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Numbers Matching 340: 1972 Dodge Demon

This 1972 Dodge Demon comes with its original 340 engine, likely making it one of the few unrestored Demons that still has the larger, matching engine under the hood. It’s clear this car has been sitting for quite some time, and the seller notes it has been sitting for years under a tarp. Rust repair is needed, but it’s hard to tell just how bad it is. Find the Demon here on eBay with an opening bid of $5K and no action yet.

Despite looking like a well-worn hot rod, there are signs of encouragement throughout. The engine bay, for instance, doesn’t appear to be modified or picked apart despite looking incredibly dingy. The air cleaner is still intact and hoses and wiring aren’t hacked up. The radiator and battery should likely be replaced, but those are minor concerns. Perhaps this is original paint?

The presence of rust is obvious, but just how much is less so. The Demon shows plenty of signs of surface rust, but whether that corrosion goes deeper is unknown. Being stored under a tarp for years isn’t ideal, and the seller notes that the last known recorded mileage is from 1992 (listed on the title) as being 82,239. Based on the interior condition, it could be valid.

The gauges are clear, the OEM radio remains in place, the steering wheel rim isn’t cracked, and the dash pad looks surprisingly solid. The seller does note some rips in the seats but that they remain covered. The console and automatic shifter surround look decent as well. This Demon is a major project, but with a matching 340 under the hood, it seems worthy of rescuing.


  1. Moparman Moparman Member

    I’d LOVE to have this, but at this stage, I’m not taking on any more projects this needy!! :-)

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    • rod444

      You’re married too, huh?

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    Why do People wait till the cars look like a pile of junk then try to sell them? Pull the cars out to get good pictures instead of leaving them in the natural state. You might get more interested People to look or maybe buy. JMO.

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    • RonY

      I would be willing to bet the seller of this car isn’t the one that let it get in this condition, looks like a small junkyard maybe, probably been sitting there for a little while, but at least they are selling the whole car, and not scrapping it out, or parting it out, good thing is as I’ve said before, at least the car is still here, and that’s a good thing, also there is enough pictures there for a really interested party to make a decision to pursue it or not, seen a lot of times while chasing cars that I wished there were some pictures at all, would’ve cut my travel time in half, looks like a decent project to me….

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  3. LMK

    Ridiculous & very ambitious opening bid price….

    ‘ I neglected it for years and it’s now a ‘POS’….’Come & pay me $5K minimum for it’…

    Strictly my opinion….

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  4. Andre Joly

    With all due respect (for any make) does anybody really care about numbers matching on a ’72 MY car? They aren’t worth much, had wheezy engine options, and in most cases are a shadow of their past selves.

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    • Ron Gobble

      15 Years ago people said that about 69 chargers, 69 mustangs, 69 camaros, and so on….10 years from now this car will be a diamond given it winds up in the right hands

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    • Chuck Wine

      You’re obviously NOT keeping up with current events. These are bringing nearly $40K in nice condition..Mopar to ya’!

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  5. LARRY

    I guess people are inclined to wait for years until a decent car like this and many many others turn to rust and then decide it’s time to sell. It’s a sad thing. There’s a older fellow down the road from me that has a split bumper Camaro sitting behind his barn..would not sell it some years it would probably fall apart if you tried to move it..big block with a 4 speed was a beautiful car

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    • Chuck Wine

      Sorry, Andre. This car IS rough, and $5K seems steep, but you’re obviously NOT keeping up with current events. These are bringing nearly $40K in nice condition..Mopar to ya’!

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  6. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    Could be a worthwhile project but 5 G’s may be a little optimistic. It seems to be complete and unmolested but it all depends on the demon rust in this Demon. Only 240 hp in ’72 but I’m sure some aftermarket speed parts can certainly improve on that. For sure a diamond in the rough but I see potential here if one could buy it right.

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    It wouldn’t be that hard to get 300+ H.P. out of that 340. I would punch it .030 over, higher compression pistons newer cam maybe edelbrock heads
    ( stock heads may be reusable on budget) headers etc.
    Ofcourse the BIG question how severe is the rust underneath. Just hope it’s not too far gone. I’m disappointed it doesn’t have the Tuff wheel ,4 speed and round gauge dashboard that some of these had.
    If money were no object I would love to have one and do it up as described above. IMHO

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    • Ken

      The ‘71 Demon (and Duster) 340 had the Rallye dash and Tuff wheel; the ‘72 did not.

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  8. Del

    This looks worse than I think it is.

    Too bad no fender tag break down.

    For once I would say that price is Ok for a non runner.

    Pluss fairly rare color for a 340 car.

    Go for it 😁

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    • Trick1

      By the Ebay pictures with the rear leafs twisted it definitely looks like the frame rails gave up the ghost, that being said the rest can’t be much better.If you enjoy doing this kind of project or partial to the model with parts and labor it would be a keeper.

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  9. Rustytech Rustytech Member

    People who let cars deteriorate to this level probably never intended to sell them, they were just junk until the BJ and Mecum auctions appeared on the scene. Now everything is rusty gold so all these hoarders see an opportunity for a windfall. I would love to bring this back to its glory days, but I’d want a hands on inspection, or many more pictures. ( And a price about $2500 ).

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  10. KKW

    So, you think the battery should be replaced?

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  11. Comet

    Just a guess, but I think the inner fenders are held together with roofing tar. A novel idea, however structurally questionable.

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  12. WaltL

    Agreed, @LMK, it’s very close to rot box status and, matching #’s or not, an A-body in this condition ain’t worth the ask, IMO.

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  13. Larry

    Since the Demon is gone now, what about what Looks like a 69 442?? That looked less rusty.

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  14. steve

    I’ve seen so many collectables on here that people have let just rust down to almost nothing. I guess If we all knew what they wouild be worth 50 years ago, they would all be road ready….Such a shame!!!

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  15. Little_Cars

    I don’t think I’ve EVER seen a Demon in white with a factory stripe like that on the hood. This musta been something when it was brand new. Surprise vandals haven’t pried off all of those badges and nicked the drivetrain for another project. $5k seems like all the money. Someone offer $3500.

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    • Superdessucke

      Too late. A fish bit on the $4,500 hook. I suspect more bids as there’s time left to go. 6k? Before January 2017 this is a $2,500 car at best.

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  16. Scott

    I feel sorry for all those mice and rats that are gonna lose a good home.

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    Perfect example what happens when a car is covered and left to sit a long period of time. Trapped moisture will rest everything. AND if it’s a car with nice paint a car cover in the wind will beat the paint to death.

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  18. Terry Bowman

    Need more info. Exhaust on driver side appears to be from the early 340 and not the later ones. I’m thinking the motor came from a earlier year. Not a bad thing, but maybe not a 340 car. If so, then the car would be worth around $3,000.00 in the condition it is in, if it has the 8 3/4 rear also, with its 340 leaf springs. Few options that I can see is keeping the price down.

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  19. Pete in PA

    Very unusual color for any a-body Mopar of that era. Less than 5% in white for 72 I think. Must have been a striking looking car when new with the blacked out hood treatment and side stripes. Console shifter is a nice option but I’d prefer an example with the 3- or 4-speed. From the looks of the brake booster this car is also equipped with power front disc brakes.
    I have a 72 Duster Twister in the same color scheme with the 318 and a 3-speed. Very fun car to drive. Years ago I bought and stripped a hot wet mess of a 72 Demon 340 for the drivetrain. I couldn’t believe the original drivetrain was intact from the air cleaner lid to the exhaust tips. IIRC I paid $100 for that Demon 340. LOL Those were the days…

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