Off The Road Since ’65: 1956 Chevrolet Bel-Air


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This 1956 Chevrolet Bel-Air looks to have been off the road since 1965 based on the license plates. The salvage yard selling it states that it’s a one-owner car as well, although I’m guessing that doesn’t include the yard itself. It’s located in Annandale, Minnesota and is up for sale here on eBay, where bidding has already topped $8,000.


From this angle, the car looks complete, and the missing side trim is included with the car as you’ll see in a picture below. It seems that collectors favor the ’55 and ’57 “tri-fives: over the ’56; I happen to prefer the ’55 myself. But the ’56’s cleaner lines over the ’57 and it’s unique trim down the side may appeal to you. I think the front styling of the ’56 cars is the best of the three. This example looks really solid over most of the body shell; the seller states that paint being stripped from the hood caused it to rust more than the rest of the shell.


This closeup details the one area of relatively serious corrosion on the car per the ad–the left rear quarter panel. Rocker panels, trunk floor and the passenger floor are all said to be solid, and look the part in the pictures.


Surprisingly, even the dash pad looks good on the interior, and while the steering wheel shows a lot of wear (would it look like that after only 9 years on the road?) it’s pretty solid and complete. When I first saw the seat pictures, I thought they looked awful, but then I realized they have had protective plastic covers on, apparently from new, and the original fabric upholstery underneath looks pretty good.


I’d show you an engine picture here if I could, but that’s the catch with this car–there isn’t one! Although the presumably original Powerglide automatic transmission is there, the engine isn’t, despite the exhaust manifolds still being present. While almost any Chevrolet small-block will fit, I think it would be a shame to take a car this solid and original and just drop a crate motor in. I’m sure there’s a suitable 265 cubic inch period V8 out there somewhere! With power windows, the padded dash and some other options, this car was nicely equipped when it left the factory. Are you the person to buy this one, get those options working and put it back on the road?


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  1. Rob

    That looks to have been a hard 9 years of use, but still a great start to something nice!

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  2. ruxvette

    Bel Air with power windows, extra trim on bumpers, special outside rearview mirrors, power steering, padded dash…worth restoring.

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  3. DolphinMember

    You can see at a glance that the front is riding high because there’s no engine, but even tho there are detailed photos of the floors, trunk and underside, there are none of the engine bay. That makes me start to wonder why.

    Maybe for someone who wanted a ’56 hardtop project this could be OK, but it’s approaching $9K with the reserve not met, and it will need everything redone in addition to an engine and engine accessories. If I was after a ’56 hardtop project I would look for a better, more complete car for more money, and be driving sooner for maybe less money overall.

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  4. JW

    ditto !!!

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  5. ch

    rare padded dash in ever rarer green. Dual exhaust suggests it was a 205 hp power pack car, or if late production, possibly a 225 hp super power pack car, which might explain why the engine is missing.

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  6. Mark S

    I hate to say the words as it might not go well but this is a great candidate for a resto. mod, keep it looking stock but upgrade the mechanicals complete with modern injection. You’d have a car that you could take anywhere.

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  7. Rocco

    The listing said the eng. is missing.

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  8. David G

    To answer your question; No way.

    Great body style and options for one of these, but i’d never be the one to plunk down the sortof change he’s asking (and maybe even getting) for yet-ANOTHER way-overpriced Tri-5 Chevs.
    And once finished, you certainly will NOT be the only one displaying one at your local event..

    Too many way-neater and more interesting mid-50s cars out there for fractions of the money.

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  9. Bwhyz

    I have a complete number matching 1956 Chevy, 265cu in motor & powerglide transmission, I pulled out of a 1956 Chevy and replaced with late model running drive train. I live in Pensacola FL and will sell or trade if interested, email me. Tks/BW

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