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Numbers Matching T-Top: 1968 Corvette

Third generation Corvettes are always a thrill to find in original condition with a numbers matching drive-train like this 1968 T-top car. The current owner of this car first spotted it in 1986 but didn’t acquire the car until 2014. Fast forward a few years, and he is looking to unload this very nice survivor grade classic. With a little elbow grease and some patience, this Corvette could be a wonderful survivor. Running but not quite a driver yet, you can get your hands on this project for $19,000. Take a look at it here on craigslist out of Rancho Cucamonga, California. Thanks to Barn Finds reader Michael for this nice survivor submission!

Packing a 327 V8 with a 4 speed transmission, this Corvette has been verified by the current owner as a true numbers matching car. 327’s are great engines, and this car also features air conditioning, and power steering.  On top of the creature comforts there is a Posi Trac rear end to scoot this sporty machine off the line a little quicker. The engine compartment is a little dusty, but there is no apparent damage to the finish, and no excessive rust to be seen on the engine or its components. The seller reconditioned the gas tank and cleaned the fuel lines. The car does run and can move under its own power. I suspect the issue with this car being a driver stems from the interior.

What is likely holding this car back from driving is the project the second owner began and didn’t finish. A tilt steering column was later added, and the dash is pulled apart, and it would seem the tilt steering project is not complete. I would hope that the previous owner kept the original steering column, but you may have to source one or perhaps you could finish the tilt column? The seats are in rough shape, and will need new foam, and upholstery. Seeing how the seats are, I would imagine that the carpet is burned up as well. The interior could be “restored” and the exterior left as is to preserve this cars originality as much as possible.

Thought to be original paint with no cracks or extensive damage, this corvette could be a great preservation depending on the condition of the paint. From these photos, this car looks nice enough, but we all know photos can be deceiving. The passenger door almost looks as if it has been spray painted with a similar color, or perhaps it is an illusion and the clear coat has failed. Beyond that issue, the panel gaps look fair on this car, and the bright work is in place. By no means perfect, but a great car to drive and enjoy without worry of rock chips, or other potential damage.  Would you restore or preserve this numbers matching Corvette?


  1. Classic Steel

    Sorry for 19K I am getting one with a paint job that runs and has good interior.

    Not all Corvettes line one flippers pockets with Gold and Silver.

    This is a ten thousand… let me repeat a ten thousand starter price. Then spend 10 on a paint job if minimum body work.. then the interior is around 1500 with door panels…

    Then the engine… drive train….. that rear spring that sits sideway above the axle will need rebuilt as well the stuck headlights..

    Good luck on your gold mine sell..

    Also good luck to the person with all the wires hanging from the dash … :-)

    • Paul

      327 4 spd cars are very desirable from the 68 time period. Hard to beat a 327/365hp

  2. ccrvtt

    Saying it’s worth $10K is being generous. Chrome bumper cars are desirable, but not deserving of a premium in this condition.

    The flipper is dreaming.

  3. Suttree


    • Gary

      I’d buy it at $5,500. Maybe even a little more. But not at the current price.

      And I would just do what needs to be done to get it drivable and safe.

      Then I would cruse around this summer with the T-tops out and a huge grin on my face.

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  4. Todd

    Just go and buy the best you can afford. What ever you think it’s going cost double it when it comes to projects like this.

  5. Tom Member

    I agree will top 3 comments. Inside is a disaster. the 68-72 Chrome bumper coupes are in my top 3 favorite cars of all time. I have had 3 of them.

    1968 is NOT the year you want. I believe in excess of over 100 changes at GM in the 69 from the 68.

    GOING FOR IT: Chrome bumper stingray, AC. Black Plate CA car and the 4 speed manual.
    NOT GOING FOR IT: Small block that is not an LT1. Color. Condition.

    Corvettes are one of the few cars on the plant for some reason that when restoring the “original color” matters. I get it …for the most part. I had this color when I flipped one many years ago. Had a 72 Monte the same color…still not sure why i had either one.

    I know, I know, I know it IS someone’s favorite color but from a value and resale perspective this is not the best color in my opinion.

    I think Classic Steel is soft on the interior at 1,500. This car is going to need minimum $40K maybe $50K to be a rock star driver. It will not be worth $60K when done. Maybe in the year 2104 (look at orig listing!) just couldn’t help myself!

    • moosie Craig M. Bryda

      327/350 was an awesome motor. Not an LT-1 by any means but still an impressive performer.

  6. Nrg8

    Flip flip flip flipper! The 3 shade paint takes it down to a 5k car. Looks like putty around the tweeked bumper and headlight. Nothing says I bought it in 2014 when there are only pics on a trailer. 4 fu€#!ng years and you didn’t have a go at the dash. Come on.

  7. doug

    Says it’s in Calif. but the license says PA.

    • joeinthousandoaks

      Take a closer look. That’s a California black plate.

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      • Beatnik Bedouin

        …and correct for a ’68…

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  8. John Leyshon Member

    Fun one to watch !

    Number matching 1968 Corvette, 327 (350HP) 4 speed, T top with factory build sheet.

    They’ll get upper teens or better. Not a choked 350 from mid ’70’s to early 80’s. First year new body in 68. Very desirable options. No interest here, but do your research prior to a sub $7000 price.

  9. 86_Vette_Convertible

    I really can’t add to what’s been said. It’s over priced for the condition. It’s not made of gold or platinum. It isn’t even the best year of C3 IMO and it’s got too many things still wrong with it.

  10. joeinthousandoaks

    That is a dreamer price, I also hate when they can’t even get it off the trailer or away from the seller’s house before hey post pictures on craigslist. 1968 still has the stigma of the first model year blues so they are the least desirable of the chrome bumper C3 Corvettes. Unless it’s an L88 of course. I would expect to pay 8-9k for this car. But I wouldn’t have it.

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  11. John Leyshon Member
    • mikethetractorguy

      I don’t think you can compare a coupe to a convertible. All things being equal, a convertible will bring more money.

  12. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Waaaaaaaaay over priced! For 19K Cucamonga is correct! Also, is anyone not recieving new comments? I have pasted the website on secure sites for my Emails, but have got nothing for months. Do you have to be a member to get new comments now? Cool pickup on the opposite side of the road. Take care, Mike.

  13. John Leyshon Member

    Anyone look up pricing ?

  14. John Leyshon Member

    Would welcome a link to a comparable car on the market under 30k.

  15. Carmandan

    California, California, Calif., CA. Seems like 80% of the car listed here are from CA. I don’t get it!

  16. Nrg8

    John you are more than welcome to own it. Unless you already do. I can’t speak for the others. My friends 68 is tucked away in the corner of my shop. Beautiful car 396/375 4sp numbers matching. Bird cage is bad, top of frame where they meet is all janky. When he bought it 30 years ago, the original owner just did a new bushing, weather strip, paint and cluctch. Divorce was the reason. Last Sept he flatdecked to my place to use my hoist cause the starter went. It’s out getting rebuilt. So I walk under it to get tools and notice a wad of putty breaking off the frame. Further inspection shows bad cage deterioration. He is at a crossroads. He’s sitting on a big dollar car but now it will cost more to fix than it’s worth.

  17. Jieinthousandoaks

    There was no 396 offered in a corvette in 1968.

    1970 is a better car. Like this:

    • Nrg8

      The sting decal would be the first thing off. You’re right, it is the L36 big block. He calls it the baby big block. I assumed 396 but under the hood is a 427 single 4bbl. I’m not a corvette guy for this exact reason.

  18. Brian

    I had a 1968 british racing green t-top in the late 70’s. Bought it for 3k, painted it, and drove it for 3 years. Was a Base 327, no air, no pb or ps, it even had a 3speed manual trans. Not many came that way…wish I still had it! No power steering made parking a pain, but it went like heck straight down the road.

  19. gto4ever

    For my money the 70 was the best. “The Sting” would have to go, but that car is worth the $ , this one however , IS NOT.

  20. John Leyshon Member

    Nrg8. !!!..

    Please post pictures of the matching numbers on that 68 396 Corvette. Probably the rarest one in existence or just a prototype !

    1968 had two different 327 options, or 427 big block. In 1969 options were a 350 or 427.

    1970 came the 454 !

    I don’t own the car as you suggested and am not in the market for it either…

    With all due respect of fellow car lovers, guessing you got carried away with your story. Not here to call people out, really like the site. Do your research man !

  21. TedFromOhio Member

    Seems to be missing the passenger side t-top?

  22. SoCal

    i live in so cal and seen this car for years, up for sale on craigslist, and seen it (pomona fair parts weekend) it a cancer fulled car and fiber glass is cranked in places and blistering and missing alot of parts (60% inside gone, even the dash so mileage unknown) buyer be ware! not worth more then 5k and the car is not drive-able!

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