Old Money: 1985 Rolls-Royce Silver Spur

What kind of car do you buy when you want people to think you’re rich? Well, this Rolls-Royce might be a good start. It reeks of money and has low miles so it might actually be a good buy. These cars were known for their durability, but that fact and high service costs meant that service was sometimes deferred. This one is only showing 46k on the odometer though so as long as you’re kinda rich, you should be able to keep it running. It’s located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and is listed here on eBay with the option to bid or buy it outright for $20k.

If you thought the outside was nice then you should get a load of the inside! There’s real walnut trim on the dash, Connolly hides on the seats, and Wilton wool carpets on the floors. Not only is it very nice in here, but it’s like you’re stepping back into time. The digital clock and stereo may be modern, but everything else looks very similar to that found in Rolls-Royces of old. There’s a gear selector on the column and the ignition looks just like the one used in vintage RRs. Compare the interior to older models and you will see what I mean.

The Silver Spur was the long wheelbase version of the Silver Spirit and, in my opinion, is the one to get. There’s plenty of room in the back to stretch out while your driver chauffeurs you around. Check out the footrest and fold down tray! It just needs a couple of tv screens mounted in the back of the headrests to be better than your living room. Rolls even stole the self-leveling suspension from Citroen to ensure that the ride is silky smooth back there.

The interior may be a throwback, but the engine bay most certainly is not. They have loaded it up with plenty of hoses and wires for things like emission controls and fuel injection. There is an aluminum V8 under all that though and it’s hooked up to a GM-source automatic. Good thing that engine produces decent power too because this luxury land yacht is heavy! This car supposedly came out of a collector’s stash so hopefully they kept up on any maintence needed.

Just think of the look on your neighbors faces when you pull into your driveway with your new Rolls! Little will they know that you paid less for that iconic hood ornament than they did for their new Prius. Of course, you may want to set aside some extra dough for any unexpected repairs. I’ve heard that brake or suspension work can get pricey. Those concerns should all melt away once you are out on the road experiencing the Spirit of Ecstasy that only a Rolls-Royce can provide!

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  1. Jeffro

    And still no cup holder for my beer! WTH?

  2. ags290

    The title of the post and the subject matter bring to mind an old East Texas saying: “Old Money’s Gone, Need New Money” and from everything I have read that would be the case with this wonderful machine. It’s not the price on entry on this one.

  3. Don

    Nice some umm person wheel by it and put 25inch wheels on it and drive it to the food stamp office Living the good life 😷

  4. ed the welder

    best little whorehouse in England interior…looks as hideous a mid 80’s ford or mopar offering… sorry but red interiors are a no sale for me at any price.

    • Chris

      Love red interiors! The availability of actual COLOR in a car is a big selling point for me. Nice to have something offered other than Depression Grey, Oppression Black, or Boredom Beige – all shades of dirt in my view. A full red interior, seats door, dash & carpet, gets my admiration every tine.

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      • Ed P

        I concur, Chris.

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      • St. Ramone de V8

        Me, too! Love colour in an interior, and this looks to be in great shape. The steering wheel, however, looks to be from an ’83 Escort. I’d never buy one, but would like to try a test drive some day.

  5. Dan

    Not decent horsepower, “adequate” horsepower.

  6. Kenny

    Would love to have this,get somebody to drive me around while drinking Icehouse and smoking a big cigar,lol.

  7. Woodie Man

    Looks like a Russian Zil. RR really lost its way then. now if it was a 1952……………..Silver Wraith


  8. Go Cart Mozart

    If I had this, I would dress up in a tux, and at stoplights, I would roll the window down and say to the car next to me…”Pardon me, but do you have any Grey Poupon?”

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  9. Alan (Michigan)

    The seller likely bought it out of an auction of some sort. No other reason for the writing on the upper right corner of the windshield that I can think of.
    I’m surprised that the seller did not clean that off before taking the photos.

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    • Junkfixer

      You would be correct in this assumption. A quick check of the VIN on Ye Olde Oracle known as Google shows this car has been riding the auction circuit high in the saddle as of late. It sold recently for $16,500.

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  10. mike d

    ok, let me be the wet towel, yes, it is a nice car, it runs ( etc) NOW, but, if it breaks not cheap to fix..IF you can find someone nearby to fix it

  11. Peter Atherton

    Why on earth do people put replacement Japanese radios in expensive cars!Originality is the only way to go,even if the sound quality of OEM radios may not be up to audiophile standards….I hate to see older high-end Mercedes without their original Becker radios;when it comes to resale,that’s a buzz killer.

    • jtnc

      I own a generally similar 1993 Bentley Brooklands, which I love, but the OEM radio was and is crap. Really disgraceful for the caliber of the car, both in sound and appearance. I don’t like the looks of this aftermarket radio either, but I bet it sounds way better that the OEM unit.

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  12. Roger Gorski

    I noticed you now have THUMBS UP , but why no THUMPS DOWN? Too much electronic memory or you just don’t want to see any negatives?

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  13. Peter R

    I owned a 1976 Rolls in 1986 – great for my ego but it was a money pit. Without a full service history avoid them like a plague. BTW there are others with less mileage for less money – this is not a deal

  14. ACZ

    Let’s see…….427 LS crate motor, 6 speed, third pedal, 9 inch Ford. Should have enough power to move it and make it reliable.

    • Murray

      Adequate, is all one needs… If Sir requires more, perhaps he would more suited to one of the cars from those “raffish” chaps at Jaguar down the road….. on the other side of the tracks….

      • Oingo

        Or the turbo R?

      • Ed P

        Rolls is old money. Jaguars are younger money.

  15. Abarthbill

    Nice thing about Rolls, they never break down. But they may fail to proceed.

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  16. Philip Stubbs

    I bought a Black 1982 Rolls-Royce​ Silver Spur through
    eBay for $1500 Canadian a number of months ago.
    Wanted one since I was 17. I am very Happy to own
    a hand made luxury car

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  17. Dave Sheppard

    Lovely. If in the unlikely event it fails to proceed. just park it in the lounge, sit in it, and enjoy a gin and tonic. I’ve owned and driven RRs from vintage to modern for 35 years and never regretted a moment. As they say ” the quality remains, long after the price is forgotten”.

  18. ben

    agree with chris love the black and red gut had a 1961 buick elect conv black and red gut got looks every where I went just like teal and white guy

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  19. John

    Very nice car, and a very drivable RR. The Green Oil cars of the 80’s are great drivers as their brake system was significantly improved over the Shadow series. Still expensive to fix but much less likely to break. It looks to be a very nice car in an excellent color combination.

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