One Family Owned: 1972 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu

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The initial impression when you look at this Malibu is that it is a clean and solid car. This appears to be an accurate assumption, as apart from a couple of small rust spots that are visible, the car looks to be in good condition. The car has been garaged for its entire life and has belonged to the same family since new. Located in  Little Falls, New Jersey, you will find the Malibu listed for sale here on eBay.

Apart from a front and rear shot, all of the exterior photos of the car are of the driver’s side. Having said that, the car really looks straight. It is not wearing its original paint, having been the subject of a repaint around 10-years-ago. The rust that I previously mentioned is a small spot in the front corner of the driver’s door, the very bottom of the fender on the same side, and a small spot showing at the bottom of the rear window on the passenger side. Otherwise, the presentation of the car is really good.

Under the hood, you get the original 350ci V8 engine, an automatic transmission, power steering, and air conditioning. The car comes with all of the original manuals, along with the original Build Sheet. The owner says that the car runs, drives, and stops well, and while the engine bay looks a bit dirty, it doesn’t appear that there are any nasty surprises lurking under there.

This is a Malibu that looks like it has been cared for quite well. White interior trim is renowned for marks and stains, but the trim on this Malibu looks quite good. It is essentially standard, and apart from the previously mentioned A/C, the owner has fitted an aftermarket radio/cassette player for your in-car entertainment. Honestly, it is quite hard to fault the interior. There isn’t even any apparent stretching of the upholstery on the driver’s seat, which is quite surprising in a car of this age.

This Malibu is in really nice, original condition. The rust problems appear to be quite minimal, and apart from the radio/cassette player, it really does seem to be original and well maintained. The presentation is hard to fault, and I think that it would be quite a relaxing cruiser. At the time of writing, bidding has reached $7,600, but the reserve hasn’t been met. I’ll be very interested to see how much this car finally sells for.

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  1. HoA Howard AMember

    Kind of funny, when someone mentions early ’70’s Chevelle, 1st thing that comes to mind, is some tire smoking, front end lifting wild machine, but in fact, most of the Chevelles were really just like this. Everyday go to work cars, many unloved, unmaintained, but did their duty until the wheels fell off. My grandfather had a Nova, similar to this. It was just a regular car. What happened to them all? At least the seller is honest with the mileage, and some flipper might try to pass it off as 13K. Great find.

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    • TimS

      This is another one ripe for the period-correct movie car market. People raised on a steady diet of auction shows might not even be aware that every Chevelle wasn’t a big-block 4-speed

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      • 72 Monte Carlo

        How do you find that market?

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  2. HoosMember

    I had one of these in green, four door 307/auto with a vinyl top in ’84. It had been owned by a retired Bell Telephone lineman, garage kept when not being driven. Not a fancy car by any means, but a great driving cruiser. I thought the rear window blower defroster was the coolest feature. I was a fool to get rid of it, not because of it’s dollar value, but for it’s fun value…

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  3. Keith

    Nice looking Chevelle but I would want to see the car in person before buying it being that its from New Jersey. Could be some hidden rust.

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  4. Bob C.

    Being a 350 is a plus IMO. A large majority of these stock Malibus seemed to have 307s, not that they were bad engines.

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  5. Fred W

    Almost exactly what I would like to own, perhaps with another color. Mid sized, late 60’s – very early 70’s, small block V8, PS, air, not hot rodded. Chevy, Ford, Mercury, Olds, Buick, Pontiac. Only similar cars I’ve owned were a ’68 Torino coupe and ’69 4-4-2. Guess I’m just weird.

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    • local_sheriff

      The reason this specific Malibu has kept so well may be excactly because of its color.While wild cards are drawn to colorful cars and driven accordingly, those earth-colored cars usually get into the hands of what I call ‘beige’ individuals. While such ‘beige’ individuals may not be the most exciting guys out there, they are careful drivers, following manufacturer’s service intervals, washing their cars every Sunday after church and just being dedicated, sensible owners…!

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      • HoosMember

        I resemble that! I never thought of it that way, though.

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  6. FordGuy1972 Fordguy1972Member

    Looks like a nice, honest car. Not a big fan of the color but it seems everything was either brown or green (including my green ’72 Galaxie 500) back then. The 350 is a plus as is the A/C. A great find for the next owner, just hop in and enjoy.

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  7. Gaspumpchas

    imho the last good American cars were made in ’72, after that it was rusty recycled steel and smogged down engine. This one looks like a beauty and presents nicely. Of course being from Joisy the underbelly needs a good looking over. Good luck to the new owner!!


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    • JoeNYWF64

      The Vega came out in ’70, & the steel on the ’70-81 2nd gen camaro & firebird is nothing to brag about either.

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  8. Scott

    This is what you can get for $20k, non badged Chevelle, this will go for solid money and be a nice driver for someone. What kind of money will this one bring? I put the over/under at $16k.

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  9. Miguel

    I wouldn’t change a thing.

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  10. Ikey Heyman

    Nice. With 4 days left in the auction and already at $8K, this will not end up being a cheap entry into the collector car hobby – unfortunately for the bargain hunters out there.

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  11. 71boss351

    I agree with Scott. I think this will eventually go for $16K. Nice solid driver with ac and 350 chevy motor. I would want someone to inspect the underside if I was serious about buying.

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  12. C.Jay

    What auction will this be at next year dressed as a Big Block, Tuxedo Black and White SS Clone?

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  13. mikestuff

    I bought a brand new 1972 Nova, white with tan vinyl interior and a tan vinyl roof. It had one of those pretty rare sliding sunroofs.
    I had it about a month and it was overheating so I took it in and was told, IIRC, that there was an issue with those cars and I’d need to leave it overnight. They gave me a loaner, just like this Malibu, same color etc. I didn’t like it mostly because of the brown outside. And the Nova continued to overheat. I don’t remember now what was done to fix it, but seems like I had to have a thermostat changed by my mechanically inclined brother in law at least yearly. Still liked the car.

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  14. Ken

    Someone will probably make a fake SS out of this. There’s nothing I hate more than “tribute” cars. This beauty deserves to be left just as it is. My brother-in-law had a blue ’71 Malibu like this. I can’t recall if it was a 307 or a 350; I just remember it as a solid, dependable ride.

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  15. Gray Wolf

    My Dad bought a ’70 Chevelle, medium metallic green, green vinyl top and of course, green interior! 350, ralley wheels and a/c. Not a fan of the color, but let me say that 350 was impressive! Once a month he would take it out to “clean out” the carbon and Mom would stay home. No brake standing, just full throttle and it would lay some rubber! The a/c you could hang meat, it hurt your bones! When my Dad passed, my Mom offered the car to me, but I passed, hated the color! Bad decision!

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  16. CarstoriesMember

    Wow, brings back memories. My brother had one similar in 1983, except his had the 307 and a black interior. Bought it with only 16,000 miles. Was a real beauty.

    One late summer night around 1am, it was stolen and we chased it in my ’78 Ltd (400, 4bbl, dual exhaust). Caught the thief a few miles away in the next city. He was heading home, to Detroit, where he would have stripped it and sold it for parts. But he spun out and ran into some hedges, then got out and ran and locked himself in a party store (so he would survive) until the police arrived. We went to his court date and everything. Turned out he was a repeat offender, did this stuff all the time… but this time to the wrong guys. Yup, those wuz the good ole days!

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  17. ctmphrs

    If this was on the west coast and a 4door I would own it.

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  18. Little_Cars Alexander

    Ended: Jan 31, 2019, 11:27:12 AM PST
    Price: US $9,200.00

    Well bought. I would only change the steel wheels and wheel covers to Corvette rally wheels and raised letter tires. Then drive!

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