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Oddball Of The Day: 1986 Lincoln Ranger

1986 Lincoln Ranger

This little truck was reportedly built for SEMA in the late 1980’s. If nothing else, it shows how far we’ve come in 30 years. It’s listed on craigslist in Kansas City for $8,500. Not only does it have a Lincoln front end, but it also has a Lincoln interior. I’d love to see pictures of that! Thanks to Jim W. for sharing this unusual truck with us.

If this was done for SEMA, the quality of the custom work could actually be quite good. It’s been sitting for years, so it might need a little work now. Perhaps one could add to the humor by slamming it and adding big wheels? Or one could just use it as a daily driver as is! It doesn’t sound like this has many miles on it and drove like a new truck when parked. So what would you do with this oddball?


  1. Danno

    That thing would drive me to drinkin’, son.

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    • George

      Not until after you make it a hotrod lincoln…

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  2. randy

    Yo Tambien!

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  3. Mark S

    That is very cool I’d keep in good condition use it sparingly and take it to car night.

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  4. Jason Houston

    Naaa, that’s the first prototype Blackwood.

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  5. Jason Houston

    Ya gotta admire this guy for having b***s. He’ll trade for an OLD, expensive collector car, but don’t wan’ no new junk!

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    • Woodie Man

      Wonder what it is about Craigslist that makes sellers think that 3 indistinct pictures with no interior, engine or undercarriage shots are enough to make someone go to the trouble to call them about the car? Especially when you have a 30 year old Ranger with the narrowed front and rear end of a Lincoln grafted onto it? Very strange….. Stranger still when he or she wants a lot of money.

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      • PRA4SNW

        And especially when looking for that kind of money for it.

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  6. Stephen

    No pics of the “Lincoln interior.” No information about the engine. Even if I were in the market…

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  7. Fred

    Wonder if a Lincoln Versailles gave it’s life for this one…

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    • grant

      No, it’s pretty obviously a Mark series Continental. look at the fender spears and the hideaway headlights.

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      • hoos Member

        You’re right on the Mark Series, either Mark IV or V. My question is where did the width go? A first gen ranger is 66.9 inches wide. A Mark IV Continental is 79.8 inches wide, and the Mark V is almost identical. That is some impressive metal work.

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  8. OhU8one2

    Elmer,I told you there was folks with plenty of free time. Just look what these guys did. Do ya think they spent a whole weekend? Why yes sir,and drank a lot of shine. You just might be a redneck if?

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  9. Stephen

    Looks more like parts from a late 80’s T-Bird. taillights, and front end, and Lincoln rear clip

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    • Stephen

      Perhaps you mean late ’70s?

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  10. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    I never did rite so goodly, but I shore had a guud eie for a cule classic car. Or mayebe knot.

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  11. Mark E

    No pics of the interior. If it’s a SEMA car, the builder should have transplanted the Continental seats & dash into it somehow. You wouldn’t want to open the hood at a car show though. This looks enough like a Lincoln that it should have a V8 in it, not a small wimpy Ranger engine… ^_^

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  12. wayne

    Rare, yes. Pretty, no.

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  13. PaulG

    Really have to admire the craftsman ship that went into this, but when stuff like this comes to light, I can’t help but hear the Styx song “Too much time on my hands” playing in the background. The folks at bangshift.com have a couple of “comments” about this same truck.
    It might be cool as a 4K dollar piece for a retiree in Florida…

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  14. Mark S

    Clearly the guy that put this together has some real talent. The work is straight and true. This is some ones idea of what a luxury ford ranger would look like. It’s a matter of personal taste as to weather you like it or not when this was done the donor car was a dime a dozen and nobody wanted them, as for to much time on your hands it could be argued that anyone restoring an old car has to much time on his hands myself included. There lots of people that think that us gear heads are nuts for spending time doing this. I’ll bet that some of you guys wouldn’t like your work being bashed either. I think that we should lighten up a little.

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    • PaulG

      Mark, Trust me, the song plays in my garage, oftentimes on a loop. Just ask my wife! As for bashing, I agree. The love of cars is paramount, the results might not be for everyone, or to suit the taste of all.

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  15. piper62j

    Never seen one.. Great curiosity factor..

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  16. Bryan

    These Continental Mark IV (front) and V (back) parts would have looked alot better on a full size F-series pickup rather than this stubby looking Ranger.

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    • randy

      Yes, but that would have been too easy!

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  17. junrai

    you know what I like it! its cool I dont think it would look very good on a f100 chassis because then there wouldnt be any work to it or talent involved. it would simply be a car on a truck frame

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  18. That Guy

    It would really be worthwhile to document this thing’s history. It’s clearly a very, very skillful fabrication job. I think it’s potentially a good deal for someone who is willing and able to play History Detective. Cool find.

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  19. MikeW

    It should have a 5.0 HO and AOD if he wants to sell it. You give people a free add and they do nothing with it?

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  20. Tundra/BMW Guy

    It may not be my “style” or “taste” but as others have said you HAVE TO admit the outward appearance is of quality, eye for detail, and genuine uniqueness!!! Again, as others have said, if it was built for SEMA it has to be 100% inside and out. As for the actual build quality, I have to believe that if it was just “put together” for SEMA, then it would be showing that level of time investment by now. Since, in the whole whopping three, count ’em THREE pictures supplied, it appears to still be holding its build exceptionally well!! Especially for being in the “Rust Belt”! If I were interested, I too would want to find out every little bit of history with regard to the build! It would have to be fascinating!

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  21. Green

    I had a 99s Ford ranger and it was my first ford.im telling you all I would love own this one it’s the type of truck Ford should have came up with instead of that blackwood then they would have sd millions of them I really did see the good in the mark type of automobiles and if Ford would caught on they would have been on the winning end long time ago.also the team of guy that but this beauty put some great thinking and vision in this one.i commend them for the great work to even fathom the idea.i have seen alot of builds from Sema and all of them are great works of art.my hats off to all the great dreamers and builders young and of old school.i love the car world.this hobbies is for everyone and im in it for life take care guys n gals.

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