Numbers Matching: 1968 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 396

Finding a 1968 Chevelle SS that maintains its original 396 cubic inch powerplant can be quite the task. This one found here on Craigslist and submitted by reader Steve P. is claimed to still be holding its original big block under the hood. While rough, it is still restorable and if truly a matching numbers car, could be worth the effort.

These days it’s always good to be a bit skeptical or leary when anyone claims that a car is truly a matching numbers vehicle, especially when it’s a project of a higher value. The seller here claims that this 1968 Chevelle is a Super Sport and the “8” as the third digit in the VIN indicates as much. It’s also stated that the VIN is stamped into the engine block, which would bode well for the value of the car. Even so, interested parties would be wise to have a professional check this Chevelle out and hopefully provide some verification. The prospect of the 325 horse 396/Turbo 400/12-bolt rear end certainly makes this one an intriguing muscle car project.

Now for the bads news… this car will need a complete restoration. The need for both new floor and trunk pans ultimately makes this one a candidate for a full restoration. And here’s where the question of value versus the cost of restoration comes in. Unless this SS has some incredibly rare options, the cost of restoration will likely offset the restored value of the car. With other panels also needing to be replaced, it’s likely that rust will easily be found hiding in other places as well.

The seller does state that the interior is in good shape but unfortunately, there are no pictures that show that in the listing. There’s also no mention of original wheels and the early 90’s Camaro wheels don’t do much to make this supposed matching numbers car more intriguing. It’s encouraging to read, though, that the seller would rather see the car get restored rather than torn apart. So, if this is truly a car with the correct original equipment, is it worth the $10,000 asking price as it sits?

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  1. Moparman Member

    “One picture is worth a thousand words”…if I’m considering the purchase of a project, the more pictures, inside/outside/underneath, the more I’m able to determine if I truly wish to invest in it. Owner statements of component value w/o documentation are essentially worthless (IMO). Unfortunately, time waits for no man, and as owners of these project cars “age out”, many of the same people who once desired these cars are also ageing out as well. Since I’m also in that boat, I look and dream while thinking “if I could turn back time!” LOL!! :-)

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    • Steve R

      As usual, when the seller starts listing the value of the components, their numbers are inflated. Good luck trying to sell a 325 horse 396, TH400 and A-body 12 bolt for $6,500.

      Steve R

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  2. Limodan

    Make it mechanically sound , fix the floors and hello power tour ,looking just like it does

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  3. dave

    A labor of love if there would ever be one.

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  4. Troy s

    Looks of the engine are not confidence inspiring, matches the rest of the car really well. Too bad, that was a nice looking entry level/budget special street rat at one time.

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  5. RoughDiamond RoughDiamond Member

    Has some promise and it looks like those are Third Gen Camaro Z/28 wheels which I would promptly replace with something more period correct.

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  6. Arthell64 Member

    Sell the car and save 40k smart seller.

  7. MOTRV8D

    A plethora of rust and a dearth of photos. Not enough info to make an informed decision.

    Another lazy seller. SMH

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  8. sluggo

    Normally I defend collectible year Chevelles, especially 68-70 But this seems overpriced, Despite being a big block. First huge red flag,. Its Florida! FLORIDA……Aiiieeeee! Land of crazy people and sketchy car sellers. Pro tip, vehicle sales in Florida are so suspect many other states either refuse to accept Florida titles or put you thru the wringer to verify its legit.
    But Second Red Flag is all that rust, and real possibility it was a flood victim. No way with out a boots on the ground FPI by someone with a clue and not at that price & Condition.
    Now, on the OTHER hand, get it running just as it is, Show up at the hoity toity car shows, park front & Center and in your best retelling of the Gator McCluskey accent,
    Tell folks you just now got this out of your barn after servin a spell over in Arkansas, and while hitching up your bib overalls, and adjusting your S&W sidearm while strutting around in pig manure crusted boots, Tell folks you were runnin shine but popped a cork in ol’ Sheriff Conners. “Barn FRESH! Yesssireee! Only original once!” while saying it with a creepy smile and a crazy look in yer eyes.

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    • MOTRV8D


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  9. Chuck Hatcher

    I don’t really see the value here. It needs much to much and I would have to check the vin and determine that it is a numbers matching car before I would offer $5000 for it. Even then given the condition I would be hard pressed.

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  10. TimM

    Worth restoration??? Let’s see some pictures in the trunk, under the driver and passenger floor!!! It’s a great car but how far gone is it really???

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