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One Of A Kind: 1946 Plymouth Deluxe

Weird Ply

When I saw the pictures of this 1946 Plymouth for sale here on craigslist in Phoenix, Arizona, I did not know whether to laugh or cry. In fact, every time I look at these pictures, I continue to be mind blown by what I see.


What was this car built for? Who built it? Why? Why? Why? The current seller says it’s been in his warehouse and that he got it from a friend. He does not know the history of the car, but says it was built for a “photo op” – whatever that may be. That explains why it looks the way it does – though I still have to wonder what on earth this “photo op” was for.


The seller says the body is pretty solid, the pipes on the hood are lightly welded on and could be easily removed. It is a hot rod of sorts, with a pretty long list of modifications.


The engine is a 305cid Chevrolet with “no miles on it” and a TH-350 that was rebuilt in 2002. The rear end was taken from a Nova and is a 10 bolt. The radiator is the stock 1946 unit, as is the front suspension. To improve steering, a rack and pinion from a 2001 Buick Regal was installed. The rear suspension was also borrowed from a Nova, but is mixed with the original components as well.


The car’s interior is also redone, but at least in my opinion, not well. The key is missing, so there’s another issue for a buyer.

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Overall, this has got to be one of the strangest projects out there. It’s like a Rocky Horror Picture Show on wheels. But at $2,700 and looking for offers, if the body is solid enough, and the mechanicals prove to be decent even after sitting for a very long time, this might actually be a worthwhile purchase. Anyone here willing to take on this really unusual project?


  1. Avatar photo fred

    It’s the epitome of bad taste but actually there is a lot of potential there. If the motor is what they say it is, that alone could justify the price. Remove the stupid pipes, paint it and get rid of the velvet.

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  2. Avatar photo Chris in Nashville

    Too far away or I would go save it… pipes removed, fix hood, repaint and enjoy… If description is valid…

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  3. Avatar photo Mark H

    No. Just no.

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  4. Avatar photo Jamie P

    Issue… It’s a common word here on BF. Nice car but the pipes and the velvet have to go. Slap some moonies on it and its good to go!

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  5. Avatar photo Peregrine Lance

    As a lad of five years of age, I was invited, in 1946, to take the celebratory first ride in a neighbor’s brand-new 1947 Plymouth. My memories are of several local housewives “Ooh!”ing and “Ahh!”ing, as it was quite a bit prettier than the 1941 Plymouth two-door in which my family had crossed the country a couple years before (also being the last model off the line pre-war). Those memories include marvelling at the SHIP which was both hood-ornament and interior motif-setter; also, the lush, soft, brown “theater-lobby” ropes, attached to the backs of the front seats, were wonderful, and I was small enough to stand on the driveshaft hump and hold onto them.

    The torch-jockey who did this “adaptation” should be placed in stocks, out-of-reach of his Snap-ons, and forced to endure every derisive comment that comes his and his car’s way!

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  6. Avatar photo MountainMan

    So many harsh comments, what have you built lately?
    This was done with a purpose…photo shoot. It may not be put together well as it was a prop. Its cheap, its pretty much complete so possible with some sorting it could be a driver

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  7. Avatar photo Ed P

    My eyes hurt just looking at this car. The body looks nice and solid. Way to nice and solid for this kind of treatment. Bringing the interior back to anything close to original would be a monumental task.

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  8. Avatar photo Charles

    If I ever own a 46 Plymouth, I will most likely hold out for a car in all original form, or at least maintained to stock specs. As for this car it will probably lend itself well to a nice street rod build. Remove the GM power train and install all Chrysler parts. A nicely built 318 SB, Mopar running gear, custom paint, and interior. If those pipes are tacked on like the seller says, removing them will be a one afternoon project.

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  9. Avatar photo dave H

    That has to be the single most inferior interior I have ever seen!

    As a general comment, I have never had any love for any of the MoPars from the 1940-1954 years – design always left me wondering what could be done to improve the look.

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  10. Avatar photo Bill

    I kinda like it… but I’d change it to my own tastes eventually… It’s fun! I can’t imagine driving with the pipes there though…

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  11. Avatar photo DENIS

    ANIMAL HOUSE CUSTOMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I like it in spite of itself….nothing that thousands of $$ wouldn’t fix…lol

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  12. Avatar photo Tony

    ‘PHOTO OP’, like Mad Max you mean? I’ve seen a short wheelbase matt black F100 from the first Mad Max movie running around locally in Sth. Aust. and it still has all the ‘junk’ welded to it, even the eight pipes sticking up out of the engine bay, I gotta admit it still looks ‘rough as guts’, but some how ‘cool’, even after all these years.

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  13. Avatar photo Mark-A

    Is it maybe just possible that this was the Corvette from earlier in this weekly update’s previous car before or maybe after the Vette? Needs the Ugly washed off it badly!!

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