Oddball Berserker: 1983 Dodge Rampage

I highly doubt driving this little Dodge Rampage will give you Berserker like powers, nor while it bring fear into the hearts of your enemies, but it might leave them envious of your oddball vehicles ability to haul lots of junk. It might even leave their sense of sight in shock! You don’t see these Utes very often these days, the last one I saw on the road was beat up and seriously rusty. This one looks to be neither beat up or rusty, so that’s a good sign. You can find this Mopar here on eBay in Henrico, Virginia with a current bid of $2k and no reserve! Special thanks to Chebby for this tip.

This Rampage isn’t perfect, but it appears to be a clean example and the seller has already done a ton of work to it. The engine is said to run well and has a rebuilt carb installed. They also sorted the brakes and installed new tires, so it should be ready to hit the road! Amazingly, the interior looks to be in good shape, something you typically don’t see in these little rigs. It’s a bit odd looking, but I kind of like it and think it would be a fun driver! What do you think though?


WANTED 1988-1989 Chrysler Conquest TSI Wanted. Prefer Red. Will travel nationwide for vehicle. Contact

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  1. Jeffro

    I would choose this over a Ranchero or El Camino

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  2. Dan

    Aftermarket tach….how funny……

    • z28th1s

      There isn’t an aftermarket tach. The gauges on the A-pillar are for oil pressure and water temperature.

  3. Vince Habel

    bin 2500

  4. Dusty Stalz

    Put a built 2.2 turbo in this and you’ll have a very quick little parts hauler.

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    • Billy

      I think a 2.5 with fuel injection would be the ticket. Good torque, ample HP, reliable. Carroll Shelby once said that a 16 valve 2.5 150HP in a then mid sized Chrysler would be the “perfect car”.

  5. Russell

    …and for your viewing pleasure…

    • Andrew


    • PaulG

      You knew there had to be one…

  6. Bruce Best

    For so many business and people these were near perfect in size and performance. I wish that they made something like this today

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  7. Mr. TKD

    I would really be interested in this. Looks like a fun runabout — especially with a manual transmission.

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  8. Michigan Doug

    Had 1 of these in red. Frame was so rusty i ended up with 2 cars (sort of).

  9. boxdin

    As I recall these were EPA rated 41 mpg hwy. Maybe in the lab but in the real world…..

    • george

      Dear Boxdin, In the real world they got 40.I had one and that is what I got.I paid 400 and traded even-over it a could weeks later for a 1979 ElCamino Super Sport, V-8, Floor shift automatic w/ a center console., Black Naugahyde buckets and the comment from the seller that did not accelerate all that well. I took it home and put shift kit in. Took it out and it was a screamer. I could be driving down the street at 30mph and kick it and it would break the tires loose and squeal 40 or 50 feet or more. If you really wanted to go faster the floor shift could be put in low and the power applied. It could not shift out because I had the shifter in my hand, when the light which I imagined was on my dash flashed on and off the message “that’s it, fat boy, that’s all I’ve got” I would slide the shifter ever so softly forward and immediately would slam it back toward me which locked it in 3rd until I would feel sorry for it and move it back to drive at which point I had already passed 100mph. I drove it as my driver for about three years and sold it $2750.00. I don’t know why I sold it–probably found something else. I like that model year as the lines where clean in floating. GM decided to pump some air into them giving it the bulged summer beer-belly look which I did not like. I wish I had the ’79 today cause I can’t seem to get myself to pay $3200 for a ’71. The Dodge Rampage was a nice little truck, comfortable, economical easy to see out of, but with an ugly nose.

  10. z28th1s

    As it says in the ad those are seat covers. The original seats are a single color cloth in light tan. You can see them in one of the pictures of the passenger seat.

  11. chad

    falcon sized ranchero, brat, this one, some of the ’90s asian ‘mini utes’ –
    all just bout right 4 me…

  12. Truman L

    ugly ass car/truck number 2 on the same page.

  13. Howard

    I had an 84 Rampage with the top of the line Prospector package. Nicer seats, console, ac and 5 speed. It was pretty quick off the line and handled very well. It topped out at about 125mph and many times I cruised on open hiway at 100mph. It was a solid car. I upgraded with Shelby front suspension, a better shift linkage and a Direct Connection computer. It got around 30 mpg on the hiway at 80. I wish I still had it.

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  14. angliagt

    There’s a Black one here in Eureka,CA.
    A Friend of mine bought it new,& the older couple he
    sold it to are still driving it.It appears to still be in new condition.

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  15. Another Bob

    A high water mark of US manufacturing and quality control. Buy now before prices head to the stratosphere.

  16. Nova Scotian

    Man, if only they was made now…and big and strong enough to haul my atv.

  17. Bruce Zozman

    I own a 83 Dodge Rampage ‘Direct Connection’ documented from Canada. Had it now 23 years, installed a 94 2.5 FI with the new style alternator, a/c compressor, big brakes, reliable as heck and is a big hit everywhere it goes..

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    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      Seriously cool, Bruce! I’ll bet it is a hit!

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      • Dave Wright

        Has to be great fun…….I loved the 2.2-2.5 engines in my K cars. In this smaller chassis I am sure they are dynamite. We always looked for the later cars with 5 lug rims, the fuel injection was bulletproof and they had better brakes.

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  18. ccrvtt

    The first car my wife threatened divorce over. The last was an ’87 XJ6.

    She approved the Corvette, so that’s what I drive.

  19. Jeff Geisel

    I’m about 4 years late to this chat, but thought I’d chime in anyway. Would love to find a Rampage in good condition. Owned one back in 1987-1989. Gold paint – “Prospector” package with little pickaxe decals on it! Ran great, was quick when bed was empty. First date (future wife) thought I was such a gentleman when I opened the door for her ( inside latch was busted)! One day on way home from work, clutch cable snapped and I had to drive it 6 miles to garage in 3rd gear- hills and stops along the way! Had ball joints replaced at about 60K. otherwise very dependable, fun to drive and great for hauling most of what I needed.

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    • Mr. TKD

      I enjoy “late to the party” comments on these posts. Someone usually has a good story to tell.

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