One Family Owned: 1968 Porsche 912

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This 1968 Porsche 912 may live in Orlando, Florida at the moment, but it was previously locked away in a southern California garage since 2000. The seller reportedly was lucky enough to be the first one in line after the family pulled it out of the garage, and while the paint certainly isn’t original, it is a rust-free car that still runs but doesn’t drive. The seller is trying to bridge a connection to some of the crazy high prices seen during the COVID era to his car, suggesting it’s going to see a big price when the auction closes. Do you think it will? Find the 912 here on eBay with bids to $14,000 and no reserve.

The respray is unfortunate, especially since it doesn’t look like it was an improvement over the stock paint job. We don’t get a clear sense as to what the original color was, but for an owner to convert a 911 to such a flashy respray, I would assume it was previously white. That’s an easy color to change and certainly the most benign shade that might prompt an owner to go for a racier look. The listing notes the paint work was conduced in the early 90s, which is when this was just a cheap, tired, used car. Who cares if it’s original? The good news is it retains other details like the polished hubcaps and California blue plates.

The interior is said to be original, and it certainly looks like it’s been in the car since new. This cabin is in need of a total refresh, which is typical for sun-drenched climate. The dashboard is cracked and there is evidence of some rips and tears in the dash materials. The radio appears to be an aftermarket unit, and the seats – while complete, more or less – just look tired and somewhat lumpy. This is a car that’s in a tough spot, as the lack of rust is a huge positive for not having to tear into the bodywork, but you may still want to strip down both the body and the interior and start over. The re-spray went into the door jambs as you can see here, so you may be looking at a glass-out situation to correct it.

Of course, another huge win for the next owner of this 912 is the fact that it retains its numbers-matching engine and transmission. That’s far from guaranteed with these cars, especially the more affordable 912 model. I would expect a car that’s been in a family since new to be the sort of vehicle that is cheaply repaired on occasion and throwing in a replacement engine when the first one needs a re-seal seems like a likely scenario. Fortunately, with no rust and a numbers-matching drivetrain, any amount of restoration work will likely be justifiable given the market for long-hood cars.

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  1. Raoul-F Raoul-F

    The paint color seems to be at least the same as the original. Maybe it’s still original? It’s shown as Kunstharzlack R-1012- L. Lemon yellow, Paint manufacturer Lechler.

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  2. Raoul-F Raoul-F

    The paint color seems to be at least the same as the original. It’s shown as Kunstharzlack R-1012- L. Lemon yellow, Paint manufacturer Lechler.

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  3. Terrry

    I’d eyeball this for rust, as these and its sister the 914 were very rust-prone.

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  4. Terry

    I can’t believe they’d photo this with flat tires. And it’s got some bumps and bruises and where the paint has flaked, there’s rust. This is going to take some doing to get it back into shape.

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    • Keet Tarnawski

      Sorry some one has to say it they are only flat on the bottom. It’s like saying shave and a hair cut……

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  5. Big C

    It runs, but doesn’t drive? The Porsche fans will ante up around $50,000. The owners plan will work out perfectly.

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  6. Ian T Hardin

    *from the ebay ad* “Body is very nice solid and original with no rust.”

    Ummm…one of the pictures has what looks like a a rather large gash in the floor, where you can SEE the pavement and it is surrounded by rust. Just looking at the outside pictures you can see little rust spots all over the body. Blatant lies by a seller should be enough of a red flag to not give them a dime. At least be honest (especially when your pictures contradict you. Shenanigans!

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  7. PRA4SNW

    SOLD for $26,877.

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