One-Family Ford: Low-Mileage 1979 Ford LTD

Has anyone else noticed this LTD matches the house it is in front of? The green and white is a great combination on a car like this, and while its dated, so is the car. These big boxy beauties are a trademark land yacht from the late 1970s, usually found nowadays in either really good or really bad condition. This Ford has been in the same family since new, and has been maintained along the way. Having covered only 41,399 miles in its 38 year lifespan, this car has seen the inside of a garage for most of its years. Find it here on Craigslist in Pennsylvania with a very reasonable asking price of $5,000. 

Here lies a Ford 351 Windsor, dormant for the last eight years. The engine and bay look clean and together, none of the usual loose wires or plugged vacuum lines are apparent. Closer inspection would certainly be required. The seller states that this LTD “Needs minor mechanical TLC; change oil, anti-freeze, transmission fluid, clean/adjust carburetor, replace plugs/wires.” This Ford is also equipped with air conditioning that is currently not functioning. The seller thinks it just needs a recharge, and after sitting for nearly a decade that seems likely.

The white and green color scheme wouldn’t have been my first choice, but it suits this LTD well. The vinyl top is a nice emerald color which contrasts nicely with the white paint. The pea green interior isn’t exactly a flashy color, but it seems well fitted to the car. There are many other interior photos included in the ad, which show the seats and dash to be in near-mint condition. The carpet is showing its age, but may be in good enough condition to be re-dyed. Even the driver’s seat looks like it has never been sat in! This would likely be an easy car to clean up, service, and hit the road in. Two-door cars capable of this seating capacity are something of an anomaly in today’s world of aluminum and plastic economy vehicles, so for someone looking to go against the grain this Ford could be an excellent choice.

This car has been in the same family all of its life, and has always been garage kept. Though $5,000 may seem steep to some, 1979 was nearly 40 years ago and to find a car of such vintage in this condition for that price-point is something of a rarity. This may not be a Camaro, Mustang, or a Model T but it sure is cool and unique in its own way! This car isn’t for everyone, but it is sure to become someone’s baby in the near future.

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  1. Todd Fitch Staff

    I wonder how they would take to beginning a test drive with power-braking and a smoky burnout? “Sorry – did I get chunks of rubber on your geraniums?” I’d buy it except that I’m not prepared to paint my house white and add green shutters. Since ’79 makes it a classic in most states, I can’t help but picture it with a 408 stroker, T5, and a full-on autocross suspension, but with the same wheels and hubcaps but maybe Comp T/A R1s. Kidding of course, but that’s where I would go with it if I had Jay Leno’s resources.

  2. jw454

    Very nice car. It appears the A/C is still intact. I would think that could be revived without too much pain in the purse.
    I like it and money isn’t outrageous for a rust free seventies two door.

  3. Miguel

    Does the fact that the car has been in the same family make it worth five times what any other car is worth?

    Even though the ad says the car was well serviced, it then goes on to say it needs all the service done, so it has not been serviced regularly.

    It then goes on to say the air doesn’t work, maybe just needing a recharge.

    If the freon leaked out, then it has a leak so it is not just a recharge. It is a closed system.

    What is special about this car to make it worth so much?

    • Murray

      I think the condition of the car addresses your question adequately. Im no fan of American Cars but do like seeing any car of this age unmolested and in good shape. At the end of the day $5K is chicken feed particularly given the low milage of this car. Hell you’d spend more than that to buy a decent lounge suite for your house!!

  4. Emmy J

    Non-Crown Victoria LTDs from this era are pretty uncommon these days. I always liked the weird single-headlight front end.

    • newfieldscarnut

      I agree , I like the single headlight look on this LTD .
      It looks like a big Granada in the front .

    • Andrew Tanner Member

      I’m also going to agree, the single-headlight front end is really doing it for me!

  5. Gregory Wooddell

    Hardly a land yacht this was a midsize car

  6. Sam

    I’d drive it on National Pistachio Pudding day. Ok car…to each his own, $3,750 nice.

    I have an original owner 2006 Honda Accord EXL navi and leather. Only 220 thousand miles. V6 timing belt serviced. Added cache of being a”loaner” to Penske’s 2006 Indy Car Team.

    I’ll take $7,500 thank you very much…just kidding.

  7. Phil

    Having owned a ’79 LTD 2 door, it was a great car. Cross country road trip proved it was a great road car. Cross country trip with a young family of 5 also proved they weren’t actually that IMHO, this year didn’t qualify as a “land yacht”, more mid to full size.

    Having rebuilt the motor right before the trip, “merging into traffic” and maintaining “highway speeds” wasn’t a problem. 😈😎😇

  8. Kevin

    Land yacht? Not hardly. These cars were extensively downsized for 79.

  9. JW

    The LTD’s from the 70’s were very nice riding cars and had enough power to move with todays traffic. I feel for a nice rust free car with just fluid changes and fix the A/C his price is not all that out of line. JMHO.

  10. RichS

    Every (and I do mean EVERY) car on Craigslist with non-functional A/C “just needs a recharge”

  11. Kevin

    A/C may just be in need of new O-rings. And then retrofitted with R134a. Not a big deal boys and girls.

  12. Rustytech Member

    Most A/C issues are minor, the only difficult repair ( sometimes ) would be the evaporator. Most times ( especially with R12 systems ) it will be a leaking hose or o-ring, a simple repair. At $5k for a no rust 2 door car this is a bargain driver IMO anyway.

  13. Joe Haska

    Andrew, I have to tell you, in this case, I agree with all your comments, you are dead nuts on. The only thing I don’t like about this car, is its location. If it was reasonably close, I would go see it, and probably come home with it. Tune it up, fix the air, and drive it for 100,000 miles, trouble free. That’s cheap transportation, and its not a jelly bean car.

  14. TouringFordor

    Had one of these as a company car. Very cushy highway cruiser. If it has the Variable Venturi carburetor, that will be an issue.

    • Kevin

      The VV was actually a pretty good carburetor, the secret was keeping them clean, they weren’t nearly as forgiving as a regular carb. The only issue would be parts availability, not sure if anyone even stocks kits for them anymore. 79 electronics were still pretty basic, they can easily be replaced with a standard 2barrel

  15. Troy S.

    It would definitely fit in on St.Patrick’s day with all that green.We have come a very very long ways mechanically speaking since this car was built, but I like the fact it has the 351 in it.

  16. Keith

    Nice to see an interior color other than coffin black or dark grey, which all modern cars now seem to have with few exceptions. For what this is, $5k maybe is a tad on the high side, but not far off.

  17. chad

    down sized, yes (’79 – ’82 is fox bodied) – I’m looking for it’s sister (the LTD wagon).

    This is the American era of pollution work arounds. Multiple systems involved. I’d keep it all in this V8 (not in my ’78 6 cyl, tho).

    A very capable “personal” or “road” car. Nice shape, more pic enjoyed…

  18. Mitch Ross Member

    Not Fox bodied, first Panther platform car.

    • Kevin

      And it lasted through 91, not 82.

  19. Doug P

    the LTD II was on the Fox body Platform I think 82 or 83

  20. Kevin

    You’re thinking of the small LTD that was out from 83-86. The LTD II was built from 77-79, it replaced the Elite, and was a cousin to Thunderbird. It was also the basis for the last generation Ranchero.

  21. 64 bonneville

    Personally, I like the 66 model of the LTD, 4 door hardtop, hardly saw any 2 door hardtops when new. 390, C-6 air and all the power accessories. “quieter than a Rolls-Royce” as the ads used to read. But, I’ve always had a soft spot for Fords, even though dad worked for GM.

  22. Mike Vinicombe

    Still for sale

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