10. Avatar photo joeinthousandoaks

    Only thing keeping me off it is the rust….and all the hidden bondo under that mess of a paint job.

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  11. Avatar photo JW454

    I don’t care who you are, that’s fugly right there!

    Like the car but it’s seems to have been subjected to a pretty wild imagination at one time.

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  12. Avatar photo Gary I

    It might take some effort, but you could have a black 57 Nomad when it’s done. It’s a pretty cool car if you ask me. You don’t have to be a visionary to see cool in this just a motivated restorer. The car speaks for itself in the end. I would think $16,000 range would be closer to market value on this car needing the work it does.

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  13. Avatar photo Mr. Bond

    Reminds me of a dressed up dog, sitting there hoping someone will take the crappie clothes off. It looks restorable, and I sure hope someone does put it right!

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  14. Avatar photo AMC STEVE

    I like it, get in and drive to the cruise night. You are sure to draw a crowd!

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  15. Avatar photo Wheels

    Wow !! A lot of negative comments! ! Let’s see some of your car’s? I bet a lot people think differently about your “master piece ” !

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