Oh No You Di-int! : 1971 Ford Mustang…

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If 700 monkeys had 700 typewriters, eventually they’d produce the complete works of William Shakespeare. Or so went the old saying. I think modern computers (and actual experimentation) have demonstrably proven that theory false. The concept apparently having been that even with total randomness, sooner or later somebody would accidentally come up with something “good”. What does that have to do with the vehicle in these photos?  Yeah, not much.

Here in the Greater Random Universe Statistical Metropolitan Area, if we have all these old muscle cars laying around, and all these old four-wheel-drive trucks, sooner or later someone will figure out how to combine the two together, to make….well, whatever this is. It’s a 1971 Ford Mustang grafted on to a 1978 Plymouth TrailDuster four wheel drive chassis. The engine of course, is what you’d expect to find in any old Mustang, which is a Mopar 318. The gears are 3.55, and the tires are 15 x 35 x 15 Ground Hawgs, according to the seller. A true word economist, he articulates that this vehicle “runs good”.

He doesn’t say anything about the color, but we can jump to two easy conclusions about it:  One, it’s not original to the Mustang, or any other Ford that I’ve ever seen. Two, I’m guessing it’s probably Mopar-inspired, such as “Sublime” or “Limelight” green. I think it was the correct choice to create a proper visual impression of subtle nuance. Yeah, not. Chrysler Corporation called them “High Impact” colors, and I’m still trying to figure out why. But seriously, I don’t think it’s out of place here. What this car needs are some “Boss 318” decals, or maybe “Mach RT”.

I for one, am hoping it has a frightfully loud (or perhaps, no) exhaust system. Just to make sure everyone knows I’ve arrived. Arriving at the local Mini show-n-shine in a 1960 Cadillac will make a statement. So would this, at the local Mustang cruise. The ten-thousand-dollar paint jobs and expensive chrome engines will never outshine it. Do you love off-roading? Classic muscle cars? This is the best of both worlds. Hang out in the country bar, sip a cold one, and mention that you blew the transfer case in your Mustang yesterday. When the other patrons glance at you sideways, worry not, because you could be telling the truth.

The seller does provide us with one photo of the interior. It’s a little ratty, but that’s to be expected for an old work truck like this. Er, old…work…muscle car…four wheel dr…oh, the heck with it. I don’t know what else to say about this automotive genre-bender. Do you? Let the world know, below.

If you love this off road muscle car as much as I do, it can be found here on Craigslist, it’s located in Owensville, Missouri, and the asking price is a fair $1,800.

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  1. Scotty GilbertsonStaff

    HA! A rare public LOL issued, Marty! That’s a fantastic write-up!

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  2. Cris Carver

    “I know what I hate, & I don’t hate this”
    C. Montgomery Burns

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  3. Adam T45Staff

    I think we can be fairly sure that the creator of this….whatever, has also had other forms of “High Impact”. Mainly to the head (and probably multiple times).

    Having said that, it is different. Whether that difference is good or bad….?

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  4. Jamie Palmer Jamie PalmerStaff

    Great write up, Marty! Like Scotty, I literally laughed out loud!

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  5. mikethetractorguy

    If this was closer, I’d own it already!

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  6. Paul

    I never like when people do this……why not use a truck body?
    I wouldn’t want to be seen behind the wheel…….maybe because I do have all my teeth.

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  7. Marvin Granger

    This is what can happen when someone has too much spare time a cutting torch and knows how to weld.

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  8. Jay M

    Can’t believe someone would rather have this than the Trail Duster body.
    Ramcharger/Trail Duster with removable roof is way more fun. And worth restoring.

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  9. MH

    I honestly hate the write up and the car. Sorry. Next!

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    • Mountainwoodie

      Harsh! I thought it was mildly amusing, like the bastid sitting on those oversized hillbilly tires……….so wrong its right.

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  10. Houndawg

    Speaking of monkeys, I think Gas Monkey may have had something to do with this………

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  11. Vin in NJ

    I would have swapped the Mustang body for a MOPAR product

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  12. 86 Vette Convertible

    To each his own. I’ve seen pictures of a Vette, a 57 Chev, a Vega, a Pinto and a few others butchered this way. It’s their vehicle and money whether you agree with it or not. You have to admit it is different.

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    • Jeff

      Well said

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  13. Anthony R in RI

    Nice a Mustang that won’t get stuck in the snow!

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  14. LAB3

    These sort of rigs where a dime a dozen 30 yrs ago, if they get someone’s panties in a wad it suits me just fine! Someone got off the couch and did something, hard to fault a person for doing it.

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  15. jaymes


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  16. Big Mike

    I think this is one that might have been done by a local Auto Salvage yard called Sweeny’s, out between Park Hills and Bismarck, they did everything from a Pinto, to a Camaro, even a Pacer, and even did a Doge Van.
    We have St Joe State Park in the area and it has a 4 x 4 area to play so they built them and usually sold them as fast as they got them going.
    Owensville is only about 70 mile north of Park Hills so it could have be made here.

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  17. Scott L

    Either way you go Carroll Shelby would have smiled at this one. LOL

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  18. Erich

    I was originally annoyed that someone would do this to a Mustang. But then I read the write up and, well, now I want it. Especially so I can pull up to a car show and flip everyone off from it. :D

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  19. King Al

    A great find. Well written. And congrats to the artist who had the vision and skills to turn a hum drum Mustand into a functional 21st century road warrior.

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  20. Dave

    Oh well there goes one nice Mustang

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    • James

      Oh well there goes one nice TrainDuster

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  21. Stu

    The wife was onboard until she noticed a dent in the rear bumper.

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    • Neal

      Now THAT’S LOL!

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  22. Joe

    I like it!! Might have an issue sitting on the fender at the donut shop, but I’d rock it!

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  23. grant

    The write up was humorous. The car is a statement of someone’s pride in being a moron.

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  24. Mike Williams

    I could cruise the Pismo Beach and Dunes in this.

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  25. Neal

    The money shot was right here:
    “Do you love off-roading? Classic muscle cars? This is the best of both worlds. Hang out in the country bar, sip a cold one, and mention that you blew the transfer case in your Mustang yesterday. When the other patrons glance at you sideways, worry not, because you could be telling the truth.”

    Well done.

    I’ve always liked these crazy mutts. I’ve seen several advertised on Craigslists on Scout chassis since I’m always looking for Scouts.
    Sure would be hilarious to drive around Boston in this rig!
    I’m sure the Trailduster body was toast to warrant the swap.

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  26. Bruce

    Would be interesting to buy it, rip it apart, and restore both to test my skills… Would that even be possible? Of course I will never find out because my wife would kill me for trying to kill all of our bank accounts lol

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  27. Casey Jones

    Wickedly funny. Ok some see an abomination but I see some cheap “Be a Duke boy for a few days” fun on the farm. Afterwards sell off any worthwhile body parts or just enjoy driving it until it’s done it and call the junk guy. The look in his face at pickup might be worth the price of admission alone. You can’t do that in a worn out 3 series for 1800 dollars.
    Hmmmm maybe you can if you can keep it in the grass 🤣

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  28. Mike

    They need to put some 24s with spinners on it.

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  29. Ypkya

    Well, now I know I can go ahead and convert my worn out and needs restoration ’73 fastback (not Mach I) to a wagon with a swing open tailgate. Worked for the Vette, right?

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  30. Cheif

    Sorry but i would’nt park this puddle jumper any where by my home.I will give him a B for being smart enough to rig up such a piece of well read my mind. lol

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  31. JMB#7

    “Old Work Truck”? Don’t you mean “Old Work Horse”?

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  32. BONGO

    Junkyard runner is all this pos is worth. Hahaha I bid a 100.00 dollars and he give me back $99.99 in change.

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