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Oddball Camper: 1968 Kamp King Koaches

'68 Kamp King

And here we have one of…a kind? This appears to be another first for us on Barn Finds. This interesting 1968 Chevrolet Van that was converted, when the van was new, by McNamee Coach builders aka Kamp King Koaches. This Kamp King Koaches camper is parked in Spokane, Washington and listed here on eBay with zero bids at the time of writing and a BIN of $6K.  Kamp King Koaches also produced an interesting drop-in unit for pickup trucks you can view here.


The van, according to the seller, does start, idle and can be driven. It still needs a tuneup done as well as some repair work to fix a leak from the water pump. There are new tires mounted on what the seller calls “period correct’ wheels.

Kamp King Koaches Ad

It appears that most, if not all but one, of the conversions were done to Dodge vans.

'68 Kamp King int.

This one has never had any body damage as per the seller’s statement. There is some rust by the front window and all the glass is said to be in good shape.

1968 Kamper King Interior

The bumper, marker-lights, headlamp trim and other parts are included with the purchase. If you want a one of a kind vehicle that you and/or most of the world hasn’t seen before, here is one for you. What a cool rig to drive to car shows. Are you interested in this project? Have you ever seen or owned one before? Some may say it has the looks that only a mother could love…



  1. Avatar photo PaulG

    I asked my Mother, she said no…But cool nonetheless!

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  2. Avatar photo fred

    Possibly the ugliest thing to ever come out of a factory… except for the Pontiac Aztec.

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    • Avatar photo Jason Houston


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    • Avatar photo Keith

      You’ve obviously not seen the new Lexus hahaha

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  3. Avatar photo krash

    Waste of a perfectly good Chevy van….

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  4. Avatar photo boxdin

    Now that’s a van conversion.

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  5. Avatar photo fred

    Of the drop in campers, I especially like the one with a second story observation deck complete with railing and sliding glass door! Wonder how that handles on a twisty mountain road…wait, here comes a bridge…

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    • Avatar photo Jack Hammer

      What a great idea! With advances in technology & materials this would be an easy add on or upgrade to existing caravans & campers. I see a 2nd floor/observation/entertaining deck available with light weight rails & some storage for deck chairs tables built in. Modified Attic stairs attached to the rear of the vehicle to pull down so you have a proper flight of stairs with hand rails. All able to be implemented with minimal structural rebuilding!

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    • Avatar photo Bobsmyuncle

      I’m going to go out on a limb and say the 2nd story folds down for travel.

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    • Avatar photo Jason Houston

      About as useful as a 2-story outhouse.

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  6. Avatar photo JW

    I must say the seller is correct you would have the only one at a car show, in fact I’ve never seen a camper at a car show anywhere. It’s definitely an oddball just not for me.

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  7. Avatar photo Gary I

    If you have ever had the pleasure of driving one of these vans, I can not imagine how well they handle with the conversions.

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    • Avatar photo George

      I’ve driven one of these with a standard fiberglass top. A wind tossed it around well enough as it is. This one is not only tall, but top heavy in addition! Also with all that additional weight in the rare, I’m doubt it’s all that stable in handling. If Ralph Nader had seen this, he would have left the Corvair alone! Still, it is funky and I would love to see the stares.

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  8. Avatar photo Francisco

    Driver’s seat looks like it has skid marks.

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  9. Avatar photo Bobsmyuncle

    Kinda neat in an ungainly way…

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  10. Avatar photo Chuck F 55chevy

    I like it, would be perfect for Cruising the Coast in Biloxi MS.

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    • Avatar photo Francisco

      Not during Katrina.

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  11. Avatar photo Mark S

    How did this not get stopped by the ugly police and impounded.

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  12. Avatar photo Jason Houston

    What’s the antidote for one of these? A 1968 Citroen?

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  13. Avatar photo Liam

    I think it’s cool, unlikely to see another one anywhere. You could fit this thing out real nice inside, ready for one hell of a road trip! :)

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  14. Avatar photo Mark E

    Hm, a company with the initials KKK and a sign PLEASE SEND POLICE in the window. This could be just right for someone who’s looking to upgrade from their ratty van with HEY KIDS, FREE CANDY INSIDE on the side…

    Okay, joke, joke but seriously it isn’t PC about the initials of the company…

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    • Avatar photo Jason Houston

      Hey! Nothing I love better than a great sense of humor! KKK indeed.

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  15. Avatar photo Nova Scotian

    …yes sir, I’ll have her home by 11:….30. …no, there’s no bed in there…..

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    • Avatar photo Cool Cadillac Cat

      As the previous owner of a ’67 Dodge A-108 passenger van, I can tell you I was asked this more than one time.

      I was in HS at the time.

      It did not, at the time (used to have a homemade one my dad built, but I used it for transport of stuff, trying to pay for gasoline), but I did have a rudimentary bedroll behind the middle seat.

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  16. Avatar photo Kevin C Member

    Guaranteed to be a show stopper at a van national.

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  17. Avatar photo Howard A Member

    While this may be nice,,, once you get there, that is, I can just imagine what a nightmare this would be to drive. My old man had a Dodge van that he had the top cut open and one of those ” topper things” installed and made a camper out of it and you couldn’t keep that thing in a straight line in a stiff wind, and when semi’s coming at you on a 2 lane, it took all you had from going off the road( sorely needed dual tires on the back) not to mention the decrease in fuel economy. It was awful. I’d bet this would be the same. One thing for sure, you’d be the talk of the campground.

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    • Avatar photo Jason Houston

      … or the laughing stock.

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  18. Avatar photo Dougm

    at first glance I thought I read Roaches…..

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  19. Avatar photo Brad

    I’m sure the ungainly profile and top-heavy nature are why there are so few left… but I don’t think handling, cross-winds and the rest necessarily apply for the bidders who’ve pledged $3400 in bids thus far. I’m pretty sure the winner will be more interested in cleaning it up and showing it off at local car shows – or a vintage trailer rally.

    I doubt this is destined to be pressed into cross-country duty again. Awfully neat, though.

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  20. Avatar photo Jason Houston

    I’d looooove to see what it would do at BJ!

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  21. Avatar photo Mike

    As a Kid we camped a lot as a family, I think mainly to just get away from the body shop for a weekend. Anyway I can remember seeing one of these on one of our camping trips. I remember it because Dad had a Chevy van like it, minus the camper part, (LOL) as the shop truck for years.
    I also asked the Wife about it she said no and He!! no she is not about to give up the 32′ camper we have now.
    I think it is cool!!!!!! You could always cook your meals while driving on the motor cover which is between the front seats!!!!!

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  22. Avatar photo van

    You guy’s are to harsh
    This thing is cool
    You can beef up the suspension and the engine an go anywhere in style
    6.2 LS from an escalade 6 speed auto
    I would go sight seeing from Atlanta to Alaska.
    I want to see the look on a moose face
    Is it mooses or meeses

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  23. Avatar photo Jason Houston

    An Escalade transmission isn’t going to do it as much good as just being driven on a non-windy highway. As one (or more) reviewers pointed out, this car is dangerously top-heavy. I, for one, would never drive the Alcan Highway in this under any circumstances. JMO

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    • Avatar photo van

      Proved my point the six speed would add weight to the bottom
      Having driven a ten wheeled tanker in the north georgia mountains I know giant sway bars and stiff springs should correct handling

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  24. Avatar photo Mjme11

    OK- sold for $4800 with 15 bidders. One persons junk…. :)

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  25. Avatar photo Jason Houston

    I hope he knows better than to take it down the highway in a high wind…

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    • Avatar photo Bobsmyuncle

      It’s survived nearly 50 years. It’s probably not the issue all the panicked masses are making it out to be.

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  26. Avatar photo CattooButt Member

    It’s gonna make someone a nice mother-in-law unit out behind the main house somewhere. I’m

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  27. Avatar photo big mike

    got this camper rig for free! its rare and unique. orig owner and mechanicly all ok!
    yeah its a project but its coming along nicely on the paint and cosmetics. ford w a 302 /c4 and a dana 60.real old school simple . 4 or 5 k easy to the right buyer.

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    • Avatar photo mark Member

      Big Mike: I just bought one exactly like yours. Nice condition overall with only 2 owners. I read that only 5 were built. Any idea if this is accurate? I’m in CA. Where are you located? We can get in touch if you like-

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