One Family Owned: 1973 Dodge D100 Club Cab

The seller says that this 1973 Dodge D100 Club Cab is all original other than the top was painted white “some time ago” and that’s it. It’s listed on eBay with bids of just over $2,100 and there is no reserve. It’s located in Moreno Valley, California.

There are a few flaws in the body as you can see even though a one-family ownership since new and all-original are great bullet points. The Club Cab was new for the Dodge D-Series in 1972 in order to give owners a little more room for small passengers or inside storage. This is one solid looking truck. The seller says “the body is original has all its original metal, there is a small rust blister the size of a quarter on the passenger side door at the bottom, it’s nothing major or noticeable. As for the rest or the truck it is absolutely 100% rust free.” The bed looks top notch and it’s nice to see one without spray-on bedliner.

Other than the typical California-sun-cracked dash the interior looks solid. And that Club Cab area behind the seats is really meant for kids or storage, but I guess an adult could ride sideways back there for a short distance. Boy, the days when an AM radio was something to behold. I absolutely love the DODGE below the radio. The headliner… wait, there is no headliner. The headliner in my 1980 Dodge D-50 Sport pickup is rolled up behind the seat and it sounds like I’m riding in a tin can with the bare metal roof rattling. I don’t know if the headliner will make much difference but I can not wait to put it back up there. I’m sure that this full-sized truck rides much better than my tiny one does.

The engine looks good if maybe not a bit shiny from spray detailer. It’s Dodge’s 318 V8 which should have had around 150 hp. They have added a YouTube video showing this truck and also showing it running. “The engine is super strong and runs great”. Hagerty lists a #3 good condition 1973 Dodge D100 Club Cab with a 318 as being worth $7,900. What is this truck worth?


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  1. Chris in WNC

    interesting to see the VIN tag listing “Dodge – Fargo – DeSoto” in 1973.
    I know Fargo is a Canadian brand, but where were DeSoto trucks sold?

    • RoKo

      DeSoto were rebadged Dodge trucks sold in the UK, Australia, Turkey, and a few other countries.

  2. Rube Goldberg Member

    Dodge was kind of the last pickups to make that transition to cushy pickups. Great trucks, better than the others in some respects, but still utilitarian in nature. There’s just nothing fancy about this truck, and were very popular with rural folks. They didn’t care about impressing people like those city slickers and their fancy GMC’s. I think for that reason, they are a lot harder to find, especially like this. Rural living was not kind to any pickup.

  3. Jubjub

    These Dodges are, arguably, the best looking truck of the ‘70s. Even though contemporary Chevys are typically considered the style leader. With time the Chevy has become boxy, incohesive and awkward. By comparison, these are almost sleek with such integrated styling themes.

    Such a ‘70s spec’d out rig. When I was a kid, a neighbor had a D200 crew cab in this color scheme with the funky lemon squeezer hubcaps.

    • KKW

      I beg to differ, nothing against Dodge, but Ford stole the show for styling in the 70s. Although I give Dodge the second place for looks, this generation still had a good powertrain, but tinny flimsy bodies. The previous generation was a much better truck.

      • Henry Drake

        Just goes to show, different people have different opinions on things. To me, the 73-80 Chevrolet trucks are #1 in styling, with Ford and Dodge not even in the competition.


    From 1976-1978 I work grounds maintance for the school system in up-state N.Y. we had a 1973 Dodge D 100 regular cab 4-wheel drive with an 8 foot plow, 318 like this truck. Plowing heavy snow that truck needed the 360.It pinged real bad even in low range, pitty the person who bought that truck after it was traded in.
    This looks like a good buy for someone. Don’t need a truck,bit if I did I would much rather have a REAL truck like this, than anything being sold today.

    • seth karpen

      4 wheel drive would have been a W100 not D100

  5. KSwheatfarmer

    Wasn’t Dodge the first with the extended cab concept? I recall the first ones we saw around here, thinking it was a good idea. We had a Mopar dealer as well as Ford and Chevrolet in the 70’s, all gone now. Dad needed a 2 ton truck in 73 and could not find any thing but a new D-600 Dodge so he bought it from our local dealer. Lots of these ended up as farm trucks mainly because of availability and price. Dad paid 4200 for his which seemed like a good deal at the time. Build quality was poor to say the least. Lots of stuff just fell off or quit working. We managed to keep it on task for as long as possible but finally put it in the dead row.

  6. john m

    neighbor had the same truck in same color with the lower body in white. He was trying to sell it 15 years ago and couldn’t even give it away. I think that a short box would so better but it is nice to see a survivor

  7. Michael Rogers

    The 318 probably has the 727 A/T, a bomb proof combo! they later came with a MAGNUM version with fuel injection and an OD!
    This TOOL will serve someone well!

  8. Gay Car Nut

    Lovely looking truck. I hope it sells.

  9. Beatnik Bedouin

    Just the thing for hauling small bikes and scooters to shows, eh Scotty?

    Sadly, the stuff I’d have to move out of the garage to get this Dependable Dodge pick-up out of the weather is more valuable, or I’d be tempted…

  10. Lee Jensen

    It sounded like an exhaust leak in the engine compartment when it was accelerated, also when it was being driven. did i miss the odometer reading somewhere? Clean looker.

    • Charles G. Van De Sampel

      That exhaust leak you heard was most likely from the automatic choke well. The wells were replaceable cups compared to the cast in units. I’ve still got a few in storage. I had a 1974 D200 Club cab powered by a 360 w/ Chokeless Holley 4 bbl. backed by a 727 and a 1.5 ton rear. But when it came to get the parts for repairs, the VIN was definitely required. This was what I lovingly called my Frankenstein. The frame and body were 1974, while the front and rear suspension were 1973 ambulance. Bought her used in 1978. Wished I still had her. And I miss the 8 foot box. BY THE WAY SCOTTY – UNLESS ORDERED DIFFERENTLY , ALL OF THE CLUB CABS CAME STANDARD WITH SIDE OF THE CAB MOUNTED FOLD DOWN JUMP SEATS. FULL BENCHES WERE NOT AVAILABLE.

  11. gaspumpchas

    Great little truck.priced better than a new one!!

  12. Loco Mikado

    I had a !972 Dodge Camper 9000(9000 lbs GVR)that I bought used for $1100 in 1990 with 44,000 miles and drove 18 years, They only made them for 1 or 2 years. It was a good truck but parts for it were hard to find mainly brake and suspension parts.It had 5\8″ wheel studs and the front disk braked used pads that were unobtainium which I had to get them relined every time they wore down.

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