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One Of 248! 1965 Ferrari 275 GTB

Known as a short-nose Berlinetta, this 1965 Ferrari 275 GTB is one of only 248 assembled at Maranello. It has a documented chain of custody/ownership and is considered, “A Worthy Ferrari Project; Ideal Candidate for Concours or Vintage Racing“. This high-style Ferrari will be auctioned at Amelia Island, Florida and is available here on Gooding & Company for an estimated range of $1,300,000 to $1,600,000. Thanks to Araknid78 for this tip!

Originally finished in Ferrari Crest Yellow, this tourer was resprayed red in the mid-7o’s and then disassembled in the ’80s while undergoing a full restoration. Stripped to bare metal, the 275 GTB was shot in silver while all of the removed parts were cataloged. And that’s where things stopped – it’s a stalled project. Other than the rear valance, which looks as if someone went to work on it with a slide hammer (trim and license plate attachment holes?), the car presents pretty well with a mostly completed look about it. The finish is a bit dull but that may be due to the stalled nature of the restoration and incomplete finishing. In order to get this Ferrari to its current status, it is stated that “the consignor enlisted F40 Motorsports (Chasing Classic Cars with Wayne Carini) of Portland, Connecticut, to reassemble the unrestored 275 GTB for display and transportation purposes“.

Under the hood is a proper 280 HP (@7,600 RPM!) 3,285 CC V-12 engine, equipped with three Weber 40 DCZ6 carburetors and attached to a five-speed manual transaxle. It’s referred to as “proper” because it is a correct engine but not the original. There are many boxed parts included and that probably explains why the engine appears as non-operational. It seems that it has been positioned as a prop that will require additional reassembly. The listing caveat states, “Please also note that this vehicle has been in long-term static storage and may not be currently operational. It will require mechanical attention prior to road use“.

As with the exterior, the interior has been changed too, moving from its original gray Connolly hides to black leather seating upholstery, door cards, and dash. Things are a bit mismatched with beige/canvas-looking kick panels and a trace of red revealing itself around the inside jamb of the passenger door. Of concern is the massive pile of wiring sitting in the passenger footwell. The switchgear, gauges, steering wheel, and wood instrument panel applique all present well.

We’re in rarified air here, that much is evident. Where things get murky is in the details. This Ferrari has been “positioned” to show as an assembled, rare, and highly desirable car. We know that it is far from finished but it is uncertain what it will take for this car to achieve full operational status. And then there’s the matter of the non-original engine. And once we’ve risen above all of that, there is the significant estimate of what it will take to win this rarity from its current owner. Oh, and one more trifling matter, the current title references it as a 1966 model – hard to figure out how that disconnect occurred. Well, I certainly like this Ferrari 275 GTB, but my millions are a little occupied at the moment, how about yours?


  1. Howard A Member

    I like Barn Finds, I really do. I know, I was a bit harsh on the Bronco post, and will continue to be a member, for the writers sake, BUT, I have to say to the staff with all sincerity,, a Ferrari? Here? I don’t mean to be rude, but I’d say a great majority of the readers here, will never buy a Ferrari from Barn Finds. Fact is, a show of hands from ANYBODY that’s bought ANYTHING from here,,,mm-hmm, just the name “Barn”,,Finds, is going to immediately limit anyone wanting a Ferrari, or whatever else unobtainable car comes through here. You’d be laughed out of the country club, “Where did you buy your Ferrari from, Felix? BARN FINDS? Hit the road”,,,doesn’t have the zing of Mecum. I say this because, I think there are others that feel this way, let’s get back to some REASONABLY priced classics actually found in a BARN, and the memories they garner,,it’s why most of us are here, not for fond memories of Ferraris,,,thank you.

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    • Mikefromthehammer

      While I agree with most of what you say, it is being purchased through an auction at Gooding & Company, not Barn Finds. You heard about the auction at Barn Finds, you did not purchase it here. I agree with 100% of what else you have to say.

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    • Jim ODonnell Staff

      No one is buying a Ferrari from Barn Finds, we’re simply alerting individuals to an Amelia Island auction that is featuring a Ferrari. Why? People like variety, they like to read and learn about marques that are generally not available to mortal men. And I know I can’t continue writing about the same topic over, and over, and over again.

      Oh, and you’d be surprised how many individuals contact me and tell me that they bought something that I covered. A Ferrari? Not that I can recall but then again Ferraris get minimal coverage on this site.


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      • Geoff

        Keep them coming Jim! Absolutely love the VARIETY on this site. The fact that there is such variety is what makes this such a “enthusiast first” site. I can see the cars I drove in high school and the cars I dreamt about in high school on the same page. There are other sites where you have to wade through three pages of contemporary P-cars to get to anything interesting. BORING.. And, plenty of million dollar plus cars are found in barns.

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      • Mikefromthehammer

        Jim the reason I agreed with Howard A is that the Ferrari isn’t a Barn Find. Upon further reflection, and after having read some of the other comments posted after mine, I have to doff my cap to you (not a Wheel of Fortune reference, lol) for bringing in the variety we all need. It would be extremely boring if it was the same old, same old, repeat as necessary, so please continue what you do best and entertain us.

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      • SDJames

        I agree with Geoff here. I love the variety! I’m a car guy who enjoys looking at all of the weird, clapped out, odd and yes, million dollar, vehicles that this site offers. This site is a form of entertainment for me, I’m not looking to purchase cars here…hell, I can barely move forward on the one project I’m workin on. I’ve learned so much from the experts and shade tree guys on this site about a number of different things…not just vehicles. Keep all this stuff coming! People have a hard time with words and some think that you should only have “barn finds” here because of your name. It makes me wonder if they think sells just walls…

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      • CCFisher

        @Howard – If you don’t want to see it, don’t click. It’s that easy.

        @Jim – Please continue to feature a broad spectrum of vehicles. I can’t afford a 7-figure Ferrari, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy seeing one. As for whether it’s a valid “barn find” or not, I think most of us can accept that the term “barn find” is a blanket term used to describe a vehicle that has been abandoned or neglected in some location for a considerable period of time, be it a barn, a garage, a basement, a warehouse, or a driveway. If this site is strictly limited to vehicles found in barns, there won’t be much content.

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      • Jim ODonnell Staff

        You got it!


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      • Frank D Member

        You hit the nail on the head Jim. Barn Finds is correct in adding anything that has to do with the automotive industry. If your not buying, then your here for the memories, stories and an education. Many members have years for hands-on experiences.

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      • Beth

        And some of us just like to envision impressive lawn art…

    • Steve RM

      I personally like seeing a large variety of cars here. If you want to cut something, how about all the rusted out and parted out hulks of muscle cars that are totally trash and bring thousands of dollars. For what? A vin plate and a title?

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    • Howard A Member

      Let me just say this about that. If you notice, the little red moniker next our names, indicates we PAY to be here. It’s the only site I pay for monthly where commentors are asked to contribute. I feel that gives us “members” a bit of clout over say a “non-member”. Not so, aside from no ads, we don’t even get a lousy T-shirt. If I wanted high end listings, ( and snooty commentors), I’d have stayed with Hemmings. When I came here 8 years ago, ( from an ad in Hemmings of all places, that looks down on BF’s, btw) I wasn’t looking for Ferraris with wires hanging out the dash. Regular cars, PLAUSIBLE cars, we had a direct connection with, not Ferraris. I see a shift here, like Hemmings, their older fan base,,,um, died off, and to keep afloat, had to reorganize into a platform most younger folks will follow. When was the last time a “full classic” came through here, not that many today know what that is, or the “oddballs”, my favorite, next to the 1 or 2 trucks a month. Kidding, kind of, but if this IS the direction of the “New Barn Finds”, then yes, I do need a new place to hang out. Perhaps “”,,,

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      • Jim ODonnell Staff

        Well, here’s the last “Classic” that I posted and it was on 2/26, eight days ago. Want more? How about this 1960 Chrysler from 2/23:

        I assure you that I cover a lot more automobiles like these than I do Ferraris or other exotics. Oh, and I have many more selections like these.


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      • Steve RM


        Sounds like the right place for you.

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      • carsntrucks

        I may never buy another car. I do enjoy looking at the diverse items here.
        I wouldn’t complain except for what I’m seeing here.
        The list I got today had 7 chevys and a GM boneyard.
        I didn’t click on any of them just like you could do with exotics.

        I was going to attach a photo but don’t see where/how.

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    • Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskey Member


      Some of us old guys still enjoy reading about cars we would love to own but will probably never get the chance. Or get a SECOND chance . . .

      I bought my one-and only-Ferrari, a 1962 250 2+2, as a non running car in a Alfa Romeo dealer’s back lot. Used jumper cables and a little fuel poured down the multiple carbs to get it running, and with the dealer’s red German trade plates attached, upon getting onto the Mannheim to Frankfort Autobahn, the salesman first scared the sh*t outta me, and when he let me drive back, I did the same to him. Came back later with the cash, paid $1,200.

      Of course this was in post-war Germany in the mid 1970s, when any 4 passenger Ferrari was not considered worth buying in Europe, at any price, and the yearly registration tax was more than many people earned in a month. [As a GI I didn’t have to pay that tax.]

      Sold it about 6 months later when I returned to the USA, didn’t bring it back because it needed an AS-1 windshield, and to put one in was going to cost more than I paid for the car! Sold it to an Army Captain for $1,800. Now the car is worth well over $400,000, and last I heard, it was in a Swiss car collection.

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    • Joe Elliott

      I’m not sure which is more pretentious—driving a vintage Ferrari, or commenting on an article on the internet, purporting to know “why most of us are here” despite having zero data on the demographics or interests of the rest of the site’s readers.

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  2. Harvey Member

    Over a million bucks?It’s only a car:-)

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  3. Steveo

    $1.6 million for a Ferrari hobby kit.

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  4. sonny

    Well worth it and NOT all the money! This is a better investment than any stock, bond, mutual fund, gold or silver in the world. The tangible value will only grow. I would bet that this will fetch over $3.5 million at auction today if completed, not necessarily restored. Watch the auction…. smart money out there! Place on BarnFinds? NO WAY….stick to your format.

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    • Frank D Member

      You think cars are a great investment? Try machine guns! In 1980 a 1921 Colt Navy Overstamp machine gun was $2500. Now $40 thousand. WWII belt feds are $20 -$25K. You can shoot the hell out of them and they do not lose their value.

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      • Fred

        Legal to own? If so, a little expensive to shoot, I would say. Why shoot? Nothing personal but I find that kind of collectible to be morbid. Why not collect Zyklon-B cannisters? Maybe shrunken heads. In comparison, this car seems down right practical and morally upright.

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  5. sonny

    If my comment was read as for sale by BarnFinds, my apologies. It was meant to refute the comment by ‘Howard A” and also indicate that the Ferrari does not seem to be a “BarnFind” …when Wayne Carini has it, it becomes a value -added piece because that is what he does for a living. Bring on all of the Ferrari that are found, as stated, just great investments proven year after year!

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  6. DRV

    A needy 275GTB is a rarity and I’m happy to see it. I don’t look at silly auctions so if it wasn’t here I would guess every one of them had been restored.
    I limit my for sale car sights to this one.
    The others are time bandits for me and here I can find mostly attainable interesting cars.
    Chalk me up for having bought a car here on Barn Finds. It was 12 years ago and it’s 60 feet from me right now.

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    • Connecticut Mark

      I like to see different every day cars, an old cavalier, Nissan, Toyota, Any old truck. Something diesel. Plus less of same mustang , Chevelle, mopar, old broncos, and I am a 20 plus owner dodge truck man. But some of these finds are junk. Really best keep to the name BARN FINDS , vehicles in garage or shed,chicken coop, tent or something like that. I would be a member and pay monthly if it were BARN FINDS .

  7. Ty Gurusinghe

    I like to see some variety on Barn finds specially on these cold winter days when I am sipping coffee in the morning without a wrench in my other hand. I have found it interesting that even unique barn find cars end up on auction blocks like gooding or Christies or other auctioneers since the finder or the ultimate purchaser/ consignor of the unique car wants to get top dollar for his or her classic car. I will keep on buying those power ball tickets as long as you show me some variety on barnfinds like the Ferrari in question here. If i win the power ball I am sure as hell going to be bidding on a car like this just like the big boys with deep pockets do. Just to let you know I have 3 power ball tickets in my pocket now and i am keeping my fingers crossed till saturday and I am praying like hell.

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    • tompdx Member

      Good luck! We’re all praying with you!

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  8. Artichoke 330

    Count me as one who bought a car from CL but was featured on Barn Finds, and a Ferrari at that! A 1965 330 GT 2+2. This was about 10 years ago and the car is now undergoing a bare metal restoration. Keep up the variety. We can only take so many Camaros and Mustangs.

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  9. Dan

    Come on–anyone who doesn’t like reading stories like this (even if they’re priced in the stratosphere) isn’t a “petrol-head” (with apologies to Jeremy Clarkson). I say “keep ’em coming” — and at least for me the VARIETY on this site (and the write-ups) are what enthrall me as a reader. Same with old snowmobiles, or boats or planes–just interesting content that is enjoyable as a daily diversion. Don’t change a thing Barnfinds!

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  10. Christopher Gush

    I attended Wayne Carinis’s Coffee and Cars events at F40 Motorsports in the early 2000’s as a classic car dealer bringing many of my European and domestic cars to the early morning events. I will note at that time Wayne, unblemished by his ascension to fame was a “pretty regular guy” conversing and interacting with all of us at the time. Regretfully, his fame has diminished this facet of his personality, and he frequently shuns anyone who is not in the clan of the “Swells”. Yes, he has interesting cars, and I am delighted to see many of them, but certainly will not patronize his business given this dynamic. Truly sad.

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  11. mercedes600

    I for one like the hunt. The thrill of finding a jem and they are out there. Old Ferrari race cars were once cast away cars. I know. Look at Ferrari 0178ed on google some time. Junkyard find that in 2016 was on the lawn at Pebble Beach. How do I know? I found it in a pile of scrap metal and stored it in a barn for 20 years.

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  12. tompdx Member

    Please keep the Ferraris, Aston Martins, Lambos, etc., posting. I love them all, and while most are well out of my reach, I appreciate the education. (The only problem is the puddle of drool in my lap ….)

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  13. carsntrucks

    I used to lust after these. I did get to drive a long nose fifty years ago.

    Today I was just pleased to see the taillamps on this car….I think there might be some up in the loft.

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  14. Howie Mueler

    Anyone that is not happy about this posting just move on.

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  15. Derek

    I always preferred the 275 to the 250; much better looking and more practical with much the same running gear.

    I don’t have space for it this week…

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  16. Cobra Steve

    Years ago a friend of mine and his wife had a 275 GTB. Sweet car but was always priced a bit beyond my reach. I still prefer the Series II 250 cabriolet with it’s free-revving three liter engine barking out melodious music from its exhaust. Back then these cars were not inexpensive (apologies for the double-negative) and could be maintained by owners with reasonable mechanical skills. I say “To hell with this new computer-controlled stuff” which requires both degrees in electrical engineering and computer programming to even begin troubleshooting when (not if) failures will occur.

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  17. Steve Clinton

    I was getting ready to get my checkbook out until I saw all that crap on the floor.

  18. Gary

    Orrrrr, you could buy a brand new Hellcat and pocket a million five. Just an option for the thinking crown. The Hellcat could put a smile on your face as you drive in joyful splendor and the other choices that I hope you would make with the other left over dough might make others smile as well. Think about leaving a legacy after you are gone that will make people think well of you.

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    • CVPanther Member

      A Hellcat, while impressive, is not within a million miles of being a 275GTB.
      Quite a silly thing to say, tbf.
      You should buy a new Mountain bike at BallMart, I’m sure that would put a smile on your face also.

      Love these types of listings, keep ’em coming.

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      • Fred

        What exactly makes this car so much better of one then a Hellcat at 15X the price? If you want an investment, buy a painting or an apartment building. Cars are for driving. Ferraris, while obvious nice cars to drive (when they run) are not that much better then other more affordable ones. They are meant to impress, not so much by performance, but the fact that you can afford one.

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    • Frank D Member

      Six sets of tires later! Then what? So it goes fast in a straight line. It will never hold its value like certain Ferrari models.

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  19. Frank D Member

    You need to drive one Fred. Plus its an Ferrari is world wide Icon. If your looking to live in an upscale neighborhood. Look to see where a Ferrari or Porsche dealership is located.

  20. Derek

    The soundtrack’s much better than a hellcat.

    Don’t count the gearchanges; they don’t add up.

  21. Haig L Haleblian

    I owned a short nose like this and regret every day that I sold it. But I sold it for something far greater. For the love of my wife to accomplish her dream to a reality. Hey guys and gals, we’re just temporary stewards of all this stuff. I’m not trying to get all hippie on ya, but we’re fortunate to have the opportunity to experience whether the title is in our name or not. To those that fame has gone to their head, we all put our pants on basically the same way. As Mick Jagger sez “He You, get off of my cloud” I’m done….for now

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  22. angliagt angliagt Member


    I agree – it’s always refreshing to hear some who owns
    a car like this say something like “I’m so fortunate to be able-
    to enjoy this car”,rather than the usual “I DESERVE THIS”.

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    • 370zpp 370zpp Member

      I could not agree with you more. I consider myself fortunate to have owned the cars I have over the years. And I treasure memories from each.
      On Thursday I had my first ride in a Tesla 3. Was I impressed? Damn right I was. Would I ever buy one? Nope. But I will always remember the ride.

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      • Frank D Member

        Hold on buying electric cars! The battery technology is not there yet. If you choose to own one just remember those batteries are heavy and it will cost you additional money in tires and brakes.

  23. Frank D Member

    To Fred,

    People collect all kinds of items for various reasons. I collect machine guns because I like to shoot. These guns have US history behind them. These guns you dislike also gave you freedom to say what you like on Barn Finds.

  24. chrlsful

    “…People like variety…” Bingo !

    I’m an enthusast (& shade tree mechanic) all of it’s good (to me). Esp the “way off”s boats, planes, busses box trucks (well not peddle carts’n bicycles). I LOVE pic. Others comments are good when knowledgable, containing references & appropreate links. I do not like the attacks (cars or people) but must skip over when occuring. Worse might B the “that thing sucks” altho when done humoriously (no winers or haters plez) is also tollerable/entertaining.

    Here’s wishing the site was a lill more responsive to posts to those behind the scenes. Too much automation there (4 me) in the past 3, 4 yrs.

    Keep up da good wrk !

  25. David Gold

    My first ride in a 275 was in 72 or so. My sister’s boyfriend dogged his dads up and down Old Cutler Road on Miami at 125 or so. He started a notorious used car lot at 79th and Biscayne.

    What a beast. I think they were trading for 15k at the time.

  26. Araknid78

    sold for $1,100,000

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