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Numbers-Matching 440! 1969 Dodge Coronet R/T

Even rough and rusty, a muscle car like this Lilburn, Georgia Dodge can quicken the heart rate of die-hard Mopar fans. The 1969 Dodge Coronet R/T 440 is described as a numbers-matching original with 440 Magnum V8 and four-speed manual transmission. There are multiple “numbers” that might match on such a car, but not specifying should imply that this R/T retains (at least) its original engine. The listing on Facebook Marketplace asks $22,500 for the long-abandoned R/T.

Ironically displayed in a tidy garage, the poor Coronet appears to have spent little of its prior lifetime indoors. Some rural areas mandate that at least one desirable special-model muscle car be displayed on the property at all times. While it may be legally acceptable to wait until your “someday” classic is mostly destroyed to decide it’s time to sell, making that call earlier is better for buyer and seller. That said we know nothing about this car’s history, or even if it runs or not.

Here we see the best evidence that this car was never submerged! The double-blue color combination may hold more appeal today than other muscle car color combinations from the ’60s and ’70s. A wise buyer will investigate in person unless the seller accidentally typed an extra zero on the end of the asking price. I’d go $2500 on this ride in as-described condition.

With 375 HP and 480 lb-ft of torque according to Automobile-Catalog, the Magnum 440 was no joke. Wringing it out with a four-speed could be the highlight of some enthusiasts’ lives. Sadly the pictures were apparently taken with a camera from a Cracker Jack box, but the seller has other pictures available that, perhaps, don’t look like they were taken underwater.

The “R/T” logo and twin hood scoops jettison any sleeper potential from this classic Dodge. Let’s face it, two decades into the 21st Century, motorheads know that any road-going car of this age probably packs more power than the day it left the factory. That turbo Honda with the Folgers can exhaust tip will test your throaty 318 just as readily as a drag-ready 440. Would you take a gamble on this as-is R/T?


  1. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    What did the seller use to take these awful pictures? A pinhole camera? From what I can see, the restoration will be costly as this sad Mopar looks really bad all over. Good luck getting $22k with these crappy pics and minimal info.

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    • Dave

      Daguerreotype, perhaps?

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      • Chris M.

        I was guessing a potato.

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  2. Freddy

    I would like to get this running and drive it irresponsibly

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    • 370zpp 370zpp Member

      Freddy, There are shrinks and other “experts” that would debate your statement for days asking; Why this car? And why drive it irresponsibly?

      Well guess what? I feel the same as you.

      It’s just one of those things.

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  3. Steve R

    If you are going to shoot for the moon, price wise, do something to try and earn the money. Clean it up, wash, wax, vacuum, bolt the console in place and take better pictures. This was/is a very desirable car under the right circumstances, it originally came with a great drivetrain 440, 4spd, air grabber and Dana 60. The choice of exterior and interior colors would have stood out, add to that the bumblebee stripe and bucket seat interior with console. It’s too bad the car is in such sad shape, even as rough as it is, the suggestion it’s only worth $2,500 is just as laughable as the sellers asking price.

    Steve R

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    • Roger Liston

      I’ ve bought R/T’s and big block 68 darts for 200.00 and 300. 00 dollars . Without rust and the paint was still on them. Best part . Got in and drove away.

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  4. On and On On and On Member

    I generally delete these rusted, crusted Mopars……..it’s just my way………this one is no exception……….IMO…….bye now………

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  5. Snotty

    Takes me back to a time when I owned a triple black R/T. Traded a 73 FLH, I also got a 71 Torino GT in the trade…. 2 amazing cars for 1 fun obnoxious big twin. Those were the days. Oh battlebots are getting ready to fight. As I sit in my comfy lounge chair recouping from knee surgery. Peace all.

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  6. gary

    i had a triple black 69 r/t. sold it in 1976 to get a 76 corvette. what a mistake i made .i want to get another one like i had but 22.500 is way to much for a total restore.4k and 50k in restoring it to what i had is reasonable.

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  7. EPO3

    Show a little pride or what is left of it in your ride I won’t take a second look at this car

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  8. Eric

    How about you take a picture of the vin # or fender tag?would prove you claim

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  9. Skorzeny

    I love these cars and I want to see it saved. That said, that is the worst engine photo I have ever seen on BF.

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  10. mjf

    Hmmm no thanks…

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  11. fredric fabris

    Did he use a 20 year old flip phone to take pictures?

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  12. Jack Sakaluk

    Pictures on the fb ad are more clear. It is listed in Fair Condition. It always amuses me the value some place on a grime laden pile of junk. Mopar or not.

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  13. George Louis

    This ride must have been stored outside and pushed inside for the picture taking poses. It is amazing to see how TRASHED the interior is of this vehicle!!!!! Potential buyer needs to look in trunk of this ride as the rear window seal may have left town not shortly after this car exited the assembly plant. I would be surprised if the trunk floor is in tact.

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  14. George Mattar

    Another Mopar dreamer. Guess what hillbilly, you are late to the party. Mopar prices in the toilet, except for 68 and 69 Chargers. Nobody with half a brain cell would spend the money and time required to make this thing worth something. Parts car at best. However, I am all for saving American muscle, but people asking stupid prices for a pile of crap is well, just stupid. As mentioned here, if the car is truly a Dana, four speed N96 car, then it might be worth a gamble. But at this asking price, NO. Should never have sold my 1970 FE5 Road Runner with N96. Got $950 for it in 1974 in almost perfect condition.

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  15. George Louis

    I always thought that the 1969 Coronet R/T’ came with the Full instrumentation instrument panel. Tachometer, oil gauge, amp meter small round gauges cantid toward the driver, This vehicle shows the standard dash ah la Coronet 440 sedan models.

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  16. Roger Liston

    I’ ve bought R/T’s and big block 68 darts for 200.00 and 300. 00 dollars . Without rust and the paint was still on them. Best part . Got in and drove away.

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  17. Frankie

    I owned the 1968 Coronet R/T 440 Magnum w/Auto Tran, bucket seats. My little brother totaled it in Texas.

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