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Off-Road Pursuit! 1969 Ford Mustang 4×4

“Tired of dangerous criminals evading pursuit by blasting off into the desert high country, California’s Highway Patrol partnered with Ford Motor Company in the late 1960s to develop what became the limited-production Mustang OPS (Offroad Pursuit Special)”. OK; none of that is true, but it might make a good back-story for this crazy “one of none” vehicle! Take one 1969 Ford Mustang Coupe, rest it on a modified Ford F100 frame, stir in some custom bits like heavy-duty off-road parts, and you end up with one crazy off-road car/truck thing. And just in case that competitive neighbor you love to hate already has something similar, this custom-built contraption near Richmond, Virginia adds another layer of awesome with California Highway Patrol livery and functional rooftop lights and siren. Furthermore, the seller advertises that the vehicle “could be” street legal in your area! The listing here on eBay has attracted at least 12 bidders to the tune of more than $8000.

Anything this insane deserves an over-the-top powerplant, and the Ford 429 with headers and cam delivers. The 429 extends the police metaphor as this big-inch mill powered countless police interceptors including a 1971 Galaxie 500 we covered a while back. A sturdy C6 three-speed automatic sends that power to the rear (and optionally front) wheels. Few technical details accompany the listing other than “Sounds Mean!!” The quad-shock front suspension is certainly not stock, but the parts nicely complement the engine compartment’s patriotic color scheme.

The spartan interior holds all the basics for the serious business of blasting through mud holes while shouting “Yee-haw!” Personally, I’d like to see a driver’s eye view over the hood, one essential element for positioning a vehicle when negotiating rough terrain.

I’m no off-road truck engineer but the F100 and its support in the aftermarket should provide a sound and stable basis for safe and reliable transportation on and off-road. I would assume the quad shock mounts must include bearings or other allowance for rotation since their distance traveled would differ (front shock vs. rear shock) as the suspension travels up and down on those long arms. For every ten of these built, we might surmise that only 1 or 2 are ever operated anywhere near their engineering limits, but it would be cool to try one out. Can you see yourself piloting this four-wheel-drive Mustang?


  1. Avatar photo Steve R

    First thing to do is ditch the plastic seats. They are dangerous if mounted incorrectly, which is the case with this car. Hopefully that isn’t indicative of the quality of the build in general..

    Steve R

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    • Avatar photo Seated

      If you don’t mind me asking, what is the issue with the seats? Are the brittle?

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      • Avatar photo Steve R

        All that holds the seat to the tracks or floor are 4 nutserts pressed into the flimsy plastic bottom, with no additional support. With a hard hit, especially from behind it can pull them out and cause the seat to flip backwards offering no protection to the driver.

        Steve R

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  2. Avatar photo Mitchell Gildea Member

    If someone really wanted to catch those Duke Boys, look no further

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  3. Avatar photo Keith

    Mad Max post nuke holocaust.

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    • Avatar photo stu

      I was wondering were my pipes went to…thief

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  4. Avatar photo No Mustang Here

    Well i bet this will move their trailer if they get evicted.

    I might suggest to take this to the swamp
    And release it to the wild 😜

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  5. Avatar photo Doug from MD.

    Used to build models of things like this now it’s reality. Cars in plastic are just crazy what it’s but this is just stupid imo.

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  6. Avatar photo Stangalang

    OMG..my inner rednek is throbbing again..and my outer! Some off the wall builds look crazy until you take a close look and realize that they are done very well. Get it good and muddy and take it to church on Sunday. Very nice and good luck with the sale 😁👍

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    • Avatar photo Howard A Member

      In this day and age, this is BOUND to offend someone,,,

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      • Avatar photo piston poney

        sadly, you are right. now to really make some people mad you put a rebel flag plate on the front and fly a rebel flag and an american flag on the rear and drive around town and see how mad people get

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  7. Avatar photo Eric B


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  8. Avatar photo Autoworker

    Never understood this type of “build” . I guess to each his own.

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  9. Avatar photo Howard A Member

    Well, I don’t care for the graphics, and a blue light is a “legal color” and not allowed on private vehicles, but I think this is great. Nothing would make me happier, than to see the faces of these yuppies in their new Rubicons out on the trail coming at them in this. Again, loaded with citations, but what the heck?

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  10. Avatar photo Will Fox

    Why do people waste their money, time, talent and garage space making ludicrous 4X4’s like these?! Saw one done on a Toyota MR2 once; worst mess I had ever seen!

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    • Avatar photo ptches

      Their money, time and garage space and their right to build what they want. No law against being an individual with your own thoughts . . .yet. .

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    • Avatar photo Eric B

      Good gawd, I’m glad I didn’t see that. With that one it almost makes sense though; that’s definitely a car a redneck would hate, so they probably thought they were making it better and pissing on a dumb little rice burner (their words) at the same time. A 2nd gen MR2 is on my bucket list. Fun factor of 11

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  11. Avatar photo Lance

    A decent talent for car construction and this is what they wanted to build. Yoiks.

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  12. Avatar photo John M.

    You know someone’s a hillbilly when they’re driving a six-door Suburban pulling a 3rd-gen Camaro on a lifted 4×4 chassis, but this is a whole new level of hillbilly.

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  13. Avatar photo Peter k

    There’s a body shop in Flemington, NJ that routinely creates vehicles like this and then sells them. The last time I drove past it there was a caddy eldorado body sitting on top of a chevy 2500 hd chassis and running gear. Then it was all painted bright lime metallic. It even had the vinyl roof.

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  14. Avatar photo Rich

    Some things are just crimes against nature.

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  15. Avatar photo JohnfromSC

    Motor and body alone worth more than $10K. BTW doesn’t have rear scoops (’70 vs ’69?) and has odd trim like ’68 in front of wheels. ?? Not that it matters much.

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  16. Avatar photo Mike

    Jacked up….check. Side pipes(sort of)…..check. Fake hood scoop….???? Sorry….have to pass. The parts are worth more the the total sum.
    That engine would be nice in my 66 2wd pickup…

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  17. Avatar photo BILL Member

    no carpet!

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    • Avatar photo stu

      The owner spread grass seed and is watering….soon the grass will grow to a thick luxurious pile of @$#&…

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  18. Avatar photo Tbone

    I just think third degree burns on the exhaust getting in and out of it.

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  19. Avatar photo tony t

    “Semi”-supported radiator, at that …

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  20. Avatar photo Connecticut Mark

    Someone will buy it, put that mustang body and engine on their chassis, sell the f-100 parts, and have a nice regular 2wd mustang

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