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Oddest Find Of The Day!

VW Phoenix Van

The ’70s were an interesting time in the car world, but then again I guess it was just a crazy time in general. I don’t know if car manufacturers just weren’t building cars that appealed to everyone or if it was a matter of people wanting to customize and build their own creations, but there were a lot of interesting custom cars built during the era. This VW Transporter based Phoenix is one of the more unusual vehicles I’ve seen, but it definitely screams late ’70s! This was very much a DIY design, you could even order the plans from Popular Mechanics, but this one looks to have been built quite well and can be found here on eBay in Stafford Springs, Connecticut with a BIN of $6,999 and bidding under $3k. Special thanks to Paddy M for sending this unusual find it!

Phoenix Van When New

The builder of this alien looking van apparently really liked this design, as they built two. We don’t know what happened to their first creation, but this one looked pretty good when it was brand new. After a repaint in red and years of being left outdoors, it is going to need some work. The seller claims it runs, but hasn’t attempted to drive it. While it is based on a Transporter chassis, it has a Corvair motor, so it should have a decent amount of power. If you have always wanted something that will leave people scratching their heads, this is the vehicle for you! Just think of all the fun you could have in this thing, well after some serious work at least.


  1. Smitty

    Why do you do this to me? I have some money saved up. There’s no reason I need this car but I’m an idiot and would have fun with this!

    Oh man, a link to a geocities site! It’s the 1990s doing Logan’s Run!

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    • Josh Staff

      Haha sorry Smitty! It would be fun to have, but it’s going to be a labour of love. Well if you break down and buy it, let us know!

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      • Smitty

        But when it was painted in silver, it had the fire chicken on the back! It’s so tempting!

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  2. DT

    No C.B. ,forget it!!!

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  3. Jeff Lavery Staff

    Holy crap. I used to spy on this thing from an ice cream stand in my college girlfriend’s hometown in Connecticut! When I saw it was red, I knew the odds were good it was the same one. Sure enough, the listing zip code is correct! Such a funky vehicle, I’ve often wondered what happened to it.

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  4. Squad41

    Oh. My. God. I want this.

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  5. Rancho Bella

    Just think for a moment. When the time comes to sell………and we “all” will at some point………….who is going to buy it from you?

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  6. Kenzo

    re Rancho Bella
    Me Me Pick Me Please.
    I actually remember looking at the plans in PM and thinking about it.

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  7. Hoby

    ugly as Sin and i bet thevfiberglass is completely deteriorated itvwould only be good forva mold maker to renake kits for some oddball collector

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  8. Fred

    A home made Gullwing van? Must not press the bid button…..

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  9. rusty

    cool looks great in silver and side look better with kooky door.

    gotta keep in conversation on this one

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  10. ron

    this is similar to the brewbaker box.

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  11. Will

    I would love to look this thing over closely for a while. I an very curious how they went about putting a Corvair engine in a 71 transporter.

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  12. RickyM

    Looks like one of those crazy Matchbox toys from the 70’s !

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  13. Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff
  14. Dustin

    That is so odd but so cool!

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  15. Andrew G.

    The plans to this and other amazing vehicles are available at the Robert Q. Riley webpage. Google will find it quickly. Enjoy

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