Numbers Matching 1965 Oldsmobile 442

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Born out of a desire to compete with the Pontiac GTO, Oldsmobile introduced the 442 (often written 4-4-2) performance package in 1964. This 1965 Oldsmobile 442 is a numbers matching example with plenty of updates and aftermarket upgrades such as disc brakes and adjustable shocks. It can be found here on eBay in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. The current bid is just over $21,000 but the reserve is not yet met.

Originally starting as a trim level, the 442 became a model in its own right in 1968, and was produced in some form or another from 1964 to 1991, ending with the Cutlass Calais. The 442 designation originally signified the presence of a 4-barrel carburetor, 4 speed manual transmission, and dual exhaust. This numbers matching example has its original 345 hp, 400 cubic inch V8 engine with tri-power carburetion and Muncie 4 speed manual transmission. The seller tells us this is an F-85 Coupe with the 442 package, making this one of 1,087 built for the 1965 model year (just over 25,000 442s were produced in all body styles that year).

You can see the tri-power setup here, although there’s no information on whether or not this engine has been rebuilt. Even if not, it looks clean and well-maintained.  There is a new cooling system, and factory A/C! There are also new hoses and belts, wiring, alternator, the brake master cylinder, and a lot more. It appears that nothing else really needs to be done to the engine bay.

The exterior on this car really stands out. Other than a couple spots on the rear bumper, all the chrome looks to be in excellent condition. Same with the paint – it looks like a recent high-quality paint job. While not an original color (although it’s similar to Artesian Turquoise) I think it suits this car well.

The interior is all brand new, and continues the turquoise color theme. Personally, I’m glad there are white inserts on the seats and door panels, that would have been a little too much color otherwise!  I also really like the console-mounted tach here. The only potential things to address inside would be the visible wiring under the steering wheel and behind the aftermarket gauges that you can see in some of the listing photos. Otherwise, this interior looks fantastic.

Overall, this 442 is ready to spend the summers cruising, being shown off, and enjoyed by its future owner! Where is the first place you would take this Olds?

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  1. 19sixty5Member

    Nice car, not too perfect, just right to enjoy. AC equipped with power windows, likely a disc brake conversion all add to a nice cruiser. The L-69 (Tri-Carb) option, although not available in 1965 is awesome, the Magnum’s work perfectly with the body style, the later model steering wheel also looks nice, but please, please reinstall that horn button right side up! GLWTA

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    • Terrry

      Those wheels make the car look too much like a Buick, which I think they once were on.

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  2. Jcs

    This 442 is very close to unicorn status. Very few were ordered as loaded with options as this one.

    When was the last time you saw a 65 4 speed with power steering, power brakes, tachometer, power windows, A/C, and a tilt wheel? Exactly never I would venture to guess, for most of us.

    Great driving cars that would easily outhandle their contemporaries, among them the 442 was the only one that came with a fat rear anti-sway bar from the factory – for many years. If you didn’t get em on the straights you could flat show them your shrinking taillights in the twisties!

    Those are not Magnum 500s nor are they Buick wheels. Those are factory Oldsmobile Super Stock 1 wheels.

    Killer 442, if she is anywhere near as nice as she appears someone is going to snag a real gem here.

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    • 19sixty5Member

      Regarding the Super Stock 1 wheels, they are technically incorrect. They were not offered by Oldsmobile until 1966, and only available as a 14″ wheel. These are 15″ wheels. Coker Tire, and other distributors of this style wheel are indeed actual Magnum 500’s made by Specialty Wheel, and along the line they also sold Wheel Vintiques, that were made by Specialty Wheel. The Buick wheels had a slightly different design, primarily the chrome “spoke” was thinner from the wheel center to the rim. All of that being said, yes, they are a nice looking set of wheels on this 65!

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    • Jcs

      Agreed 19sixty5. I was aware that the SS1 was introduced in 66.

      I did start to qualify my statement on the wheels with “albeit from a later year” but decided not to cloud the point and left it out.

      Oldsmobile did offer the SS1s in the 15″ size, also in later years. If I remember correctly one of my 442s were 15×7.

      I wonder who the first manufacturer to offer this style of wheel was and in what year. Do you happen to know? Could have been the Mustang but unsure.

      They sure have lived an incredibly long and fruitful life, even being used on many European offerings through the years. “Timeless” comes to mind.

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      • Joe Padavano

        The factory SSI wheels (RPO P05) were only offered in 14×6 (1966-69) and 14×7 (1970-72) sizes by Oldsmobile. The SSII/III wheels were available in 15×7, first on the 1969 Hurst/Olds and later on the 1974-up Cutlii. Aftermarket SSI style wheels are readily available.

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      • 19sixty5Member

        Chrysler I believe offered them beginning in 1967, so Oldsmobile may very well have been the first to offer them. I think the first Ford use was optional on 1969 Boss 302/429 cars. I had a 69 Boss 302 with the Magnums, a 66, 67, 69 and 72 442’s with the SS1, and I currently have a 70 SS396 El Camino with the Magnum style wheels. Even American Motors offered this style of wheel. The big difference in the Chevy SS wheel is that they were not chrome, but painted. Heck, even my 70 MGB had Magnum type wheels, 4 spoke of course, and referred to as the “Rostyle” I honestly don’t think there was a more “timeless” wheel design. Timeless IS the best description of these wheels.

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  3. Steve R

    I’m always scared of cars in rust prone areas without detailed pictures of problem areas, just as concerning us the lack of a thorough description in the ad. Potential buyers tend to fill in the blanks with whatever they choose to see, for the price, they need to maintain a healthy skepticism in order to protect their interests.

    As for the numerous options on this car, most were likely added by owners at some point in time. That’s nothing new and isn’t a bad thing, just as long as buyers prices them based on the convenience they offer rather than “rarity”, unless documented as factory installed.

    Steve R

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    • Jcs

      Very true.

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  4. Keith

    Neat car with all those options. First year for the 400 engine in the 442

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  5. Ken

    Front fender door gap is horrible

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    • Gary

      The hood and fender gap needs some attention also.

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    • Poppy

      A lot of guys reassemble the front end with fender surface exactly flush with the door surface. This requires a large gap between the front of the door and the rear of the fender to prevent rubbing. Usually this gap is created by pushing the door rearward. Notice how tight the door-to-rear-qtr gap is. The rear of the front fender should be shimmed out so that it sticks out about .060″ more than the door surface, then the door can come forward again.

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  6. Joe Padavano

    Here we go again. There are no numbers that “match” on a 1965 Oldsmobile. Olds didn’t start stamping VIN derivatives on the block and trans until the 1968 model year. IF the seller has the Protect-O-Plate (which is not mentioned in the ebay ad) then one can link the engine and trans unit numbers to the VIN. Given the number of non-original additions to this car, any “numbers matching” claim is kind of meaningless. The tri-carb is 1966 only. The SSI wheels were not offered in 1965. The disc brakes are aftermarket, along with the valve covers, headers, and wiring. The steering wheel is a later model Buick wheel with an Olds center. As for “highly loaded”, well today EVERY musclecar has had every option in the book added during the resto. In the case of this 1965, many of the factory-installed options (like the A/C, 4spd, and power windows) would be noted on the cowl tag, but the ad doesn’t show that, either. The cowl tag will also verify if the car is really a 442 or not (unless it’s a Fremont car, unfortunately).

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  7. Joe Padavano

    I should add that the car can’t be an “F85 coupe” despite what the seller may claim. The only 2drs offered as F85s in the 1965 model year were the Club Coupes, which are post cars. All hardtops were Cutlass models. Of course the VIN will prove that, except that wasn’t provided either.

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  8. cmarvMember

    I had a 65 , 442 with a four speed , console and tach it also had power windows but no A/C .Disc brakes were not an option in 65 but are a great add on . This is a unicorn 65 as far as options go , the only thing missing is a drop top . Whether or not it was equipped with all the options is not an issue at the price it is now . It is not that far from me and I may see if it’s possible to inspect it in person . It does have my attention for sure .

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    • Joe Padavano

      The price it is at now is “reserve not met”

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  9. DougB

    Nice looking car but appears to have had some extensive front end work? Gaps are terrible on right front and drivers side hood corner doesn’t match up correctly with cowl. Need to do a comprehensive inspection on this one for sure!

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  10. Vince H

    65 is one of my favorite years for a 442. Looks good but it needs to be seen in person. It is in a major rust area.

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  11. Rixx56Member

    The panel gaps may be due to the
    camera’s unusual ‘capture’ angle.
    Not certain what else to call those…
    Why not just shoot an ordinary photo!?

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  12. 370zpp 370zppMember

    Can we just agree – its a nice car?

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  13. BrianT BrianMember

    I had a 65 442, 4 speed. It did have the console mounted tach. It was kind of a ridiculous place for it because when I really wanted to be watching it my eyes were on the road. Mine had none of the options like power windows, power brakes or power steering but it was a fun car.

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    • 370zpp 370zppMember

      Brian, I recall your 442 distinctly back in the day. I also recall you didn’t exactly baby it, either. A very cool car, indeed.

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  14. Brian K.

    It looks like a driver. It would be nice if under photos were taken. The blue and white interior pops on this.

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