One Lady Owner: 1975 Chevrolet Camaro

Jamie PalmerBy Jamie Palmer

Not quite a survivor as it’s had one repaint in the original color, this 1975 Chevrolet Camaro appears to be what it is on the surface, a one-owner + flipper car that’s been really well taken care of it’s entire life. It’s up for sale here on eBay where the buy it now is pretty far up there at $14,500, but offers are being considered. I wonder what it would take to bring this one home from Cypress, Texas?

The story goes that the lady owner purchased the car when she started college 42 years ago. It has been garage kept, but paint fading caused the owner to repaint the car “a few years ago.” The repaint is said to have cost $8,000 and looks the part in the pictures. The original wheels have been replaced with these Corvette wheels due to flat spotted tires, but they are available with the sale if you would like them.

The underside of the car looks nice as well, although it might have benefited from some rattle canning over the years. I certainly don’t see any appreciable rust. I’m guessing the tire in this picture is one of the ones that are mounted on the original wheels.

The interior looks similarly well-preserved, with a steering wheel cover that wouldn’t make it out of the driveway if it were mine, but hey, horses for courses. Does anyone find this vintage Camaro seat comfortable? Just curious, because they don’t seem to fit my back very well.

I guess technically this is a restovivor due to the repaint, but you are getting most survivor benefits with the addition of fresh paint and R134 ice cold air conditioning. It seems like a pretty darned good combination to me — do you agree? If you make this beautiful Camaro yours, be sure to let us know!


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  1. dm

    Looks like this Camaro has escaped the Rust Monster, except maybe in the cooling system. That coolant bottle looks a little brownish. And the car has those riveted-on aluminum channel side moldings. Lots of holes to fill to get rid of those.

  2. Vin in NJ

    Why add the front chin spoiler and not a rear deck spoiler?
    Rear package tray has be cut to accept aftermarket 6×9 speakers, and the radio looks aftermarket as well. Overall, a nice looking bumper car.

    • al8apex

      Lots of people do not care for the rear spoiler

      Looks great IMHO

      The rear deck structure had the 6×9 holes already in it from the factory …

      Rare, one year only fresh air intake duct for the air cleaner is still in place, wow

      • RS

        I hate chin spoilers All they do is crunch onto parking lot blocks and other low hard objects.

  3. Sam

    Nice car. Didn’t know steel wheels could flat spot (joke). Hopefully theres no upcharge for the original wheels. Maybe the flipper will include a pine scented air freshener.

  4. Jim

    ol’ yeller
    not to fond of the color
    car is ok, but not worth the asking price. 10k tops.

  5. Don H

    Nice car not not 14k nice ,The 8k. Paint is about what the car is worth.

  6. robeffy

    You know, all you guys who claim the car is worth 8k, get a life.

    The paint is worth 8k, so, the car is free?

    What do you own?? Easy to trash others stuff, and then bid on it for less money.

  7. KevinW

    Nice car! As far as the seats go, I took a ’63 Falcon Futura and dropped in a 289 with a four speed and 9 inch rear axle. I found a clean pair of these seats in a wrecking yard, and bolted them in the Falcon. They looked right, and were pretty comfy as I spent a whole helluva lotta time trying to drive the wheels off the thing! Ended up just replacing rear tires, a lot!

  8. RoselandPete

    I have a 71 RS with seats that look like that which I find to be comfortable.

  9. RoselandPete

    Why would a garage-kept car need a repaint?

    • GOPAR

      42 year old car, probably driven regularly most of its life, parked in a parking lot at college, then at work, then at the grocery store, then at Wal Mart, etc. Take your pick. Life causes wear and fading on paint jobs.

      • T Mel

        Couldn’t agree more and especially in the Texas sun.

  10. Mountainwoodie

    Man that front end certainly reminds me of an overgrown Vega. I’m all about original or as close to original as possible but the ask seems waaay high………….especially for a slushbox.

  11. T Mel

    I don’t know why but I’ve always liked these bumper Camaros more than most other model years. Maybe because they’re more affordable, maybe because i almost bought one as my first car, or maybe I just like the unassuming look paired with a non-show-stopping but still fun Chevy 350. If I had a million$ I’d spend $14,000 of it on this car, but since money matters I could only afford to spend whatever the flipper paid for it.


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