Nursery Truck: 1962 Ford F100

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We’ve seen plenty of former work trucks belonging to the foreman, the superintendent, the fire chief, and so on – but I can’t recall ever featuring the truck belonging to the top dog at a nursery. Regardless, the seller claims this 1962 Ford F1oo once belonged to the company listed on the door, a gardening establishment known as Rammer Nursery, which is one of the more intimidating names I’ve seen for a company specializing in daisies and tomato plants. Find the very low Ford here on eBay with bidding over $6K and no reserve. 

Yes, this Ford has a heavily modified suspension, which will certainly bother the purists. I’m always stuck in the middle on conversions like these, as I do love the looks of slammed vehicle, but can’t help but wonder if it would have handled better on stock suspension. That being said, no one is out to hustle a Ford F100 around the twisty roads in town, so who cares if the suspension geometry looks nothing like it did? The strobe light on top and the bed with storage cabinets serve as reminders to this truck’s working past, even if the ground clearance erases the functionality prized in a workhorse.

The details on the suspension are as follows: Upgraded front suspension with a Camaro subframe, new calipers, new 2 inch drop spindles, power steering and power disc brakes. Coys Wheels 22×10 for the rear with new 305/35/22 tires, 20×8.5 for the front with new 275/40/20 tires.” Other tweaks include an updated interior, featuring new carpeting, seat covers with a matching headliner and custom floor mats. The seller notes the seat mechanicals were also refreshed, including “…seat frame was cleaned, sanded and painted.  All mechanicals cleaned and greased.  Seat tracks work great.” 

The engine bay was left fairly dingy underneath, although it sounds like the 302 and C4 automatic didn’t need much work to run and shift smoothly. The block was painted and it looks like new plug wires and hoses may have been added; the radiator looks fairly fresh, too. The seller notes the front tires do run the fenders, but he’s going to roll them and see if the problem goes away. While not for everyone, there can’t be too many former nursery trucks sporting this wicked rat rod look at your local cruise night. I wonder what the top flower guy at Rammer would think of his former work truck?

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  1. Mark

    Do not like it, as I dislike all these Honda civics and small cars with giant mufflers sounding like chainsaws.

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    • Thor

      Ummmm… I think you commented on the wrong article. This is a Ford F100. It has a V8.

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      • Al

        No this is a FORnda hybrid, probably a diesel electric 2.

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  2. Al

    This is one awesome truck.

    Take off the tool bin thingy and install it on a different truck chassis. Take the remainder and I can visualize this…..oh yes…crush it.

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  3. FordGuy1972 Fordguy1972Member

    I like this old Ford, it looks like it would be an interesting rig for a small business or contractor. It would make for a great service truck for an auto repair shop. All the mechanicals seemed to have been addressed; lots of work done so it’s ready to roll. I see that the original color was white. I think the cab would look good in the original white with a contrasting color for the utility body.

    I have to say I’m not a fan of lowered trucks, I prefer them with their original stance. This truck is so low and the front wheels so big that the front fenders will have to be heavily modified. You’re not going to do any driving on unimproved roads with this one. Still, a really nice old ride though perhaps with limited appeal.

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  4. local_sheriff

    Wouldn’t believe anyone calling themselves Rammer to be particularly qualified watering daffodils ,weeding or otherwise cuddling with flowers!
    I understand why it’s there, but I’ve never really liked such ‘tool box’ beds – the whole truck would look much sweeter with a regular fleetside bed. Absolutely love the stance though, with the Camaro subframe and lower gravity I wouldn’t be surprised should this Ford indeed ride BETTER(sportier) than a stock version

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  5. Todd FitchStaff

    Scuff up the paint on those wheels and drive it. Tell those little plants in the back to hold on.

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  6. Steve

    I had to check; there really is a Rammer Nursery in Lancaster NY!

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    • Jasonfelski

      That’s the one, still in business drive past it all the time.

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  7. mark evans

    When I see one of these with all the built in storage I just want it so I can put all my rods,reels and tackle at the ready. I like it lowered as well as the rims if the fenders can be rolled to alleviate the wheel rub.

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  8. Mountainwoodie

    Too contrived………but if its your thing.its your thing.

    Get rid of the interior, raise the suspension and change out the wheels and ditch the gumball machine…………..

    Now you have a truck. Still needs to be painted.

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  9. CanuckCarGuy

    I’m not a purist per se, but the suspension mods don’t work for me…the stance doesn’t jive with the work truck persona. That being said, swap in some west-coast junior mirrors from a Bumpside, and I’d certainly roll with it.

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  10. Rodney

    Two things I like about this truck. First, it is different and second, it creates contradictory opinions. Personally, I think this would make a cool driver and a great rolling billboard. But I completely understand others here who dislike the look, the stance, the “patina”.
    Had a friend laughing at a late-model Town Car with 30″ wheels that passed us the other day and he talked about how stupid it looked.
    We drove T-buckets, vans with fur and cars jacked up in back as high as shackles and air shocks would take them. And we think big wheels and neon looks stupid? Talk about the pot and kettle…..
    I told him that anything that gets young people into cars is a good thing. I’ll do mine and you do yours.

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  11. the one

    Bah humbug! I’m sorry but I just don’t get it..

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  12. Jimmy

    I like everything about this truck but the big white wheels. But I’m not buying it so who cares.

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  13. Wrong Way

    This truck loos hideous, curse whoever did this. I wouldn’t give it a first look much less a second. Why? What purpose did it serve to destroy such a great truck? It’s worthless and useless. Camaro parts on a ford? Blasphemy!

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  14. mark evans

    Hey Wrong Way, everyone uses 9″ rearends from Ford in all sorts of cars ,so what’s the problem? A frame or whatever,although I believe with drivetrains “In your own brand be true.”

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    • Wrong Way

      I don’t like to see any vehicle destroyed with a variety of parts. I am old and I am a purist. When it comes to vehicles. Different boats for different folk? I like things to be original. That’s all!

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  15. David

    Thanks for sharing the information with us. Here is 1962 Ford F100 shop manual

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