Oh The Possibilities: 1960 dodge Town Wagon

What could be more pleasant than this ready to drive Dodge? Well I am sure you could think of something, but this Town Wagon is a nice truck that was fully restored in the late 1980’s. Solid, with a restoration that has held up well, this Dodge is currently bid up to $15,501 with the reserve not met, or but it now is still available for $19,500. Check it out here on eBay out of Fenton, Missouri. Thanks to reader Peter Rettig for the clean and unique submission!

The flat head inline 6 is a bit rusty, but it was rebuilt in 1986 when this Dodge’s restoration began. Shifted via a 3 on the tree, this Dodge has a hydraulic clutch making for a smooth and easy engagement. The engine bay is simple and a bit dusty, but could be improved upon. New tires and brakes have been fitted making this Dodge ready and reliable.

Within this Dodge is an excellent condition interior that has an interesting twist. Someone had a real appreciation for hand painting, as the “history” of this Dodge is painted onto the back of the seat. Sort of neat in a sense, but most of us derive vehicle history from paperwork and receipts. Absolutely shiny, the dash almost appears wet. The seats are nicely reupholstered, and the carpeting fits nicely without any lumpy or wavy areas. There is also a custom painted cooler included in the sale. I am guessing that all of the custom paint work was done around the time of the restoration, including the cooler.

John Lyon had an awesome work truck, as well as a great talent for custom paint work. That is custom paint you see on the back of this Dodge, so you may have to deal with doing some “false advertising.” The seller mentions wet sanding, which is a possibility, but that is a whole lot of time to not sand through the cream colored paint. Beyond the custom paint, the cream paint is gorgeous with a lovely shine, and no imperfections visible from the photos. The wheels are nicely paint matched, and feature red and blue pinstripes, like the pin striping on the body. Taking a look underneath of this Dodge reveals a clean and rust free belly, with shocks that look to have been recently replaced. Town Wagons are a rare sight to see anymore as it would seem the panel trucks were more popular. With loads of visibility and space, this great looking Dodge has a lot of possibilities. What would you do with this classic Town Wagon?

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  1. Peter Rettig Member

    Sky King… your ride is ready…


      I had a ’60 Dodge and it was a slant 6. This is a straight 6. I doubt someone would put in an older engine.

      • Stanley B Partin

        Dodge didn’t put the slant 6 in trucks until ’62.

  2. ShaunD

    What a lovely old bus. Lose the “False advertising”, and she’d be pretty damned perfect.

  3. JW

    I would leave it as is advertising and all, just a neat old truck.

  4. Joe Haska

    I want this truck! when I see things like this I go crazy. If I could, I would wire the money, fly out to pick it up, and drive home. I always have to rob Peter to pay Paul, and I have a 53 Ford pick-up that I love, my everyday driver! Somebody is always wanting to buy it. This truck could make me sell the 53, if I thought I could put the deal together fast enough. Its terrible to be a car guy and fall in and out of love the way I do. If my track record with women was like it is with cars, I would have ended up buying allot of women houses. (side bar 50th wedding anniversary was last Saturday). If you have a wondering eye its better, that its cars.

    • stevee

      You do not fall in and out of love (of cars). You are (as I am) a serial monogamist.

  5. GP Member

    I think it looks great in that color, I don’t think I have seen one around here.

  6. geomechs geomechs Member

    I’m breaking that commandment again. I love this truck and would love to have it at my place, 6 cyl. motor and all. Nothing like a good ol’ Chrysler flathead six. Only thing I do NOT like about that motor is setting the tappets….

  7. Howard A Member

    This truck also warrants comment, very rare. In all my camping years as a kid, I never remember seeing these. Somebody drove this truck, a lot. Not abuse, just used it, which is great. Enough to put 4 shocks on hoping it would improve the ride, which it won’t,( this still had a straight front axle and truck like ride) and several issues I see, new brakes, yet a leaking rear axle seal ( so those shoes are shot) and gas tank looks a bit soft, and opening the hood, can’t you just smell the gas? Someone coming from a newer SUV might be shocked at how this drives. Still, with a few modern updates,( sorry, that motor will have a hard time with a fishing boat) this would be the coolest wagon around.

  8. ulm210

    To me it is screaming for one of those big red police strobes from the 50’s, like in the opening of the “Police Squad” show…


  9. Rustytech Member

    This is a nice looking truck. Howard, like you I never saw one of these during my camping years either, maybe that because most people knew that the flat six wasn’t up to pulling any trailer. That engine was bulletproof, but had no power. In 1959 dodge/Plymouth were still using the flat 6 in cars, I thing the slant 6 was introduced in 1960, but may not have made it into the trucks till 1961. I’m torn as to what I’d do with it if it were mine, I’d love to drop a late model Hemi in there and pull a vintage Camper, but that would destroy the originality.

  10. Guggie 13

    My Brother Dan had a Dodge like this with a 318 and 4 wheel drive 4 speed tranny , wonderful truck until it got T boned one night by a drunkin driver

  11. Mitch Ross Member

    As a kid, I remember the NYPD had a bunch of these at least on the road till the early ’70s. Black, green and white

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