One Family Owned: 1970 Pontiac Firebird

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This 1970 Pontiac Firebird is listed here on eBay with 2 days remaining in the auction. The car is located in Beech Island, South Carolina, and has been under the ownership of one family since new. The car is listed for a Buy It Now Price of $14,000. The seller has listed the option for a buyer to make an offer also. The Firebird is the base model offered in 1970 which was the first year for the second generation Firebird. The other models offered were the Esprit, Formula, and Trans Am.

The seller states that the car has only been driven 36,978 miles since new but has no documentation to prove it. The car is in running condition and was originally green but repainted at some point in white. The green interior indicates that the car is a low-option Firebird with air conditioning and an automatic transmission. The dash does not appear to be cracked and the seats and console look pretty good. The 1970 Firebird came with one year-only bucket-style seats. In 1971, Pontiac offered a full bucket seat with no headrest.

A check under the hood confirms the buyer’s description that the car is currently running from a gas can and is not road worthy. The car is equipped with a Pontiac L30 350 cubic inch V8 engine. This engine was rated at 155 horsepower 350 cubic inch V8 engine and a two-barrel carburetor. With a 4 barrel, the engine was designated as RPO L76 and rated at 175 horsepower. The base engine for the Firebird was a 250 cubic inch inline 6-cylinder engine rated at 110 horsepower. Other engines available in other Firebird models included the optional L76 and L78 400 cubic inch V8. The top performance engines available in the Formula and Trans Am were the L74 Ram Air III 400 cubic inch V8 and LS1 Ram Air IV 400 cubic inch V8 engines.

The car is in its original unrestored condition. It appears that there is some body damage on the driver-side quarter panel. There are no pictures of the underside but hopefully, that is not crusty and the car can be returned to the open road. It should make for a nice cruiser.

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  1. Jeff

    The ad text says this is an Esprit, and you can see those emblems on the B-pillars behind the door glass on each side.

    Also, I would not really call this car “in its original unrestored condition” when it was repainted with a color change (and pretty poorly done to boot, with no taping of weatherstrips or even the edges of the door panels, and leaving the bottom of the decklid green) . “Unrestored” yes, but “original” not really.

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  2. Claudio

    That was a hard 29k miles

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  3. Motorcityman

    Too much for a Plain Jane bird in “not running” condition.
    GUARANTEED you’ll always put more money in it than expected.
    Big Firebird/Formula/TA fan here BTW……Ive owned quite a few over the decades.
    I’ll suggest a good manual to have if you’re into them.

    By Peter C. Sessler

    All the facts and figures about every year made in a handy little guide.

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  4. Darrel Miller

    70 also had a Rally Sport. I drove one 60k miles ,,traded it off in late 74, wish I still had it,,350,,,3 sp ,blue with white strip.

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  5. Uncle Buck

    Derek would make that his “goin to town rig” as is. Lol

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    • Derek Trieglaff

      As a man named Derek, I resent that remark… I personally would go either a restomod direction or a high horsepower sleeper. But not my “goin to town rig”, as you so ineloquently said. Thanks for calling anyone named Derek a hillbilly.

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    • Yooper Mike

      Good one Uncle Buck !

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  6. V

    AC car decent interior a 7000.00 car at best. heavy rust on inside rockers, something a back yard body man cant do. instead of painting white should have undercoated the under side. the massive oil leaked saved some metal but looks like the leak was only one side / darn. no power brakes. both rear quarters need attention. take it to a body shop and fix 1 side at a time. this is a driver in less than fair condition…no documentation call PHS. also put a set of #48 ra111 heads on and get a 275 hp engine and drive it.

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  7. Rainer Beran

    I would question the original mileage of this car as it says on fender panel has a 400 ,yet ad says it has a 350 running off gas can?? has motor been swaped out so engine or chassis has 36,000 original miles??

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    • Jeff

      I though the same thing at first. But Fender says 350. It is hard to see in the low-res pics, but it is 350

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  8. James Martin

    Not 36000 miles. Look at that motor compartment. No way that is 36000 worth of dirt and grime. And runs on gas can, come on really! To freakin lazy to pull gas tank and clean a redo all rubber lines? And why would you need to if it is a 36000 mile one owner car?

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  9. Bill Pinto

    Had a 73 T/A 455 SD back in the 80s this car would make a nice clone with a LS motor & 15k of body work would be a good project for about 6k

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  10. Jackie Hollingsworth


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  11. 1959Buickman

    That car has had a hard 36,000 miles. Cleary 130,000 miles, not to mention the green engine compartment on a white car. Nothing original about it.

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  12. Motorcityman

    R those hp numbers correct for a 350 V8 in 1970??
    I had a 72 Mustang Mach 1 and I remember the 351 Cleveland 2 bbrl was rated at about 230hp…..and that was in 72!!
    I would think a 1970 GM 350 would be about 250hp or so??

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    • Derek Trieglaff

      Chevy was for higher HP numbers. Pontiac and Buick were higher in torque. Also, likely underrated numbers so they could bring the higher HP engines down to insurable levels. Remember, if you can’t insure it… Why even buy it…??

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  13. Robert West

    Solid looking project car. F bodies especially have several areas that are guaranteed to rust unless you stay proactive. This is a pretty base model. So base I’m surprised it doesn’t have the 6 cylinder.

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  14. Glen

    That repaint screams “Earl Scheib”.

    Just horrible.

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